The Daytona Tortugas are the second team in the Cincinnati Reds farm system to release their opening day roster (subject to change) – the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts released their roster late on Saturday night and Advanced-A Dayton released their roster Monday morning. Opening Day in the minors is Tuesday. Let’s take a quick look at who will be with the now Low-A Daytona Tortugas.

SP Bryce Bonnin C Wilfred Astudillo
SP Evan Kravetz C Danile Vellojin
SP Jason Parker C Garrett Wolforth
SP Christian Roa IF Tyler Callihan
SP Carson Spiers IF Rece Hinds
SP Case Williams IF Ivan Johnson
RP Juan Abril IF Reyny Reyes
RP Frainger Aranguren IF Debby Santana
RP Stevie Branche IF Leonardo Seminati
RP Tanner Cooper IF Gus Steiger
RP Jake Gozzo IF Michel Triana
RP Nick Hanson OF Allan Cerda
RP Ricky Karcher OF Austin Hendrick
RP Carson Rudd OF Danny Lantigua
RP Vin Timpanelli OF Wendell Marrero

This roster is stacked. On the infield you’ve got five top 25 prospects. Rece Hinds, who spent some time last summer with the alternate site team. The player with perhaps the most raw power in the 2019 draft has played in just three games in his professional career after a quad injury kept him out for nearly the entire season. Michel Triana, a 7-figure signee in the 2019 international signing period out of Cuba is also known for his big time power, will join the infield. He has not played a professional game to this point in his career. Tyler Callihan was the 11th rated prospect in the organization the last time we updated our rankings last summer. Ivan Johnson will likely be playing shortstop with the Tortugas and got good reviews in his 2019 debut and last fall from instructional league.

The outfield is much like the infield – stacked with plenty of powerful bats. Austin Hendrick, the Reds 1st round pick last summer, had some of the best raw power in the draft (and showed some of it off this spring with a 460-foot homer that broke a window in a car). Allan Cerda is one of the toolsiest players in the system and likely mans center field on most days. Wendell Marrero hit .324 in his debut after the draft in 2019 and then spent this past winter playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League as a teenager.

The pitching on the Tortugas could also be quite strong. 2nd round pick in 2020 Christian Roa has picked up velocity this spring and looked strong out in Goodyear. He’ll be joined by Case Williams, who was acquired in the Jeff Hoffman trade with the Rockies, 2020 3rd round pick Bryce Bonnin, 6′ 8″ lefty and 2019 5th round pick Evan Kravetz, Jason Parker, and college reliever now turned starter Carson Spiers.

The bullpen has some good arms, but the one name that sticks out the most is Nick Hanson. The big right-handed pitcher was the 2016 3rd round pick by the Reds. But he’s thrown just 20.2 innings since being drafted as he’s dealt with some injury problems in his career. Vin Timpanelli is a converted college catcher who threw in just one game in his final season of college. Ricky Karcher started in 2018 and 2019 for Greeneville and Billings, but he’s now in the bullpen and was sitting in the upper 90’s this spring in Goodyear.

This could be a real fun team to watch this summer. Be careful where you park your car, though, or you might need a new windshield or perhaps some body work done to remove some dents.

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16 Responses

  1. Amarillo

    I’m guessing Jackson Miller starts in AZL? I guess Boyle also.

    • Doug Gray

      Boyle got hurt at the very end of camp. He’ll miss about a month, assuming things go as expected, then I’d guess we’ll see him join one of the A-ball teams.

      *Goes into selling mode*
      Patreon supporters got a report on Boyle yesterday that was quite promising, injury not withstanding.

  2. DaveCT

    Yikes. This team is loaded to the gills.

    Now the ultimate question. Do I read this box score first or save it to last?

    • Doug Gray

      Last, but just because I’m making a huge assumption based on my ego that you’ll check out the site each morning for it and for the game reviews I go AAA, AA, A+, A, AZL, and until the AZL starts, they’ll be the last team on the list lol.

  3. RojoBenjy

    Super excited about Rece Hinds and Austin Hendrick

    • Doug Gray

      Now if only we could watch them play more than *checks notes* 6 games this season on MiLBtv…..

  4. DaveCT

    This likely has far more to do with the info from this gut, DG, every dang day, than any other angle I may explore, dude. So … This is pure baseball superstition. Which is challenging with you metrics peeps. Going fourth, even with rookie leagues. They’ll go 5th and 6th.

  5. RojoBenjy

    I know a paintless dent repair guy if you need a referral lol.

    Is Tyler Callihan the guy that projects at 1B? Fuzzy memory and long pandemic

    • Doug Gray

      No. He was released in June of last year.

  6. donny

    Can’t wait to see Evan Kravetz dominate.
    Not a lot of reds fans know about him. Bryce Bonnin and Christian Roa it should be a very good rotation with those three.

    Excited to see all the hype of Rece Hinds.
    Looking forward to see what Michel Triana and Wendell Marrero do.

    I expect Austin Hendrick to struggle a little at the beginning of the season in A-Ball . Not a lot of high schoolers can just jump straight to A-Ball .

    Man it’s been so long not having minor league season.