Today will be rounds 2-10 of the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft. This post will contain all of the information for each one of the Cincinnati Reds selections on Day 2 of the draft. It will be updated throughout the day as each pick comes in. Things get underway at 1pm ET.

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Cincinnati Reds Round 2 Selection: Andrew Abbott

Background information:

  • School: Virginia
  • Position: Left-Handed Pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Andrew Abbott Scouting Report

A senior pick, Andrew Abbott was previously selected out of high school by the New York Yankees in the 36th round. He went unselected last season (5 round draft). Mostly a reliever in his first three seasons, Abbott moved to the rotation in 2021 and the results were outstanding. He went 9-6 in 19 games that saw him throw 106.2 innings and finish 3rd in the nation in strikeouts with 162.

Rated as highly as 51st in the draft by MLB Pipeline, Andrew Abbott throws a fastball in the low 90’s and will touch 95 from the left side as a starter, and he touched 98 as a reliever in the past. He will also mix in an above-average to plus curveball as his main secondary pitch. Abbott will also mix in a fringy-average change up.

Undersized, he didn’t seem to show any fading of his stuff both as the season went along or as he pitched deeper into games. The progression to a starter in 2021 went as well as one could expect and there’s plenty of belief that he’s got a good chance to remain as a starter despite the limited time pitching in the rotation while at Virginia.

Andrew Abbott Video

Andrew Abbott College Stats

Andrew Abbott College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 3 Selection: Jose Torres

Background information:

  • School: North Carolina State
  • Position: Shortstop
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Jose Torres Scouting Report

There are scouts who believe that Jose Torres is the best defensive shortstop in the entire draft. He’s got tons of range, outstanding hands and footwork, and a plus arm that allow him to make all of the plays.

The questions with Jose Torres revolve around his bat. He’s got a below-average hit tool and below-average power potential, though some places will put a 45 on both (slightly below-average). He hit .289/.343/.533 with 13 walks and 39 strikeouts. That strikeout-to-walk ratio reflects some concerns about how well he has handled offspeed stuff in college and how it may work against him as a profession if he doesn’t make improvements.

2021 was really the first time that Jose Torres saw a lot of action on the field. He’s a draft eligible sophomore who will be 22 in late September. Due to the cancelled season in 2020 he only played in 17 games, but he played 52 games during 2021.

Jose Torres Video

Jose Torres College Stats

Jose Torres College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 4 Selection: Ruben Ibarra

Background information:

  • School: San Jose State
  • Position: 1st Base
  • Height: 6′ 5″
  • Weight: 290 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Ruben Ibarra Scouting Report

At 6′ 5″ and 290 lbs. you would imagine that Ruben Ibarra would have plenty of power in his game. You’d be right, too. He hit 14 home runs in 35 games this season at San Jose State, posting a .381/.503/.850 line with 28 walks and 24 strikeouts in the 2021 campaign.

Despite his size, he’s lauded for his athleticism and should be able to remain at first base. With above-average to plus raw power, that’s his selling point. But there’s a chance he could hit for a good average, too.

Ruben Ibarra College Stats

Ruben Ibarra college stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 5 Selection: Thomas Farr

Background information:

  • School: South Carolina
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Thomas Farr Scouting Report

After pitching for two seasons at Northwest Florida Junior College, Thomas Farr transferred to South Carolina for his junior and senior seasons. He’s got plenty of velocity, reaching 98 MPH at his peak this season while sitting in the 93-95 range. He will show an above-average curveball in the low 80’s. His change up is a bit fringy, but with a small improvement it could be an average offering and give him a chance to remain as a starting pitcher. There is some reliever profile here, too, though, and focusing more on the fastball and breaking ball combination could allow him to move quickly in that role if that’s where Cincinnati wanted to give it a look.

Thomas Farr Video

Thomas Farr College Stats

Thomas Farr College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 6 Selection: Justice Thompson

Background information:

  • School: North Carolina
  • Position: Outfielder
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Justice Thompson Scouting Report

There are some big tools in the game of Justice Thompson. He’s a plus-plus runner, a plus defensive center fielder, average current power but above-average raw power, and an average arm.

