Jose Barrero had another big day at the plate for Louisville while Riley O’Brien tossed five hitless innings for the Bats in a win, Drew Mount homered for Chattanooga as he keeps on hitting since returning to the lineup, Garrett Wolforth hit a home run that may not yet have landed in Dayton, and Elly De La Cruz had another big day at the plate.

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The Louisville Bats won 2-0. Box Score

Game Notes

Mike Moustakas picked up an infield single on what I’d call a favorable ruling by the official scorer. But he also just obliterated his double down the line in right. It had an exit velocity of 111 MPH according to Iowa’s broadcaster Alex Cohen. None of the three rehabbing hitters had a strikeout in the game.

Jose Barrero missed a home run by a matter of a foot, and this day and this ballpark may have been the only place that kept it to a double. The wind was blowing in and he hit the top of the wall in dead center where the wall is twice as tall as a normal one is – while also still being 400 feet from the plate. He’s now played in 29 games in Triple-A with the Bats since his promotion from Double-A and he’s hitting .321/.412/.578 with 14 extra-base hits, 14 walks, 6 steals, and 33 strikeouts.

Indianapolis touched up Riley O’Brien in his final start of June for 6 runs in 4.1 innings. He’s been on a roll ever since and kept it going on Sunday. In his last 6 starts he’s thrown 31.0 innings with 13 walks, 31 strikeouts, just 2 home runs allowed, and posted an ERA of 2.32 for Louisville.

Nick Howard lowered his ERA to 1.93 on the season through 26 games with Chattanooga and Louisville.

Dauri Moreta dropped his ERA to 1.02 on the year through 25 games between Double-A and Triple-A.

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 3-2. Box Score

  • Lorenzo Cedrola went 1-3 with a walk, double, steal, and a run.
  • Drew Mount went 1-4 with a solo home run (4).
  • Ricky Salinas allowed 3 runs in 5.0 innings on 7 hits and 4 walks to go along with 3 strikeouts.
  • Diomar Lopez threw 2.0 shutout innings with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts.
  • Eddy Demurias threw a shutout inning with a walk and a strikeout.

Game Notes

The Lookouts only had two hits on the day. Drew Mount continues to swing a hot bat since returning from the injured list. In 18 games since his return he’s hit .310/.372/.465 for the Lookouts.

Diomar Lopez lowered his ERA to 1.64 on the season in 11 games and 22.0 innings.

Eddy Demurias lowered his ERA to 1.07 on the year between High-A Dayton and Double-A Chattanooga. He’s pitched in 24 games and thrown 33.2 innings.

The Dayton Dragons lost 7-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Garrett Wolforth has only played in six games since joining Dayton but his home run on Sunday was his third extra-base hit. Between his time in Dayton and Daytona he’s now picked up 11 doubles, 6 triples, and 6 home runs in 54 games.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 9-4. Box Score

Game Notes

Leo Seminati has hit .296/.361/.500 since July 15th with 6 extra-base hits in 16 games.

It had been a week since Elly De La Cruz picked up an extra-base hit, but on Sunday he broke that slump by going 3-4 with a triple. He’s now got 18 extra-base hits in 25 games between his time with the ACL Reds and Daytona. He’s hitting a combined .324/.366/.610.

Austin Hendrick kept on going. Since July 20th he’s played in 10 games and has hit .303/.477/.576 with 10 walks and 13 strikeouts.

The ACL Reds had the day off.

The DSL Reds had the day off.

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8/2 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 30-47 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 39-36 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 41-36 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Daytona 38-40 OFF DAY Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
10-12 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
8-5 10:30am TBA Here N/A N/A

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21 Responses

  1. MK

    Don’t need anymore Reds rehab pitchers in Dayton. Michael Feliz there for a week, pitched 3 times and came out with an 0-2 record. Against High A competition that’s not good. Just do not see where he fits onto the Reds bullpen staff at this point and he has no options left.

      • Chi Reds Fan

        Reds bullpen about to get very crowded assume Feliz will be activated and released soon. What will be interesting is who else gets released as I do not believe anyone else in the pen has options- Doolittle? Brach? Two or three slots at issue.

      • MK

        Thought it was due to injury not because he can’t get Hitters out.

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe he’s struggling to get hitters out because he’s not fully healthy yet.

  2. kevinz

    Nice Note on Hendrick.
    Believe HBP and sickness lowered his season.
    Nice to see Barrero Adjusting well to AAA.
    Not sure how Long Farmer can Fight the Hernia Issue.

      • kevinz

        Very True Melvin.
        Going to be Fun see what they do.
        Like the Mojo the Team has right now.

  3. amdg

    2 questions…

    1) Is the plan with Nick Howard, to actually use him in the majors? Or fix him long enough to flip him for a prospect a la Mark Wohlers?

    2) Since Barrero is a better defender, and seemingly better hitter than Suarez, Blandino, Freeman, Farmer, and Heineman, is the reason for keeping him in the minors because the teams doesn’t trust Bell to start him regularly, or are there service time issues with calling him up (even though he played last year)?

    • Melvin

      There’s no place for him to play regularly if Bell is going to stick with Suarez at 3B so Farmer can’t play there, and, when everyone is back there’s not a roster spot unless he replaces Senzel.

      • Chi Reds Fan

        Senzel, Castellanos and Moustakas? Castellanos will play, Senzel presumably gets time sharing a bit with Naquin. But Moustakas should not take India’s spot, which leaves 3B. Yes interesting decisions.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s not going to be any flipping of a guy in his late 20’s with no big league experience for anything. Teams aren’t going to give you something for that profile even if the guy looks like he’s got a chance to be a big leaguer.

      The reason Barrero is in the minors still is because Kyle Farmer is hitting like Barry Bonds for the last month. Until that stops Barrero’s gonna stay in Triple-A.

  4. Ryan

    Riley O’Brien is an intriguing pitcher. I like the idea of keeping him a starter to let him continue to develop, but probably winds up in the ‘pen. Could see him getting a look in September.

    • Chi Reds Fan

      rosters going forward will only expand from 26 to 28 during September so the days of a bunch of guys getting recalled are over, presumably another reliever and a position player, since O’Brien is on the 40 man he may have a shot, but as mentioned earlier in this thread the Reds face a crowded roster situation once some of the guys on the DL return

    • DaveCT

      O’Brian was rated oretty high in the Rays’ system, which itself is usually one of the better minor league system. That is usually a good sign.

  5. kevinz

    Congrats Castillo India and Votto for Awards for July.

    • Rick in Va

      I’m wondering what award Castillo won? Walker Buehler was NL pitcher of the month.

      • kevinz

        You are correct Rick.
        Castillo was for some award, they have on the MLB Network.

  6. James K

    In Olympic baseball today, Kolozsvary three for five with an RBI.

  7. redwolf

    at this point I would have no problem with us releasing Garrett, he has been a liability this year. but he is a hard throwing lefty. Begs the question if we could hae gotten a good future prospect for a hard throwing lefty,

  8. Champ Summers

    It was July 18th, Bark at the Park night in Daytona. Reds prospect Austin Hendrick was having a terrible game. Took some really bad swings, was frustrated and griped with umpires and it appeared like he was just frustrated with himself. He had already K’d 3 times and the last one was ugly. It was now the 8th and I might have had a few beers and forgotten how close the 5th row between the plate and on deck circle is to the players. I might have mentioned that it’s time to stop complaining and earn your “said his signing bonus that I had googled”. The got a look in my general direction. He hit a rocket to short in that PA. They had the next day off and since it appears he has been lights out. Yes, I’m taking full credit.