The Cincinnati Reds played an intrasquad game over the week in Goodyear at their instructional league. Games against other teams will begin this week and go through the end of the month. The Reds instructional league will end on November 3rd, and they may play a few games against themselves. For more information on the instructional league, you can read this article from two weeks ago.

Kyle Boddy, the Reds minor league pitching coordinator and director of pitching initiatives is in Goodyear for instructional league, as you would expect. He shared some video of three guys who pitched in the intrasquad game – all of whom were non-drafted free agent signings this year – Leo Nierenberg, Braxton Roxby, and Carson Spiers. You can read more about those three guys here if you’d like to.

While I will certainly be doing my best to report on instructional league over the next month, I have not yet started hounding any of my contacts out in Arizona about how anyone is looking. I figured that I would wait until games began before diving in and asking how guys were looking.

With that said, it’s good to see some actual minor league baseball video in 2020, even if it is just three clips from an intrasquad game that’s taking place about 2000 miles away from where I’m typing this. You can see that there’s a Rapsodo on the field for this – something that you’ll see in intrasquad games for most teams. The Reds are also using the Rapsodo in the bullpen, which you can see in this other tweet from Boddy.

There are some things worth noting, too. While many teams are indeed using Rapsodo’s, the Reds are also still using Trackman – even here. The Major Leagues have gone away from Trackman in favor of Hawk-Eye, but as was noted here when the announcement for Hawk-Eye was made, it seems like the minor league side of things will stick with Trackman for a bit as the technology is already in place and very useful.

In the above picture, Bryce Bonnin is pitching. He’s the Reds 3rd round pick from the most recent draft – being selected out of Texas Tech. Bonnin is the only pitcher from the 2020 draft by Cincinnati that is at instructs this year. Among the position players 1st rounder Austin Hendrick, and 4th rounder Mac Wainwright are both in attendance. You can see the full roster here for the Cincinnati Reds instructional league.

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