After spending time at Northwest Florida Junior College he transferred to North Carolina for the 2021 season. He hit .304/.386/.444 with eight doubles, seven home runs, and 15 steals in 17 attempts. There’s concerns about just how much he will hit. There are some pitch recognition concerns and he struck out 67 times (with 25 walks) in 241 plate appearances at UNC this past year. His hit tool grades out below-average, but could potentially play up a tick due to his speed allowing him to gain a few extra infield hits along the way.

This pick is certainly a high upside play.

Justice Thompson Video

Justice Thompson College Stats

Justice Thompson College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 7 Selection: Kevin Abel

Background information:

  • School: Oregon State
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Kevin Abel Scouting Report

Previously drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 35th round of the 2017 draft, Kevin Abel spent four years at Oregon State, but did not pitch in the 2020 season after having Tommy John surgery that also cost him most of the 2019 season. As a freshman he went 8-1 with a 2.88 ERA and had 108 strikeouts in 81.1 innings with 46 walks. In 2021 he walked 61 batters in 82.0 innings and struck out 109. He also hit 17(!) batters to go with a 3.62 ERA.

The fastball for Kevin Abel has dipped in 2021 as he often sat in the upper 80’s after being in the 88-92 MPH range in the past. What he does bring to the table is two above-average to plus secondary offerings. His change up is among the best in the class, and he also throws a very good curveball. There are concerns about the control and his combined 78 free trips to first base between walks and hit batters in 82.0 innings has to improve significantly if he’s going to move his way up the ladder as a professional.

Kevin Abel Video

Kevin Abel College Stats

Kevin Abel College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 8 Selection: Hunter Parks

Background information:

  • School: Florence-Darlington Tech Junior College
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 187 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Hunter Parks Scouting Report

A 19-year-old converted pitcher shows a lot of potential with a mid-90’s fastball with a very quick arm that could continue to add velocity as he pitches more and adds some size. Hunter Parks also shows an above-average slider every so often – but it’s still a very inconsistent pitch. He will also show a change up every so often. Like his slider, it will flash itself as a solid offering but it very inconsistent at this point in his career.

Hunter Parks Video

Hunter Parks College Stats

Hunter Parks College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 9 Selection: Jack Rogers

Background information:

  • School: Sam Houston State
  • Position: Outfielder
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 188 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Jack Rogers Scouting Report

A 4-year player at Sam Houston State, Jack Rogers really broke out starting in 2020 in 14 games and continued that in the 2021 season. As a senior he hit .367/.474/.696 with 18 doubles, a triple, and 16 home runs. He’s spent time at first base and in the outfield as a position player, but he also threw 10.1 innings from 2018-2020 as a reliever.

He’s got above-average power potential, but there are some questions about how much he’ll hit. He struck out a lot in 2021, fanning 58 times in 58 games this past season. Defensively he’s a corner outfielder, but can play both spots well and could be an quality defender in both left or right field.

Jack Rogers College Stats

Jack Rogers College Stats

Cincinnati Reds Round 10 Selection: Donovan Benoit

Background information:

  • School: Tulane
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Donovan Benoit Scouting Report

To go along with his fastball that works 92-96 MPH, Donovan Benoit also throws a slider that flashes above-average, but is still inconsistent. During this past season he lowered his arm slot mid-season and began performing better. He’s struggled to throw strikes on a consistent basis curing his career.

He began his career at Tennessee before transferring to Santa Fe Junior College before then transferring to Tulane for two seasons.

Donovan Benoit College Stats

Donovan Benoit College Stats

Donovan Benoit College Stats

90 Responses

  1. AllTheHype

    Reds should have some slot savings to spend with the two college selections yesterday, particularly Nelson. Thinking pitching in 2nd and/or 3rd, likely HS’er. Let’s see who slips. Chandler, Solometo, Kudrna (whom one board said the Reds were connected to). Possibly college arm Mikulski. And who knows what other arms they’ve scouted that are under the radar.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think so.

