The Chattanooga Lookouts released their roster at 10:38pm ET on Saturday night. Yeah, weird timing on that one. But hey, we’ll take it because it means that we have a roster in hand for Tuesday’s Minor League Baseball Opening Day! Let’s jump into the roster before discussing some of the particulars.

SP Connor Curlis C Mark Kolozsvary
SP Hunter Greene C Chuckie Robinson
SP Nick Lodolo C Jay Schuyler
SP Matt Pidich IF Jose Garcia
SP Randy Wynne IF Wilson Garcia
RP Michael Byrne IF Alejo Lopez
RP Alexis Diaz IF Leonardo Rivas
RP Miguel Figueroa IF Robbie Tenerowicz
RP John Ghyzel IF Yoel Yanqui
RP Nick Howard OF Narciso Crook
RP Dauri Moreta OF Lorenzo Cedrola
RP Ryan Olson OF TJ Hopkins
RP Julio Pinto OF Drew Mount
RP Wes Robertson
RP Reiver Sanmartin

The rotation has the top two starting pitching prospects in the organization with Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo. They’ll be joined by left-hander Connor Curlis, and right-handers Matt Pidich and Randy Wynne. Greene will be making his first start in a game that counts in the standings since July of 2018. Pidich, who started in his senior year at Pittsburgh, has just one start in 58 professional games but is transitioning to the rotation this year. Randy Wynne had one of the most impressive starts in recent memory from a Reds minor leaguer when he struck out 17 batters while pitching for Greeneville in 2019.

The bullpen features former 1st round pick Nick Howard, who is back for his second stint with the organization. Ryan Olson is back from retirement. The right-handed pitcher had to retire after a back injury, but he’s been cleared to return to the mound and now he’ll focus on pitching out of the bullpen after having been a starter earlier in his career.

On the position player side of things the big name on the roster is Jose Garcia. The shortstop spent part of 2020 in the big leagues, but struggled as he made the jump from Advanced-A to the bigs and the pitchers were able to take advantage of his inexperience. The outfield should showcase plenty of speed with the group that’s heading to Chattanooga.

The Advanced-A Dayton Dragons roster and the Low-A Daytona Tortugas roster have both been released.

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12 Responses

  1. James K

    Earlier, you predicted Siani for this team. Wonder whether he is up or down from this level.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d guess there’s no chance he’s heading to Triple-A. He’s never played above Low-A before.

  2. wizeman

    I just looked at minor league tv website…. chattanooga not listed. do they not televise? thanks.

    • Doug Gray

      No. They are literally the only Double-A team that doesn’t do it. It’s been that way for years and it absolutely sucks.

  3. RojoBenjy

    I can hear the mitt popping from Cincinnati!

    Where will Brian Rey end up this year?

    • Doug Gray

      I’d guess Dayton since he’s not here.

    • RojoBenjy

      He has always struck me as a scrappy player

  4. JB

    Was surprised when I seen Nick Howard’s name. Wish him all the best and hope he flourishes and gets to the big show someday.

  5. Optimist

    Just me, or is this lopsided with Ps and scant on the offensive side? Doug, In addition to the obvious Greene/Lodolo, and even Howard/Olson and the others you mentioned, I wonder about Sanmartin and Moreta – they’ve had prior success, and if they can figure it out, the Reds farm seems loaded with pitching – when, if ever, has that been the case?

    • Doug Gray

      Count me in as a believer in Moreta. I think he’s got a big league future. Some are higher on Sanmartin than I am. He gives a different look, but I’m just not sure he’s on that same level as Moreta is.

      • MK

        Liked my first and onlyview of Sanmartin in this years televised ST game.