If you support the work here at RedsMinorLeagues.com through Patreon support, you’ve been getting daily updates on both current and former Cincinnati Reds that are playing winter ball for about a week now. You’ve also gotten some updates on how winter leagues are working around the world, too.

Currently there are only three leagues in their regular season right now. The Mexican Winter League, the Dominican Winter League, and the Nicaraguan Winter League. Leagues in Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Australia will begin in the next few weeks.

There aren’t a ton of guys playing from the Reds organization yet – just two position players and three-and-a-half (more below) pitchers. But there’s more to come.

The Hitters

Player League PA H 2B 3B HR SB AVG OBP SLG
Alejo Lopez MEX 80 27 5 0 1 3 .360 .388 .467
Victor Ruiz MEX 12 3 0 0 1 0 .300 .333 .600

The Pitchers

Player League W L ERA SV IP H HR BB K WHIP
Jesus Reyes DWL 0 0 0.00 0 1.1 2 0 0 2 1.50
R.J. Alaniz MEX 1 0 0.00 0 7.0 4 0 1 9 0.71
Jose Valenzuela MEX 0 0 0.00 0 7.1 3 0 6 8 1.36
Adrian Rodriguez MEX 1 1 12.00 0 3.0 6 1 3 2 3.00

Vladimir Gutierrez is scheduled to start the next game for Licey, which is hopefully going to take place tonight. They’ve been shut down for a few days due to a COVID-19 outbreak among the team that led to five positive tests of players last week.

As for that three-and-a-half pitchers comment, the half player portion of that is Jose Valenzuela. He’s listed as being on the reserve list. Usually that means that a player has retired, but a team didn’t release the player and is holding onto their rights in case the player chooses to return to play. There are a few other reasons a player would be listed on the reserve list, but that’s usually the main reason.

Jared Solomon’s Tommy John surgery

On Friday the Cincinnati Reds added Jared Solomon to the 40-man roster, along with Vladimir Gutierrez and Riley O’Brien, in order to protect them from the upcoming Rule 5 draft. It was a good day for Solomon as the organization showed faith in him by adding him to the roster.

But what was unknown, and at least as far as I could tell unreported anywhere, Solomon was just getting back to recovery from having Tommy John surgery. I found this out on Saturday evening and reported about it over at Redleg Nation. I’m told he will be out “until late 2021”, but that the surgery was done by Dr. Kremchek and that things went well.

Prospect lists and praise Jonathan India

The crew at Baseball Prospectus unveiled their Cincinnati Reds prospect list for the 2021 season this morning. You’ll need to be a subscriber to see the list, but I’ll give you a spoiler on it: They’ve ranked left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo as the organization’s top prospect.

Over at MiLB.com, Michael Avallone wrote about the Cincinnati farm system, too. One of the guys focused on was Jonathan India, who was a stand out over at Prasco Park in Mason.

Jonathan made some great strides in his development coming off [2019],” Pender said. “It showed in all facets of his game. We saw increased bat speed, the power we envisioned from him and a continuously refined approach. Our organization adopted a somewhat different hitting approach this past year, from the top on down. Jonathan was one of the guys who bought in, and it seems to be paying off.

Since signing, India has had some battles with injuries. For the most part they haven’t kept him off of the field, but they likely have kept him from showing his full potential, too. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard good things about India looking good in Mason at the alternate site, but it’s good to see that it’s being recognized more places.

13 Responses

  1. Billy

    Doug, is the “AB” field for hitters really supposed to be “PA”? Three hits in 12 at bats is only a .250 batting average (and 27 for 80 isn’t .360 either).

  2. James K

    If the Reds hadn’t protected Jared Solomon, could some other team have drafted him, kept him on the 60-day disabled list all year, counted that as being on the roster all year, and then option him in 2022?

    • Doug Gray

      Yes and no.

      A team could have selected him and put him on the 60-day injured list. That would have required them to pay him league minimum MLB salary. In 2022, assuming he never played in 2021, he would still need to spend the following year on the active 26-man roster.

  3. DaveCT

    Good update on India. I’ve figured since it took him until his third year of school to break out, he’d also need a similar amount of time in pro ball. It’s like having kids, they all come along at their own speed. The kid certainly has tools, and after the 2020 summer, it looks like he has the effort. Developing India into a solid ML infielder creates a lot of good problems.

  4. Jim m.

    Hey Doug,

    How can the Reds seriously tell Reds fans they want to win in 2021 and loose Bauer and trade Sonny Gray??? You cant win by loosing 2 very good starters on your staff.. so this past failed post season is all Reds fans get for the next 5 freaking years??? I am going to be pissed they replace them with junk on the cheap. Wish Bob would just sell to somebosy who hates losing year after year and doesnt accept it

    • Tom

      Who said they’re trading Sonny Gray?

      If that is a legit rumor, you can bet he’s either injured and likely to be frequently. Or, it means the new direction of the FO is more inclined to trade stars while they are actually valuable in order to acquire younger/better/cheaper players.

  5. Hunt4RedsOct

    Willing to listen is not actively shopping. I would say there are very few major leaguers that GMs would not be willing to listen. Rosenthal published a story to generate clicks. That’s all. Better story would be who are the players that GMs would not be willing to listen to trade offers about.

  6. SaveTheFarm

    India will be good, not sure why everyone wants to discard him as an add on to every trade that’s proposed.

    • Joseph

      He was the best player at Prasco this season from start to finish. He would of debuted if not for an oblique injury. Saw with my own two eyes(don’t ask me how I was able to since the venue was closed to the public)…just trust me on that or don’t. If he continues to excel in spring training I say give him a shot. Or trade the kid-period!

  7. Michael Hausmann

    Will there be a 2021 MiLB season and, if so, will there be contraction

    • Doug Gray

      The plan is to have a season, though it sounds like it’s going to be a shorter than usual one. But nothing is certain because we’re all at the mercy of this virus.

      But if there’s a season, yes, there’s going to be contraction.