      McLain is going to get over slot. So is Allen. Nelson might be under slot, but I’d venture to guess that the first three picks combined are going to be well over the slot value of those three spots.

      • TimJ

        Why do you think McLain is over slot? What leverage does he have? If he comes back as a 4th year senior he may fall to 2nd round. I had him at slot value at best.

      • Doug Gray

        Speaking with people in the industry, most of them think he’s getting more than slot by quite a bit.

      • RojoB

        That may explain why he was still there for the Reds.

  2. Doc

    Do they Reds have no round 2 selection but two round 3 selections, or is the article a typo and should should show one round 2 and one round 3 selection?

      • MK

        Doug if you are an idiot it probably isn’t a typo because as an idiot you wouldn’t be able to recognize a typo.

      • Doug Gray

        The list of reasons I’m an idiot is a mile long.

      • Doug Gray

        Yes. Finally I have convinced the people that I am not actually a robot!

      • M2

        Fantastic coverage. Take a well-designed bow Mr. Gray.

  3. kevinz

    Just Pick the best Players Reds.
    For future value whether for Big Club, or In a Trade.
    Like Zavala at some Point.
    Need Pitching though, but see how Board Falls.

  4. MK

    Good thing about today, unlike previous non-CoVid draft years, the Reds do not need to worry about picking specific positions to fill Rookie League rosters.

  5. TJ

    Still will never forget listening to the radio in southern Illinois years ago. A San Diego scout was talking about drafting players. He talked about how they were good at finding value in pitchers and developing them. The scout went on to say they had trouble finding quality position players. He started they traded their surplus in pitching to collect position players. It’s probably been 15 years ago.

    • TimJ

      Let me get this straight. You want Doug to rate him better then a source that projects him as low risk and a late 2nd round pick? Do you know anything about how the draft works? This is a 4th year senior. He’s basically stuck with the offer the Reds give him. If you’re looking for money for top picks, guess what you just found it. Plus the Reds need immediate bullpen help and this guy is likely ready in short order. This is an excellent pick given the time and placement of the pick.

      • AllTheHype

        Abbott has a great chance of being a big leaguer, most certainly as a reliever and possibly a starter if things go right. Great pick at that slot.

      • Doc

        Immediate bullpen help is on the way in the persons of Lorenzen and Hoffman, with a potential second wave of Antone and Sims.

      • MK

        I really could find much fault with the pick after reading this report.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Thanks for the positivity, TimJ. Did you read this part before your rant? “next level he might best fit as a multi-inning relief arm with the ability to handle lefty and righty heavy lineups adeptly.”

        Are seniors not elegible to go back and play again with the NCAA granting an extra year?

  6. Hanawi

    Guess the two Clemson kids are going to stick? Seems difficult to believe someone could buy them out of their commitments at this stage of the draft. Same with Montgomery to Stanford, though I think that was a given that he was always going to go there.

  7. MK

    At least not. Reliever they try to turn into a start as he has already been a reliever turned into starter. I think last VA pitcher selected was Nick Howard.

    • doofus

      Who is doing well at Chattanooga. I wonder why he has not been promoted?

      • RojoB

        My first guess is that when it takes a guy 7 years to get rid of the yips that the bosses are a bit reluctant. However for the same reason (7 years) I hope they fish or cut bait soon

  8. Tom

    Abbott seems like an ideal selection at this stage, finding a pitcher that could either help the rotation in 4 years or the bullpen in 2-3.

  9. Dan McSurley

    Doug, looks like the Reds are making your job easier in regards to resetting your Top 15 prospects. We have no shortage of undersized limited power second baseman in the organization, Allen is an athlete, the next 2 are budget picks. All of this with the 4th highest draft budget, I respect analytics, but I would also like to see some level of aggressiveness as well. I don’t want to hear what great kids they are, I want to see the organization focus on quality not quantity. We may only We 2 rounds in, but this draft already feels like the drafts of the Schott era.

    • TimJ

      I just completely disagree with this point. The Reds get a top ten low risk talent with a premium hit tool at a premium position with the first pick. The grab a high tools guy with great potential at a premium position with the 2nd pick. The next 2 picks are the best defensive cathcer in college and a low risk lefty pitcher that can help soon, both of which are likely slot friendly. Then we grab a solid SS propspect with 5th pick. If you told me all that at the start I could not have been happier.

