The Cincinnati Reds will begin Instructional League today out in Goodyear, Arizona at their spring training facility. Here’s the roster:

Name Pos Age B/T Acquired
Bryce Bonnin RHP 21 R/R 2020 Draft  Rd 3
Tanner Cooper RHP 21 R/R 2019 Draft  Rd 35
Noah Davis RHP 23 R/R 2018 Draft  Rd 11
John Ghyzel RHP 24 R/R 2017 Draft  Rd 18
Vladimir Gutierrez RHP 24 R/R INTL FA 2016
Alex Johnson RHP 20 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 36
Evan Kravetz LHP 23 L/L 2019 Draft Rd 5
Miguel Medrano RHP 22 R/R Trade (TEX) February 2018
Luis Mey RHP 19 R/R INTL FA 2018
Dauri Moreta RHP 24 R/R INTL FA 2015
Leo Nierenberg RHP 22 R/R 2020 UDFA
Riley O’Brien RHP 25 R/R Trade (TB) August 2020
Matt Pidich RHP 25 R/R 2018 Draft Rd 8
Braxton Roxby RHP 21 R/R 2020 UDFA
Johnnie Schneider RHP 23 R/R 2018 Draft Rd 29
Jared Solomon RHP 23 R/R 2017 Draft Rd 11
Carson Spiers RHP 22 R/R 2020 UDFA
Jake Stevenson RHP 23 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 10
 Catchers Pos Age B/T Acquired
Luke Berryhill C 22 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 13
Jackson Miller C 18 L/R 2020 Draft Rd 2
Daniel Vellojin C 20 S/R INTL FA 2018
Garrett Wolforth OF/1B/C 22 S/R 2019 Draft Rd 14
Eric Yang C 22 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 7
 Infielders Pos Age B/T Acquired
Tyler Callihan 2B 20 L/R 2019 Draft Rd 3
Yan Contreras SS 19 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 12
Rece Hinds 3B 20 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 2
Ivan Johnson SS 21 S/R 2019 Draft Rd 4
Matt Lloyd IF/OF 24 L/R 2019 Draft Rd 15
Quincy McAfee IF 23 R/R 2019 Draft Rd 26
Braylin Minier SS 17 L/R INTL FA 2019
Debby Santana 3B 20 R/R INTL FA 2016
Leonardo Seminati IF/OF 21 R/R INTL FA 2017
Gus Steiger SS 21 R/R 2020 UDFA
Michel Triana 1B 20 L/R INTL FA 2019
 Outfielders Pos Age B/T Acquired
Allan Cerda OF 20 R/R INTL FA 2017
Jameson Hannah OF 23 L/L Trade (OAK) July 2019
Austin Hendrick OF 19 L/L 2020 Draft Rd 1
Jacob Hurtubise OF 22 L/R 2020 UDFA
Michael Siani CF 21 L/L 2018 Draft Rd 4
Mac Wainwright OF 18 R/R 2020 Draft Rd 4

As we reported last week, there will be games between October 12th and October 31st against other teams, but the Reds will also play a few intrasquad games – including into November before their camp ends on the 3rd.

There are 40 players that will be in Goodyear at instructs for the Reds. While I’m not going to profile all 40 of them, I figured it was worth noting a few players from each position group.

The Pitchers

While he’s not the oldest pitcher on the squad, Vladimir Gutierrez is the most experienced. The right-handed pitcher was in Major League spring training with the Reds – but he was suspended during the shut down after failing a drug test and faces an 80-game suspension.

Luis Mey is the youngest pitcher of the group. He was an international free agent from the 2018 class, and in his debut in 2019 the Reds were confident enough to bring him directly to the US and play him in the Arizona Rookie League. In 2019 he led the entire organization with a 56% ground ball rate.

Another noteworthy addition is Alex Johnson. He was the Reds 36th round pick in 2018 and had barely pitched in high school, but showed a lot of athleticism and a strong arm. He has spent some time working with Hunter Greene this year, according to pitching coordinator Kyle Boddy.

This will also be the coaching staff’s first opportunity to see pitchers Bryce Bonnin (3rd rounder), Leo Nierenberg (2020 Non-Drafted Free Agent), Riley O’Brien (trade with Tampa Bay in August 2020), Braxton Roxby (2020 Non-Drafted Free Agent), and Carson Spiers (2020 Non-Drafted Free Agent).

The Infielders

Jackson Miller, the Reds 2nd round pick in 2020, headlines the five catchers that will be in camp. It will be the first chance that the Cincinnati coaches get an in-person look at the 18-year-old.

