TJ Friedl had 3 hits in an extra-innings loss for Louisville while Reiver Sanmartin struck out 7 in 7.0 quality innings, Alex McGarry’s 1st inning grand slam help up in Dayton as the Dragons pitchers got the job done, and it looks like another injury took out a top 25 prospect on the Tortugas roster.

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The Louisville Bats lost 3-2 in 10. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 5-2. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 6-3. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 10-5. Box Score

6/11 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 12-20 7:05pm Santillan Here Here Here
Chattanooga 18-14 7:15pm Greene Here Here Here
Dayton 19-14 7:05pm Ashcraft Here Here Here
Daytona 14-19 6:05pm Rudd Here Here Here

16 Responses

  1. MK

    Is Sanmartin a potential arm for the Reds bullpen. It seems to have clicked in for him. Send him up while he is hot.

    • Doug Gray

      I talked with someone who’s job is to scout the Reds this past week and he didn’t have much faith in anyone in AA/AAA aside from the big 3 starters being able to come to the bigs right now and have much of any success. There were some guys in the long run he liked, but not right now in terms of being able to help the Reds aside from Lodolo/Greene/Santillan – and he was of the opinion you keep all of them in the rotation right now instead of calling them up to help the bullpen.

      • DaveCT

        I’d also like to see some lesser known lower profile arms at AA jump out, too. There should be a lot of bullpen opportunities, because this bullpen won’t even make it to the All-Star Game. They are that bad. Antone does not count. He was a complete gift to the bullpen. He should be starting at the first opportunity, never to return.

      • Matt O'Neal

        Could they be much worse than what the Reds are rolling out now, though? (I know the answer is yes, it could always be worse, but let’s be optimistic, shall we?)

      • Doug Gray

        I’ll just tell you to read what you put in the parenthesis.

      • Matt O'Neal

        Hey look. It got worse. I know he was already injured, but can’t help but feel I jinxed Antone.

    • DaveCT

      I’d be thrilled if Sanmartin has a big breakout. Riley O’Brian, too. System needs s big jolt.

  2. Alex Reds

    Interesting stats:
    Alejo Lopez did not get a hit today.
    Phillip Diehl (AAA) 14IP, 10H, 18K, .192 BAA, 1.29 ERA.
    Eddy Demurias (AA) 15.1IP, 9H, 18K, .170 BAA, 0.0 ERA.
    Braxton Roxby (A+) 13.2IP, 3H, 22K, .068 BAA, 0.0 ERA.

  3. James K

    Since his promotion to Chattanooga, Bautista has hardly played at all. Any known reason?

    • Michael

      not really…but he is back in Dayton since Wednesday

  4. Brad

    Assuming Reds trade/do not pick up Miley 2022 option. Rotation options in 2022 and beyond are quite strong:

    2-3 will have to pitch out of bullpen if on major league roster.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Agreed. You could argue that these guys in addition to the young positional core will make the Reds contenders for a few years…..although ownership needs to do their part and pony up the money for extensions for Mahle, Winker, and Castillo, work that should’ve been done last offseason.

    • Tom

      I think they may want to offload Gray and / or Castillo (if he can rebound) so they can afford a Mahle extension (if he’d take one through age 30) and afford a FA reliever. Replenish the low minors with talent by offloading vets.

      I think they ought to keep Miley next year if he’s healthy and start the season with a few cheap FA upside guys until Lodolo and Greene are ready.

      Gutierrez, Santillan

      I think Antone should stay in the pen as high leverage like Lorenzen should have to avoid injury.

      • Brad

        Gray, Castillo and Mahle are under contract or arbitration through 2023.

        I doubt Reds want to trade either Gray or Castillo at this point. Castillo value is low due to performance and Gray low due to injury issues. Plus, both are good value contracts.

        Having this many rotation options ***should*** allow Reds to extend a hitter like Winker (arbitration through 2023) and spend some on bullpen.

        Also why I am All-In on Redlegs drafting a RHSP Gunnar Hoglund at #1-17 even with Tommy John (pay him $3M instead of $4.36M value) and potentially a LHSP Matt Mikulski, RHSP Jaden Hill (also tommy john) or RHSP Tommy Mace at #30 and #35. Any of them could be ready to replace Gray/Castillo/Mahle in 2024.

      • Tom

        Gray, Castillo, Mahle and Winker are all trade candidates. They may also be extension candidates in some cases as well. But the Reds are a poor team with poor resources and need to cry poor more to trade players at the right time to stay young and competitive. It’s an identity they need to wear. A wise team would have taken a “bad deal” last offseason on Castillo knowing the foreign substance thing was coming and that they had house money on his career expectations. Same thing with Suarez, considering a shoulder injury has been known as high risk. His contract is long enough to hope that he heals and returns next year. But a wise team would have cut bait and gotten high value, even if a little less than pundits would say was worth it.