Today marks the one month point of the 2021 Minor League Baseball season. The Cincinnati Reds don’t exactly have a bunch of home runs to work with over the last month. The teams on the farm have currently played 106 games and they have just 74 home runs as an organization.

The Louisville Bats have 13 home runs in 25 games played and are dead last in their league in home runs, trailing Nashville who has 49 in the Triple-A East. Chattanooga has just 17 home runs in 27 games, ranks 2nd to last in the Double-A South while trailing Birmingham who has 39 home runs. The Dayton Dragons have 21 home runs in 27 games and rank 8th in the 12-team High-A Central and trail Cedar Rapids who has 31 on the year. Daytona has 23 home runs as a team and ranks 3rd in the Low-A South, but also trails the juggernaut that is the Tampa Tarpons who have his 38 on the year.

With all of that said, it’s not like some of these guys haven’t crushed some home runs. There are 74 homers on the year and I’ve got distances on 68 of them. Four of them took place while the Trackman was down in a stadium and there’s no video. Two others took place on the road and there’s no video available.

While there have been four home runs hit in June, we’re going to ignore those and just look at the 70 that were hit in May. Here’s the Top 10 list for the longest home runs of the month of May on the Reds farm:

Date Player Distance
15-May Bren Spillane 455
6-May Narciso Crook 443
8-May Allan Cerda 434
27-May Debby Santana 424
9-May Narciso Crook 421
26-May Rece Hinds 419
15-May Brian Rey 411
21-May Allan Cerda 410
26-May Wendell Marrero 409
14-May Beau Taylor 408
16-May Nicky Delmonico 408

Here’s the video of the 455-foot blast from Bren Spillane. I went back and watched the video frame-by-frame and it appears that he hit his head on the video board with the baseball. Just an absolute moonshot.

Other Home Run fun facts

How about the shortest home run of the season so far? That’s an easy one – 246 feet by Rece Hinds. On May 9th he had an inside-the-park home run that makes him the clubhouse leader for the year in this one. Among the home runs that actually left the park the honor goes to Wilfred Astudillo on May 20th for his 328 foot shot in Daytona.

I don’t get the exit velocity on a lot of the home runs. But for some of them that information does get passed along. The hardest hit home run I’ve got information on this year so far goes to Danny Lantigua for his May 8th home run. It “only” went 383 feet, but it was an absolute laser off of the bat, clocking in at 112 MPH exit velocity. It may not be the hardest hit homer of the year, but it’s the one I’ve got the data on.

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