    • RojoB

      You don’t want to hear what great kids they are…

      Um, ok

  10. AllTheHype

    Pirates keep taking the “tough sign” guys. If they can get them all signed, they’ll have a spectacular draft. White in 2nd, Chandler in 3rd. They probably negotiated a pretty significant under slot deal at # 1 overall.

  11. Hanawi

    Looks like the Reds scouted the ACC pretty heavily this year. Three straight picks from that conference.

    • AllTheHype

      Or they scouted the Super Regionals and CWS as well, as both Virginia and NC State were there.

      • RojoB

        I hope they spent more time than the last month looking at these players.

  12. kevinz

    Like has a attitude on the Mound
    And will always take the ball.
    Whether to start or in the BP.
    LH adds to this makes it worth it

    • kevinz

      Like the other SS pick as well.
      Intl player which like.
      Add to that pipeline.
      Mentioned this on another Post.

  13. Brad

    SS playing time is going to be tough to come by with the depth in the minors or previous highly drafter/high INTL signing guys like Miguel Hernandez are going to shift to 2B.

    ACL: Minier and Torres
    A: McLain (Ivan Johnson to 2B)
    A+: Hernandez
    AA: McAfee
    AAA: Barrero and Alf-Rod

    Rumors have it Reds signing INTL SS Ricardo Cabrera for $2M+ as well. Loading up.

  14. kevinz

    Wow big fella.
    Power for sure,
    Said to have good approach with it.

  15. LDS

    I’ll be cautiously optimistic that the draft is going well. The draft involves players that we, the fans, see far less of than the everyday players already in the organization. So despite the fact that some picks haven’t worked out well in recent years, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. How I interpret things is hedging their bets on Barrero’s eventual MLB success or possibly using him in trade scenarios. With the Reds’ FO, it’s hard to guess. No 1B candidates so far. So the question is “who is their Votto successor within the organization”? Stephenson?

    • Tom

      Catcher Nelson is a 1b prospect in my book. They also JUST drafted a 6’5″ 290 bat :) In general I also consider Reece Hinds a 1b option in 4-5 years.

      • AllTheHype

        C defense is his best tool and you’re minimizing that by moving him to the easiest defensive position. He needs a lot of work offensively.

  16. Hanawi

    I assume at some point the Reds are going to draft someone and pay them above slot? I don’t really understand what they are doing.

    • Doug Gray

      Their first two picks are going to get over slot…..

      • Hanawi

        Over slot for McClain and Allen? That seems like poor drafting if that’s the case. Both seem like they were selected right around where most had them slotted and ranked.

      • Doug Gray

        McLain was rated as high as #10, and the low spot was 15. So not really.

      • LDS

        Over slot, no big deal in my opinion. McLain in particular was drafted lower than he was rated. Hopefully, the Reds’ chose well and he succeeds in MLB. He gambled and went back & finished school. That’s a risk for an aspiring pro, injuries, etc. So pay him.

  17. Matt McWax

    I’m good with the Abbott pick, seems high floor, medium ceiling. The 2nd round has been quite rough for the Reds (not ready to rate the 2018 to 2020 drafts) but the picks from the 2010 to 2017 drafts have yielded a combined 0 fWAR. Santillan and Fairchild are the most likely to add to that terrible total, but Fairchild is no longer in the organization. Here’s the recent history, with highest level reached:

    Best Pick: Zack Cozart 2007: MLB, 12.9 career fWAR
    No Pick: 2008
    2nd Best Pick: Billy Hamilton 2009: MLB, 10.8 career fWAR

    2010:Ryan Lamarre MLB, .1 fWAR, now a Yankee
    2011:Gabriel Rosa A
    2012:Tanner Rahier A+
    2013:Kevin Franklin A+
    2014:Taylor Sparks AAA
    2015:Tony Santillan MLB, 0 fWAR
    2016:Chris Okey AAA
    2017:Stuart Fairchild MLB,-.1 fWAR, now a Diamondback

    • Tom

      Santillian is a fair bet to change things. Keep in mind Cozart and Hamilton career WAR combined is pretty outstanding for a 2nd round pick. Then there’s a guy named Votto.

