Today begins another new set of 6-game series in the farm system. Louisville and Chattanooga will be playing their games at home this week while Dayton and Daytona hit the road for their series.

Indianapolis Indians at Louisville Bats

Louisville Bats (14-27)

The Bats went 2-4 last week against Omaha and fell to 14-27 on the year. They may get some help this week as they are getting rehab starts from big leaguers Jeff Hoffman tonight and Sonny Gray on Thursday night, sandwiching a scheduled start by Hunter Greene on Wednesday.

Playing in the incredible hitter friendly stadium in Omaha the Bats had a good week offensively and climbed out of last place in OPS in the league, raising the team from the .641 mark up to the .673 mark and passing up Lehigh Valley in the process. The pitching staff, as you would expect given the stadium they just played in saw their ERA rise to 4.70 from 4.41 in the last week.

Indianapolis Indians (23-18)

Indianapolis has a winning record on the year. They are a below-average hitting team. They have a .231/.331/.385 line, good for the 14th best OPS in the Triple-A East. They strike out a lot, but also walk a lot, and are middle of the pack in home runs.

Indianapolis has a strong pitching staff, though. They have a 3.97 ERA – 5th best in the 20-team league. The bullpen has gotten the job done with a 3.46 ERA on the year, though the rotation has a much higher ERA both the starters and relievers have the 5th best ERA among their respective groups in the league.

Rocket City Trash Panadas as Chattanooga Lookouts

Chattanooga Lookouts (23-18)

The Lookouts split their series last week, going 3-3 to move to 23-18 on the season. The offense last week played out right at their season average and now have a .741 OPS as a team – 3rd best in the 8-team league. They lead the league with a .272 average and a .346 on-base percentage. But they are also dead last in home runs. Chattanooga doesn’t strikeout – they have just 321 on the year with only Tennessee being under 400 as a team in the league and they have 389. They also don’t walk much, ranking last with 129 in the league.

The pitching staff did watch their ERA jump to 3.91 on the season – up from the 3.79 they entered last week with. It’s the 3rd best in the league. They still lead the league in strikeouts with 446 of them in just 350.0 innings.

Rocket City Trash Pandas (22-19)

The Trash Pandas are right on the heels of Chattanooga when it comes to their record on the season. This past week they passed up the Lookouts in the OPS category, jumping to .745 on the year. They strikeout a lot, don’t walk a bunch, but they hit for plenty of power – easily leading the league with 60 home runs (Chattanooga has 26).

The Rocket City pitching staff has a 4.19 ERA – 5th best in the 8-team league. They have the 2nd most strikeouts as a pitching staff, but are middle of the pack in nearly every other category. The rotation has been a bit better than the bullpen, but neither side falls into the good or bad group among the splits.

Dayton Dragons at West Michigcan Whitecaps

Dayton Dragons (24-18)

The Dragons went 4-2 last week to improve to 24-18 on the year, that’s the second best record int he league and the best record in the East division. Dayton is hitting .242/.329/.378, good for the 7th best OPS in the 12-team league. The Dragons are 3rd in the league with 69 stolen bases, but also have been caught 21 times – 2nd most in the league.

The team ERA dropped to 4.66 from 4.78 in the last week. That still ranks 7th in the league, though, and it’s a big drop off from 6th place (4.12). The Dragons limit home runs, but they walk a bunch of hitters and also strikeout a bunch of hitters.

West Michigan Whitecaps (20-21)

The Whitecaps are just under .500 as they enter the week. They are hitting .236/.326/.385 as a team with a .711 OPS ranking 6th in the 12-team league. They don’t strikeout much as a team, but are middle of the pack in most other offensive categories.

The Whitecaps team ERA is 4.03 – 5th best in the league. Their 1.29 WHIP is tied for the best in the league. They don’t walk many batters, but also don’t miss many bats. Their starts have a 3.69 ERA while the relievers have a 4.34 ERA.

Daytona Tortugas at Clearwater Threshers

Daytona Tortugas (18-24)

Last week saw the Tortugas go 3-3 to move to 18-24 on the season. Daytona is hitting .232/.333/.380 with their .714 OPS ranking 4th best in the 10-team league. They are 2nd in the league with 37 home runs – but an incredible 24 home runs behind Tampa. They are dead last in walks. The Tortugas also strikeout a lot – their 461 strikeouts are 3rd most in the league.

The once hot pitching staff has struggled of late. Their 4.65 ERA ranks 6th in the league, but in June it’s 6.22 – 9th highest in the league. The bullpen and the rotation both are now performing at a middle of the pack range on the season.

Clearwater Threshers (21-21)

The Threshers enter the week at the .500 mark. They are hitting .229/.334/.346 with their .679 OPS ranking 8th in the 10-team league. Clearwater strikes out less than any team in the league and are middle of the pack in most other offensive categories.

The Threshers pitching staff has a 3.87 ERA, third best in the league. Their 1.34 WHIP ranks 2nd in the league. While the rotation has performed a little bit better than the bullpen, both are in the top three in ERA among their groups within the league.

6/22 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 14-27 7:00pm Hoffman Here Here Here
Chattanooga 23-18 7:15pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 24-18 7:05pm Davis Here Here Here
Daytona 18-24 7:00pm Proctor Here Here N/A

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    Unrelated to here, but the Reds may soon get Mac Sceroler back. He was DFA by Baltimore

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      With that said, I don’t know if the suspension is the same as it is with MLB or not.