The Louisville were rained out, but the rest of the farm system went off as they outscored their opponents 26-5 in three wins. Brian Rey kept his hot start going, Lyon Richardson tossed five more shutout innings, Rece Hinds and Alex McGarry homered in a Daytona win, and Narciso Crook hit another home run to the moon for Chattanooga.

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The Louisville Bats were rained out

Game Notes

The game was cancelled and will not be made up.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 7-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Narciso Crook’s second homer of the series was another moonshot, going 421 feet into left-center.

Jose Garcia is hitting .304/.429/.739 with 5 walks and 5 strikeouts through 6 games. Last season with the Reds he had 1 walk and 26 strikeouts in 68 plate appearances. In 2019 he didn’t draw his 5th walk of the season until his 16th game with Daytona (and had 15 strikeouts).

Mark Kolozsvary played in 4 of the 6 games in the opening series of the year and finished it up hitting .636/.750/1.545 – good for an OPS of 2.295 with 4 doubles, 2 homers, and 5 walks.

The Dayton Dragons won 12-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Brian Rey struck out for the 1st time all season in the game. He also drove in his 10th, 11th, and 12th runs of the season while playing in his 5th game of the year.

Lyon Richardson’s 2nd start of the year went two innings longer than the 1st, but the result was the same: No runs. His control was better this time around as he walked just 1 batter and struck out 6.

Going 5-1 in the 6-game series, Dragons pitchers gave up 23 hits in 50 innings (one game was rain shortened). They did, however, walk 43 batters in the series while hitting 3 other batters, and striking out 64.

Dayton outscored Great Lakes 40-16 in the series.

The Daytona Tortugas won 7-3. Box Score

  • Rece Hinds went 1-5 with a home run (3) and two runs scored.
  • Alex McGarry went 1-4 with a walk, home run (2), and 2 RBI.
  • Danny Lantigua went 3-4 with a double and a run scored.
  • Michel Triana went 2-3 with a walk, double, and a run scored.
  • James Proctor allowed a run in 4.0 innings with 2 walks and 4 strikeouts.
  • Brett Lockwood threw a hitless inning with a walk and a strikeout.
  • Pedro Garcia threw 3.0 shutout innings with a walk and 4 strikeouts.
  • Juan Manuel Abril was charged with 2 unearned runs in an inning with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts.

Game Notes

Rece Hinds is the clubhouse leader for shortest home run of the year. His third home run this season was an inside-the-park job that got by a diving right fielder in shallow right and rolled to the wall before it was retrieved. Hinds rounded the bases in 15.3 seconds for those of you keeping track at home.

Alex McGarry got his second start of the year and homered for the second straight game.

Danny Lantigua picked up three hits and raised his line on the season to .474/.500/.789. He’s got four extra-base hits in five games.

Brett Lockwood had a good professional debut with a hitless inning out of the bullpen.

Top 25 Reds Prospect Rundown

5/10 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 1-4 OFF Day OFF Day Here Here Here
Chattanooga 4-2 OFF Day OFF Day Here Here Here
Dayton 5-1 OFF Day OFF Day Here Here Here
Daytona 4-2 OFF Day OFF Day Here Here N/A

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    • Doug Gray

      I’ll try to have a little more tomorrow on this one. Going to have to do some checking in on somethings from a few places.

  1. RojoBenjy

    I doubt that the Dragons would have lost even one game if MLB hadn’t stepped in to stop the game at six innings. The score was only 1-0

    The way their offense is cooking I suspect they would have rallied

  2. Anthony Maynor

    Good to see 3 of the 4 teams getting off to a good start to the season and the top prospects playing quality baseball.

  3. Matthew O'Neal

    Question for Sundays – Since every Monday will be an off day, are you going to post something on Mondays with the probables/gametimes/links/etc for Tuesday? Or might you consider adding that to the Sunday game review?
    Not trying to add anything to your schedule, just curious!

    • Doug Gray

      Funny enough I had that thought after I posted today…. I think maybe I’ll just do something like a “series preview” each Tuesday.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        Whatever you decide, I look forward to it!

  4. MK

    Is Sanmartin expected to be a starting pitcher? I had him pegged as a reliever and he has relieved once and started once so far.

    • Doug Gray

      As far as I know, no. Chattanooga just needed a starter because of the rainout to keep everyone on schedule.

      • MK

        I liked what less of him in STband have not been disappointed so far in Chattanooga.

  5. Randy in Chatt

    Rece Hinds averaged just under 4 seconds per base on his 15.3 seconds inside the park home run. Not bad for a big guy.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m trying to get “Rece the Beast” to stick

  6. SteveO

    Hendrick struggles in week 1. 7Ks in 11ABs. Dragons take top honors for week 1. Team, Pitcher(Richardson) and position player(Rey) of the week. Kolozsvary and Lopez co position players and Greene and Lodolo co pitchers. Doug, you should put out Doug’s players of the week every Monday since it will be the off/travel day for this season. Not trying to make you work more, but just a suggestion.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to do with Monday here. Tuesday’s “weekly series preview” is already done and will look at the upcoming series for each team with a few notes about how all 8 teams have been performing (4 Reds teams, their 4 opponents). A player of the week thing could work, but I need to be able to have a website that can show me “the last week” in order to track that. Going to have to look around and see what’s available for something like that.

      • DaveCT

        How about a monthly All Questions Answered on one of the Mondays.

  7. Bred

    What are chances Danny Lantigua has taken a step in pitch recognition as he has cut his K rate significantly so far this year? Back in February 2019 Doug wrote “ Jose Siri had 64 strikeouts and just 3 walks for the AZL Reds at the same age in 2015. He made adjustments over the next few years and has held his own, and more at times, in the levels he’s played at ever since. Time will tell if Danny Lantigua can do the same.”

    • Doug Gray

      Generally speaking: The chances aren’t great.

      Guys don’t tend to improve upon that at the rate in which he needs to – but every so often it will happen. Certainly need to be in “wait and see” mode. It’s been a week after a very weird year. He’s always had the athleticism and tools. And he’s also been a guy who was young for where he was playing. Let’s check back in at the end of the month and see how things are looking/trending/going.