On Sunday evening in Montgomery, Alabama the Chattanooga Lookouts and Montgomery Biscuits took the field for the 6th time in six days and for the Biscuits it meant that for the 2nd time in a week that they would face off against Cincinnati Reds top prospect Hunter Greene.

The first time around, back on Tuesday, Hunter Greene picked up the win thanks in part to his 5.0 innings of 2-run, 2-hit baseball that included a walk and seven strikeouts. With the lineup seeing Greene for the second time in a week would they find any more success? No. No they would not.

The right-handed starter put together what was probably the best start of his professional career. Greene allowed three hits in 6.0 shutout innings, and two of those didn’t leave the infield. He walked two batters and he tied a career high with 10 strikeouts – needing just 89 pitches, 63 of which were strikes, to get through his outing and pick up his 3rd win of the year while dropping his ERA to 1.69 on the season. The 21-year-old now has allowed eight hits in 16.0 innings pitched, walked just three batters, and he’s struck out 25 of the 59 batters he’s faced (42.4%).

The slider was working. It’s been working. If you recall the one inning that Hunter Greene threw back in spring training with the Reds in early March, this was not the slider he was using. It’s a harder version that’s working in the low 90’s. In that spring training outing the slider was more in the low 80’s. The increase in velocity and the shape of the pitch is a little different and it’s been a true difference maker. For those wondering, Greene topped out at 103 MPH on Sunday afternoon.

For his efforts against Montgomery Minor League Baseball named Hunter Greene as the Pitcher of the Week in the Double-A South. He threw 11.0 innings with two earned runs, five hits, three walks, and 17 strikeouts.

Brian Rey continues to rake in Dayton

The Cincinnati Reds farm system has had plenty of players that have gotten out to a hot start this season. Brian Rey is among that group and on Sunday he just kept it going. The Dayton Dragons had four hits on the day – but three of them were by Rey. That raised his line to .450/.442/1.025. He’s doubled three times, tripled once, and he’s hit six home runs. Oh, and he’s only struck out twice on the season (he’s also only walked once, but if pitchers are going to keep pounding the strikezone against him why wouldn’t he just continue to pound the baseballs that they throw towards the plate?).

Brian Rey leads the league in home runs. He’s got six of them. That’s four more than the entire South Bend Cubs roster, who finally hit a home run on Sunday after not homering in the first 10 games of the season (they hit two in the game). It’s also the same number of home runs as the West Michigan Whitecaps. Quad Cities, Lake County, and Lansing all lead Rey by one home run.

After winning the Hitter of the Week award in the first week of the season for the High-A Central League, Brian Rey was awarded it again today for his efforts last week. He went 11-19 with a double, triple, two home runs, three runs scored, and four RBI. That’s a line of .579/.571/1.053 for Rey in the series against the Lansing Lugnuts.

Alejo Lopez has a 12-game hitting streak

Brian Rey has only struck out twice all season. Switch-hitting Alejo Lopez has a few more than that – he’s struck out four times this year in 12 games with Chattanooga. Lopez, though, has also had at least one hit in every game as he’s riding a 12-game hit streak to begin the season. He’s already picked up 22 hits this year, walked another six times, and cracked five doubles. The 25-year-old is hitting .423/.483/.519 for the Lookouts. He’s leading the league in hits, is third in average (teammate Mark Kolozsvary is hitting .519! in eight games), fourth in on-base percentage, and 9th in OPS in the league.

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9 Responses

  1. AllTheHype

    Greene’s slider @ 91 looks more like a cutter that might be effective on the inner half to LHBs. Wonder if he still throws the slower version also?

  2. DaveCT

    Slider looks pretty nice. Any word on a third pitch? Or might this be a bridge too far this early? And, what, about 125 innings for Hunter this year?

    By the way, these can count toward my three questions in the next (must we plead?) AQA.

    • Doug Gray

      The change up has been tough to spot because they tend to look like a fastball for the most part (this goes for nearly every pitcher) and without velocity readings on each pitch you can’t be for certain. That said, in his second game he had thrown 9 of them for 9 strikes at one point according to the data that was shared. As far as I could tell, I was only certain of 1 change up yesterday because we weren’t getting the velos on every pitch, but there was one mentioned on a strike that wasn’t a slider, but also wasn’t 100, so it wasn’t a fastball.

      AQA is returning later this week!

    • The Rage

      Pitches 3/4 look to be a circle change and a 2 seamer. Its why the Reds need to be patient with Hunter. I get the “ticking timebomb” analogy and you want to get what you can out of him, but I think a mid-season callup to AAA and starting next year at AAA for a month or so wouldn’t be holding him back to much. He needs too work on pitches 3/4. Major league hitters won’t be impressed with ++ fastball/slider. They will foul it off until he shows he can throw other pitches. Besides that, he needs to build up innings and it won’t be likely until 2023 he is ready for a full major league season at 23-24.

      On the other hand, Lodolo is close. He has good mastery of 3 pitches and just needs to improve his slider. He is close, real real close. Don’t get fooled by starts gone bad where he was squeezed and some cheap singles occurred. He is very polished. I see him replacing Miley next season from the getgo.

      Santilian is probably about ready for the show. He can throw 3 pitches for strikes and is working on a 2 seamer. Whether his stamina and shoulder hold up for a starting pitcher or he is the next Anton, is probably the main question to ask. His shoulder impingement from 2 years ago is still fresh on the mind. But the Reds need to replace Hoffman and he is there.

      • DaveCT

        A voice of reason for Hunter. It’s why we call it player development.

  3. Optimist

    Perhaps it’s the camera angle from that clip, but I’m having a 50 year flashback to Bob Gibson’s motion. Somewhat easy looking, and extremely strong.