Last week the Cincinnati Reds needed a roster spot for starting pitcher Sonny Gray. To open that spot the Reds placed reliever Cam Bedrosian on waivers. The right-handed pitcher cleared waivers today and Cincinnati outrighted him to their alternate site in Louisville.

After an impressive spring training that saw Cam Bedrosian strike out 16 of the 32 batters he faced in Arizona he earned a spot on the opening day roster. But things out in Arizona didn’t transfer onto the field in the first two weeks of the regular season as he walked six batters (with seven strikeouts) in 5.2 innings while giving up seven runs (11.12 ERA).

He’ll now head to the minors and try to straighten things back out and get back to where he was at in spring training.

The right-handed pitcher is now added to the alternate site roster that will remain active until the start of the Minor League Baseball season that begins on May 4th. Here’s what the current Cincinnati Reds alternate site roster looks like:

Pitchers Catchers
R.J. Alaniz Rocky Gale
Phillip Diehl Chris Okey
Edgar García Beau Taylor
Vladimir Gutierrez Infielders
Heath Hembree Cheslor Cuthbert
Ryan Hendrix Mike Freeman
Dauri Moreta Jose Garcia
Riley O’Brien Alejo Lopez
Hector Perez Errol Robinson
Matt Pidich Alfredo Rodriguez
Tony Santillan Outfielders
Braden Shipley Narciso Crook
Bo Takahashi Nicky Delmonico
Art Warren TJ Friedl
Brandon Finnegan Scott Heineman
Josh Osich
Reiver Sanmartin

Cam Bedrosian chooses free agency

Rather than accept his assignment to the alternate site, Cam Bedrosian opted to become a free agent.

8 Responses

  1. Amarillo

    Hey Doug, I have been thinking about our prospects and their timetables recently, and was interested in your opinion. We have a decent number of high-upside players, some whom were recently drafted as High Schoolers and project to hit the majors at a similar time. Hinds, Callihan, Richardson, Siani, Hendrick, Triana, Roa all project in the ~2023 range. Given that for a mid to low mid payroll team like ours, Major League success typically comes from a wave of prospects all hitting the majors at roughly the same time, I was thinking about how to accomplish that. The conclusion I came up with is using all 3 of our top 35 draft picks on College players. I.E. players that would hit the majors at roughly the same time our recent high school age players would. This goes against the general idea of always just taking Best Player Available in the draft, but if we can have a wave of prospects instead of the usual trickle, it could pay off. I’m interested in your thoughts on if this might work despite being a more limiting and typically bad draft strategy.

    • Doc

      Would that not give you about 9-10 players arriving 2023 and none for several years thereafter. That pretty much precludes any multi year deals with current youngsters who are hitting the bigs 2021-2, like India, Garcia, Lodolo, Greene. Can’t say I like tour plan. Given the 6 years to free agency, I think you need the trickle, especially given the difficulty knowing who will make it and who won’t.

      • Amarillo

        The last time the Reds were really good was when Votto/Bruce/Cueto/Bailey all hit the majors within a year of each other. Cubs had Bryant/Baez/Contreras/Hendricks all hit the major leagues together right before winning it all. Rays have been good when their prospects were in sync. Blue Jays and White Sox in a similar situation right now. 2023 is when Votto/Moustakas/Casty/Gray have contracts run out (ignoring options and opt outs)
        I agree it might cause a bottleneck situation, but that probably doesn’t happen until 2030 or so.

    • Tom

      Amarillo, I think you have something with aiming for 2023, 2024.

      The biggest hole I can think of is the rotation. By then, through injuries , pay increases, trades, and free agency, they need some pitching. So a college arm makes sense mid first round. I also think shortstop makes sense.

      But back to your point, since I’ve been tracking the depth chart for the last 3-4 years, their picks DO often line up with a specific need in a specific time frame. Last year, outfield was an obvious need in 2024-25 (along with the rotation) and they got Hendrick.

      We’ve seen the front office bear down on a short term goal to win as well, so I could see them doing that this year with a college pick.

      In all, I think best player available is a lie that every team lives by to justify their picks. Who would ever say they took the second best player on their “board”.

      You could say it’s wiser to pick best player for your needs when it’s all a crap shoot.

      In the case of last years draft, there were rumors the Reds liked Crochett, a college pitcher who went one pick earlier. They landed Hendrick who was a strong HS outfielder in a draft that was deep with outfielders. So I guess in most cases you will see teams needs are broad enough 3-6 years down the line that they can select from a best player available type of list.

  2. CP

    Hate for a guy, for them personally, to have to get DFA’d, but this was the right move for the reds bullpen. This team’s bullpen is to me the biggest thing that could hold them back, except injuries as is always the case for any team. Who is the minor’s has the best chance to get called up and help make this bullpen more serviceable? The easy answers are Lodolo and Hunter Greene, but I’m not sure the Reds expose Greene this year. I could see Lodolo though. Also, I am hope Ryan Hendrix has a great first half to the minors and can get a look. He could be the kind of guy that shows up the second half of the year and just takes everyone by surprise and cuts batters to pieces.

    • Denis

      Hendrix coming up & effective is possible & huge. Antone should be in rotation yesterday. Hopefully Lorenzen can return & go to help pen also.