Garrett Wolforth will be getting some looks behind the plate, too. He was drafted in the 14th round in 2019, but between his time in both Billings and Greeneville he played outfield and first base – no catching. In college, though, he did spend some time behind the plate.

The trio of Tyler Callihan, Rece Hinds, and Ivan Johnson went in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds of the 2019 draft for Cincinnati. They also all began their careers together in Greeneville. Hinds, however, only played in three games before a quad injury cost him the rest of the season. They’re together again on this roster. For Hinds and Callihan, they’ll be getting in additional time after both were on the Reds 60-man player pool roster at Prasco Park for at least some of the 2020 season. Johnson will be getting his first action on the diamond (at least in a professional setting) since spring training.

The two biggest international free agent signings from the most recent class (2019) will also be in Goodyear. Michel Triana, who was in Goodyear for spring training (on the minor league side) will be back on the field. Joining him will be the youngest player in camp, shortstop Braylin Minier, who got the largest bonus of the entire Reds class.

The Outfielders

2020 1st round pick Austin Hendrick headlines this group. He was a late addition to the 60-man player pool, getting about two weeks of time at Prasco Park before the alternate sites came to a close. He’s joined by Michael Siani, who was also on the Reds 60-man player pool roster at Prasco Park (he was there a bit longer than Hendrick).

Mac Wainwright, the Reds 4th round selection this season, will be getting his first taste of professional baseball, too. The Ohio native missed some time in his high school career with some injuries, perhaps leading to his being available in the 4th round instead of being taken a little bit higher.

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19 Responses

  1. RojoBenjy

    Who are the top three players you are most excited about or intrigued by?

    I’ll start:
    Rece Hinds
    Jameson Hannah
    Michael Siani

    • Doug Gray

      For me it’s the Michel Triana, Braylin Minier, and Rece Hinds. Just the unknown factor kind of thing – they haven’t played much at all between the three of them.

      • RojoBenjy

        I can see that, too. I have Hinds for the same reason as you do. The other two I’m just eager to see if they’ll pan out as good big leaguers.

        You mentioned Mac Wainwright having fallen in the draft due to injuries. It would be great if he ends up being special.

      • DaveCT

        I’m in on Wainwright, too. I think he’s a deep sleeper who will shoot up lists

      • Norwood Nate

        Agree about Wainwright. There just seems to be something there. I’ll be anticipating following him through the minors.

  2. MK

    Looks like they are still babying Greene and Lodolo. If we look at current Big 3 none were prepared in this way on their way up.

    • RojoBenjy

      So is this Kyle Boddy’s influence, or would he recommend something different, and he is being ignored?

    • Doug Gray

      Greene and Lodolo got action at Prasco (and for Lodolo, he was with the Reds since the start of July). Probably better to get two other guys some actual time against live hitters?

  3. James K

    Another name missing from the list is Wendell Marrero, 11th round draft choice last year, who hit well in the Arizona League.

    • donny

      I noticed that to. He had a nice season in Arizona League last year. Showing some power and hitting ability.

  4. DaveCT

    It is pure therapy to also be discussing minor leaguer ball (in addition to playoff ball).

    • RojoBenjy

      Now the therapy is minors only. The playoffs today gave me a headache!

  5. donny

    I am pretty sure players had the option to skip this year because of Covid right ?

  6. donny

    As for pitchers ,
    Bryce Bonnin and Evan Kravetz are the ones i am excited to see .

    Bryce Bonnin has that fiery personality .

    Evan Kravetz would be in my top 20 reds prospects the year the Reds drafted him.

  7. Charlie Waffles

    I see where the Appalachian League, the rookie level league, is re-branding itself as the 10 teams have agreed to non-affiliation with MLB teams. The 10 teams have to drop the ML teams nicknames. Greeneville will have to drop the Reds name.
    The Appalachian League will be part of the Prospective Development Pipeline with MLB. It will have college players in their freshman and sophomore seasons. It will be a wood bat league with a 56 game schedule. It looks like it will be very similar to the Cape Cod League but with younger college players instead.
    So, the transformation of the Minor Leagues has started.

    • Charlie Waffles

      Check that. It is the Prospect Development Pipeline, in partnership with USA Baseball and MLB.

  8. IMHO

    1 lefty – are these all starters? Would love to know what makes a decision to bring certain players, especially now, to instructs and not others. Is it their workouts over the COVID pandemuc? Is it they are established and don’t need to go other than Spring Training? Will they be cut? Other than MAYBE being able to work out, don’t a majority Of players need some good/great instructs – would be a good story but thats just my honest opinion