    • Michael A Smith

      Trying to add context to Matt’s list with guys who became contributors following 2nd round. Remember people half of the first round picks never make it.

      2009 : 10th round: Barnhart
      2011: 3rd round Cingrani
      2013: 7th round Mahle
      2014: 5th round: Antone
      2016: 5th round: Hendrix (this could go either way)

  18. RojoB

    My hot take?

    The “draft experts” are going to take it on the chin this year because they lost a year of seeing these prospects in 2020.

    The MLB scouts that have put in the most work will be the winners. The “experts” will be the whiners. A lot of bruised egos

  19. Roustabout

    290 and 6’5″? That is a verra large man.

    • DanD

      About the size of Adam Dunn who was 6-6 285 pounds

  20. Brad

    Still a lot of interesting names on board:

    LHSP Seth Lonsway SR
    OF Parker Chavers
    RHSP/RP Jack Leftwich
    HS OF Nick McLain (brother of Matt)
    RHSP/RP Richard Fitts
    RHSP Kevin Abel

  21. kevinz

    Tools college player.
    Nice spot to take him imo.
    Worth the risk at this spot.

  22. Brad

    Not to oversimplify things but Justice Thompson sounds like Drew Stubbs. Good get in 6th round. Early round tools with obvious flaws. Long RH swing, great CF defense with arm.

    Loving some ACC this year.

  23. enfueago

    The Reds seem heavy on the ACC. Is this a particularly persuasive scout somewhere or just chance?

  24. kevinz

    Real Pitcher type in Abel.
    Not just a thrower.
    Who knows could help him add some Velo.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      He is like a kind of Miley profile , isn’t he?

      • kevinz

        Yea just about and mayb like a Leake as well.
        not as highly regarded as Leake .
        Just that Similar Profile.

      • Reaganspad

        Kevin Able is a stud, but I am an OSU honk. He won the CWS as a Freshman on the team with Rutchman, Larnach and Madrigal.

        I just posted on my OSU board that him going to the Reds was the best thing in the world for him (and the Reds)… Able has not been right since he was a sophomore and had TJ. Then you had a few years of coaching changes and now he gets Derek Johnson and Kyle Boddy. The kid has 3 pitches, but has not fully come back to where he was as a freshman. We will see corrections and him moving through our system over the next few years. With McGarry moved up at A ball and our new closer in Osich, we are getting OSU players on the Reds which is fun

  25. Hanawi

    Looks like the last few guys they’ve picked all higher ranked than where they picked them. So, maybe not splurging on a big reach (ala Siani), but going to pay more guys slightly more?

    Interesting that they’ve only picked one high school kid so far. Maybe they didn’t feel the scouting was solid enough with covid and erratic schedules over the last year.

  26. TimJ

    Some will complain about raises and more vacation, so it’s not surprising to see a smattering of complaints. However, this looks like a super productive draft. High value low risk SS falls to them in 1st, high celing guy @30, defensive and cheap @35, a couple of solid college arms that can help soon, everyone late seems of value, one reach with the mountain man.

    • Doug Gray

      I would love to complain about a raise and a vacation. Can I complain that I haven’t had a vacation in three decades?

  27. Brad

    Someone get Doug a Mountain Dew and some Larosas. Guy is running on fumes!

    • Doug Gray

      I’m tired. I’ve got a podcast to record tonight for Redleg Nation Radio. Then write up the Patreon newsletter for the ACL and DSL games today. Thursday, though, I might not get out of bed until like 2pm.

  28. RedBB

    Great work Doug. How the heck does a guy like Jack Rogers fall to the 9th round? He has almost the exact same numbers and OPS as his teammate Colton Cowser who went 5th overall. Seems like he should have been a 3rd or 4th round pick at the worst. What am I missing here??? TIA

  29. Davis Eric

    Love the coverage, opinions and information. I’ve tried to join the site but it doesn’t allow me to proceed when I initiate. Thanks.

