The full season teams all have Monday off. Complex level Monday went well as both teams picked up wins. Braylin Minier homered out in Arizona, Jack Rogers doubled in his debut (and was the 2nd 2021 draft pick to debut), Andruw Salcedo raised his average to .528 and no that is not a typo, and Leonardo Balcazar cracked his 4th homer of the year in just his 12th game.

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The ACL Reds won 6-4. Box Score

The DSL Reds won 6-5. Box Score

8/3 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 30-47 8:05pm Sanmartin Here Here Here
Chattanooga 39-36 7:15pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 41-36 7:05pm Salazar Here Here Here
Daytona 38-40 6:30pm Roa Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
11-12 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
9-5 10:30am TBA Here N/A N/A

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27 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    While the MiLB-alignment seems to be moving along nicely, this ‘Monday’s off’ thing is not my fave.

    • Doug Gray

      Speak for yourself. Lol.

      I absolutely love it. I love it even more when the Reds are also off. The absolute lack of any downtime from mid-February through October is brutal. Monday is usually at least a little reprieve and I hope it stays this way forever.

      • DaveCT is soon to be PNW Dave.

        I don’t know, for fact, if that qualifies as love, but in this case it may well approach such lofty destinations.

        But, man, I need input! Information. And the two lowest levels are producing.

        Such as, Minier may play himself to Daytona.

        And, Almonte who has heard what you said about him, and vows revenge.

  2. John L

    Hey, Doug, what has happened to Jackson Miller? Is he injured, or is it common to not play guys for weeks at a time in the ACL?

      • Chi Reds Fan

        with a sports hernia per I believe Doug and/or the AZL transaction page, Farmer may be able to play through one but imaging a catcher would be in agony every squat

  3. Michael

    Hey Doug, Salazar is pitching tonight for Dayton (according to an article on the homepage).

  4. MK

    As a season ticket holder with a 1/2 season package I hate the six game series. To see the same time three times in a week is brutal. I also get to see the same home plate umpire three times. I believe this will have a very detrimental effect on future season ticket renewals.

  5. Stock

    I like the Monday off thing too. Plus now two teams play on Monday.

    I am hoping Minier is figuring things out in Arizona.

    I go to the DSL every day they play. The first 5 guys in the line-up are 17. Balcazar was born in June of 2004 so he is the youngest. Jorge, Valdez, Almonte and Serrano were born in 2003.

    I know Valdez and Almonte got the big contracts and are in Doug’s top 25. I know Jorge and Serrano have an OPS north of 1. But the one in this group that intrigues me is Balcazar. He plays SS. He has hit 4 home runs this year vs. 2 for the other 4 players combined. The other four players have a BABIP well over .400. Balcazar has one under .250. With a little luck his OPS should soar from it’s current level of .977

    Yesterday Inirio pushed Serrano down to number 6 in the order in his first game. He went 2-2 with 2 doubles but was removed from the game. He is 18 though.

  6. donny

    I don’t like to see any days off in the ACL and DSL, except a occasional day off. ”I mean it’s a short season as it is”. I would like to see them add more games to those two leagues for the benefit of the players development , more ticket sales, and for the fans.

    • donny

      To the addition of adding more games . I think they should only get two off days a month. ”I mean it’s not like they are traveling across the country’ ? Every single team is in the same state of Texas in the ACL. Yes it’s a big state, but common .

      • donny

        I even think they should split each team into two teams per club and have two games per day . So that these prospects can get more playing time and development . ”I mean the rosters are so big, the team has a hard time getting these players playing time.

      • MK

        Texas? In the Arizona Complex League?
        At least one day off a week is not too much to ask. Guys, this is a physical grind and bodies need a chance to recover. This is bot the effort put forth in recreation softball leagues it is all out every day.

        Like some other organizations it would be good to see them add another team to the league. I think they played one of the two Royals teams yesterday.

      • donny

        I guess giving the kids a day off a week is fine , but my main argument here is that these kids don’t get in enough game situations because of roster size and small amount of games scheduled .
        Yes i know they lift weights and are on a eating program as well, but the lack of games and playing time to me, don’t help with the progress of development for each one of these kids on the roster.
        I would like to see it change with at least a bigger schedule

      • Doug Gray

        Well, baseball decided they didn’t give a crap about that stuff and cut teams. They aren’t changing that.

      • donny

        I mean also, the roster is so big they could schedule a game every day for these kids and each one of those kids could still get a day off during the week, or sometimes even two days off.

    • Doug Gray

      There are zero paying fans for the ACL or DSL. Heck, you literally can’t go watch DSL games even if you wanted to.

      • donny

        Nice to know, i didn’t know that, but why is it like that ? Do you know ?

      • Doug Gray

        No one is interested in the ACL games. And the DSL academies are closed off.

  7. oklared

    Does this Andruw S. project as legit catcher prospect. Is he a high offense guy or just catching lightning in a bottle for a brief period?

    • Doug Gray

      He’s played a handful of pro games. He’s 18. Tough to truly know what we’re seeing. Obviously he’s not going to hit .500 lol. But he was a solid prospect when he signed with his international class.

      • oklared

        Thanks did not recall much about him if any but catchers that hit will work even at half that rate is impressive for his age.

  8. donny

    Yeah, i don’t know why i was thinking Texas. ”Arizona”

  9. Bubba Woo

    When will this year’s draftees start playing with the Arizona League, or in some cases, Daytona?

    • Doug Gray

      Soon for position guys (four are currently active on the ACL roster, two have played). Probably another week or two before *some* of the pitchers see action. Tougher to “ramp up” pitchers who haven’t thrown in 6-7 weeks because of how late the draft was. Some of them won’t pitch at all until instructional league and or next season.