The Dayton Dragons are moving on up in the minor leagues this season. The former Low-A team is now a High-A team. They remain with the Cincinnati Reds organization as an affiliate. There are several players returning to Dayton that were there in the 2019 season, so it may not quite feel like a promotion, but it actually is one. Let’s jump into the roster, which is now at a 30-player limit.

SP Graham Ashcraft C James Free
SP Noah Davis C Jose Tello
SP Lyon Richardson C Eric Yang
SP Eduardo Salazar IF Miguel Hernandez
SP Ricky Salinas IF Juan Martinez
RP Eddy Demurias IF Quincy McAfee
RP Tyler Garbee IF Brian Rey
RP Jake Gilbert IF Victor Ruiz
RP Sam Hellinger IF Bren Spillane
RP JC Keys IF Francisco Urbaez
RP Karsen Lingell IF Jonathan Willems
RP Francis Peguero OF Mariel Bautista
RP Jacques Pucheu OF Quin Cotton
RP Braxton Roxby OF Jacob Hurtubise
RP Johnnie Schneider OF Michael Siani
RP Spencer Stockton

There will be a 5-man rotation in Dayton – unlike in Daytona where they will be going with a 6-man rotation. Things could be tough for opposing hitters who will have to face off against Graham Ashcraft who can hit triple digits with his fastball, Lyon Richardson who has picked up some velocity since his last go-around in Dayton where he had a 3.49 ERA once June 1st rolled around, Noah Davis who looked good in 2019 as he came off of Tommy John surgery, Ricky Salinas who help his own in Dayton’s rotation for 15 starts in 2019, and Eduardo Salazar who was reaching the upper 90’s with his fastball during instructional league last fall.

The infield will have plenty of familiar faces. Miguel Hernandez, Juan Martinez, Brian Ray, Bren Spillane, and Jonathan Willems are all returning to Dayton. The catching trio is all new to Dayton with James Free, Jose Tello, and Eric Yang. Quincy McAfee, Victor Ruiz, and Francisco Urbaez will be making their first trip through the Dragons infield, too.

The outfield has two guys returning and two newcomers. Michael Siani and Mariel Bautista are returning. Siani saw some limited time last year with the alternate site club before instructional league. Bautista played in the Dominican Winter League this past winter. They’ll be joined by Jacob Hurtubise, who may be the fastest player in the organization, and Quin Cotton, who hit .283 with Billings in 2019.

The Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts roster and the Low-A Daytona Tortugas roster were both released over the weekend. The Triple-A Louisville Bats roster is the only one remaining and should come out today at some point given that tomorrow is minor league opening day.

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5 Responses

  1. MK

    Don’t see James Marinan anywhere on these rosters. Can not imagine he would be in AAA after a below average year in Dayton in 2019.

    • Doug Gray

      I would imagine he is injured or something similar to that because yeah, there’s almost no way he’s going to Triple-A.

  2. RojoBenjy

    time to buy those Dragon’s Tickets!!!

    Siani and Rey woot!

    This just came to me–is Graham Ashcraft the Reds’ Ricky Vaughn? Can’t he throw it through a brick wall but has trouble finding the Zone?

  3. gregteb

    I think Hurtubise should get number 98 like Jim Hurtubise, the former Indy 500 racer

  4. DaveCT

    I’d like to see how much ground Hurtubise and Siani can cover in the OF without the third fielder.