    • Doug Gray

      Because no one but me is allowed to join the site. It’s for writers only.

  30. Tampa Red

    The top 20 schools with first round picks from, by school and by conference since the first draft in 1965. This includes the 2021 draft. The second number is the number of first overall picks. For example, Florida State has had 20 first round picks with one pick being first overall.

    Everyone should be happy with this years ACC focus, I know I am, but then I watch ACC baseball every weekend. Keep sleeping on Matt Nelson if ya want, that’s fine. But I watch a ton of college baseball, and though I gave it up several years ago to focus on my real job, I’ve umpired a couple of hundred college baseball games of all levels up and down the west coast of Florida. I love me some defensive minded catchers, and I haven’t seen many catchers that have been better at the position than Matt Nelson.

    In the last 20 years, I’ve seen 3 catchers in Florida that I KNEW would make it to the big leagues. Buster Posey (FSU) Mike Zunino (UF) and now Matt Nelson (FSU). There have been others that I thought had a chance, like Grandal (UM) for example, who has had way better of a career than I would have thought, but those three have been special.

    1 Stanford 24 1 Pac-12
    2 Arizona State 23 4 Pac-12
    3 Texas 21 0 Big 12
    T4 Florida State 20 1 ACC
    T4 Vanderbilt 20 2 SEC
    6 North Carolina 17 1 ACC
    T7 Southern California 15 0 Pac-12
    T7 UCLA 15 1 Pac-12
    T8 Rice 14 1 C-USA
    T8 Florida 14 0 SEC
    T8 Mississippi State 14 0 SEC
    T11 Cal State Fullerton 13 1 Big West
    T11 Clemson 13 1 ACC
    T14 Wichita State 12 0 American
    T14 Fresno State 12 0 MWC
    T14 Arizona 12 0 Pac-12
    T17 Louisiana State 11 1 SEC
    T17 Oklahoma State 11 0 Big 12
    T17 Georgia Tech 11 0 ACC
    T17 South Carolina 11 0 SEC

    The SEC holds the record for most first round draft picks with 128, just ahead of the ACC at 122. The Pac-12 follows at 118.

    • Redsvol

      this is some really good information TR. I hope you are right. Given Nelson’s reputation and teams’ penchant for drafting catchers early in the draft I’m scratching my head why he lasted all the way to #35. Its interesting to see relatively small schools like Fresno, Rice, and Cal State producing so many first rounders.

  31. kevinz

    Overall really like this draft.
    Went more safe early compared to last year.
    Went upside rd 2 instead.
    MCClain feel will surprise some people.
    Now will be a few years to see how draft turns out.
    With a weird year last year.
    Last 2 drafts not really sure yet how going to be.
    Going to be fun to find out.
    With how they have drafted starting in 2015 I have faith.
    Been pretty good imo.

    • Michael P

      Excellent review of the draft class. More pumped that ever!

      The Reds’ draft is dripping with upside and fun. Cincy, with the exception of the Pirates is the most valuable draft thus far as represented by our rankings. They’re the only team to select six different Top 100 prospects, and the only team to select nine different players inside our Top 225.

      Where do you even begin? McLain may be viewed as “safe”, but he’s a definitive big leaguer smattered with tools and athleticism all over his profile. Allen has really surged this spring and is now one of the more tantalizing, physical centerfield prospects in this class. Nelson is one of the more exciting power bats in the class, and a catcher no less. Abbott is one of the safer bets to contribute at the big league level and should move quickly. He has some Ryan Yarbrough traits in his profile. If the Reds can develop Abel into an arm that throws more strikes, the upside is considerable. He possesses a plus-plus changeup, as well as a data-friendly fastball. Thompson is a gazelle in centerfield and if the bat clicks at the highest level the whole package reminds some scouts of “Byron Buxton Lite”. Torres has carrying tools on the dirt, Parks is one of our favorite JUCO arms in the entire country and Farr is likely a big league contributor out of the bullpen. This class is just loaded with potential impact talent.