Managers in baseball games get thrown out of games often enough. Sometimes it even leads to them crawling around the infield and launching rosin bag grenades. Ok, so that one has only happened once that I know of, but it was incredible. On Friday night in Louisville I saw another ejection that may be the first and last time we will see of it’s kind.

Earlier in the inning Alfredo Rodriguez took a called 2nd strike and while standing in the box, Rodriguez dragged his bat within the box, marking a line where he thought the ball was at and it seems without saying a word that drawing that line was more than enough to get him ejected from the game. Pat Kelly came out to try and figure out what the heck and how the heck that can happen. He got his words in but remained in the game. At least for the time being.

Errol Robinson came out of the dugout to finish up the at-bat. He took a ball, and then he fouled one off of his foot. The home plate umpire then called for all of the umpires out to the plate and had a conversation with them, noting that his belt had broken and that he needed to borrow one from the other umpires. While changing belts Pat Kelly must have said something because mid-belt change the home plate umpire tossed him from the game. The whole thing was just bizarre.


Before it was all over Pat Kelly made sure that he got his words in with all three of the umpires before he headed back to the clubhouse to watch the rest of the game on a television monitor. One plate appearance, two different batters, one broken belt, and two different objections. What a strange sequence.

Errol Robinson wound up with an infield single at the end of all of it.

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  1. MK

    I can imagine what was said, and proved the umpire had rabbit ears and no sense of humor.