The Arizona Complex League – formerly known as the Arizona Rookie League – begins their season tonight. The ACL Reds as they will be known this year finally have a roster. Let’s take a quick look:

The Pitchers

The Position Players


There are a few very interesting names on this roster. Top international signing Braylin Minier is jumping right over the Dominican Summer League to Arizona. Donovan Antonia also signed in 2019, but he was initially a catcher. At the time it was noted that he was athletic enough that the team may try him on the infield or in the outfield and it looks like that’s the case as he’s listed as a second baseman. Outfielder Deivid Alcantara was one of the top signings for the organization in that 2019 signing class and joins Minier and Antonia as players on the ACL roster born a year after I graduated from high school. All three will be making their professional debuts. Yerlin Confidan was born in late 2002, but is also a part of the Reds 2019 international signing class that’s jumping straight to the ACL.

Catcher Jackson Miller, the Reds 2nd round draft pick in 2020, will begin the season on the 7-day injured list with an abdominal strain. Andruw Salcedo, one of the top signings from the Reds 2019 international signing class will be one of four active catchers on the roster when the season begins.

Darlin Guzman hit .357/.394/.616 in 47 games in 2019 with the DSL Reds and he’s making the move to the ACL. Junior Melo hit .307/.365/.485 in the DSL in 2019 and is also making the move up.

On the mound we see a lot of players that are a bit older than the position group. Brayan Almonte is the youngest pitcher on the roster and he’s also from that 2019 international signing class. When he was signed he was already throwing in the low 90’s and was said to really be able to spin the baseball. A former center fielder and shortstop, his athleticism stands out on the mound. We will also see lefty Nicolo Pinazzi for the first time. He was signed in September out of Italy.

Update: 9:25pm ET

It would appear that made a mistake Jose Franco is listed as being on the roster with the pitchers. He is not on the team. He is still with the Daytona Tortugas. Earlier today the Tortugas sent Rafael Franco to the Arizona Complex League. The above roster has been corrected to reflect the accurate roster.

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5 Responses

  1. E

    Any word on Roa / Bonnin / Boyle? All still hurt? Should we be worried?

    • Doug Gray

      All are progressing well. It sounds like Bonnin will be back first, and probably very, very soon.

  2. Vic

    Wencer Inario was in the same group. Any word on him?

    • Doug Gray

      Nope. I reached out about the DSL team (they are starting in two weeks) but have not yet heard anything back.

  3. Doug Gray

    The roster has been updated. made an error.