The Cincinnati Reds made a bunch of roster moves today in the minor leagues, but none seemed bigger than the promotion of left-handed pitcher and #2 prospect in the organization Nick Lodolo being promoted from Double-A Chattanooga to Triple-A Louisville.

This promotion probably would have come quite a bit earlier this season had Nick Lodolo not missed about a month with a blister issue. The left-handed starter skipped a start the first week of June when he developed a blister in his final start of May. He returned on June 12th, but left that start early when the blister developed again. Lodolo didn’t pitch again until July 6th, but hasn’t missed an outing since and also participated in The Futures Game during All-Star weekend.

During his 10 starts with the Lookouts the lefty posted a 1.84 ERA in 44.0 innings. He allowed just 31 hits – including one home run – to go along with just nine walks and he struck out 68 batters. Opponents hit just .196/.266/.247 against him on the season in 173 plate appearances. While he was dominant against lefties, holding them to a .406 OPS, he was very good against right-handed hitters, too. Righties managed to hit just .204/.283/.278 against him in his time in the Double-A South.

Other roster moves that came today were:

Stevie Branche has been dominant for Daytona at the back of their bullpen at times. On the season he’s posted a 3.62 ERA in 37.1 innings with 23 hits allowed. He’s also struck out 68 batters. The flip side there is that he has struggled to throw strikes as he’s walked 24 batters and hit six more during the season.

Daytona is also losing a potential starter in Evan Kravetz. The big left-handed starter made six starts for the Tortugas earlier this year and posted a 1.64 ERA in 22.0 innings with 33 strikeouts. But he was injured on June 10th and left the game against Bradenton after the 1st inning. He didn’t pitch again for a month before returning to the mound on a rehab assignment with the Arizona Complex League Reds. He’s wound up making five starts in Arizona as he worked his way back. Now he’s ready to go again, but he will be joining High-A Dayton.

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    • IndyRed

      100% agree. Lodolo, Greene both in Louisville now. Hopefully Lodolo continues what he’s done since he was drafted and Greene keeps doing what he does. That’s 2 potential stud rotation pieces as early as next year

      • ClayMC

        Louisville is in my hometown Indianapolis in a few weeks. I guess I’ll just pack a bag and move into Victory Field for that week.

      • ClayMC

        Louisville is in my hometown Indianapolis in a few weeks. I guess I’ll just pack a bag and move into Victory Field for that week.

  1. MK

    Can’t help but notice there are 16 pitchers on the 60-day Injured List on the Reds minor league rosters (not counting ACL or DSL). This means serious injury. There are also several others on shorter lists. This seems like an extraordinary number to me.

    I have to think the aggressive emphasis on increasing velocity is having a negative effect on pitchers bodies. To me the driveline approach is going to be short lived.

    • Bob Sladen

      how does that compare to the rest of the league? also tradeoff between performance and injury matters – goal is not to be healthiest team ever that pitches like crap

    • Andrew

      The entire league is up in injuries, especially soft tissue issues. You are jumping to conclusions that got.yoir narrative

      • ClayMC

        I agree with Andrew. Driveline could definitely be a factor, but it’ll be a difficult sell when the whole industry is still bouncing back from long COVID-related delays, changes to workout regimens, uneven work loads, heightened focus on sticky substances, etc.

      • MK

        Not sure the league has the serious injuries being seen . A 60-day IL injury is a serious injury not just a pull or strain.

      • Doug Gray

        The 60-day IL is being used a lot more in the minors this year because with teams no longer existing you have fewer roster spots, and guys on the 60-day IL don’t count against your organizational total. It *feels* worse than usual because of this roster manipulation tactic. Teams are using it so they don’t have to outright release guys that they otherwise would have to.

    • Jefferson Green

      Important Driveline/pitching technology note: the technology that teams are using includes injury prevention analysis that was never available before, as well. If a pitcher is putting their arm/elbow in a position that indicates higher injury risk, the coaching can immediately detect and mitigate by adjusting the delivery.
      Throwing a baseball is an unnatural movement, and higher arm velocities and torque will lead to more likelihood of injury. The quest for higher velocity and torque will never end unless baseball fundamentally changes pitching, because the higher spin rates and higher pitch velocity make hitting harder – which is the goal of pitching.
      Injuries are up dramatically in all sports post COVID.

    • Alan Horn

      I have never seen so many injuries on all teams. Obviously they are doing something wrong. I agree the newer pitching techniques are a prescription for arm injuries. I am still a fan of the Tom Seaver drop and drive pitching technique. It puts most of the stress on the back and legs rather than the arm and shoulder. I have been around a long time as I am going on 73. I have never seen close to the amount of injuries across the board as we have today. One thing is throwing harder and another is improper throwing technique. It takes at least 3 pitches to strike a batter out and only one to get him off balance and to hit for an out.

  2. SteveO

    Great news! Now, Ashcraft has to be promoted with Takahashi going down to the Lookouts. The rotation can now be Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Sanmartin, O’Brien and Mariot, if they want to keep innings down and have them start once a week. If the Reds want to keep them on a 5 man rotation, Mariot moves to the bullpen.

  3. CP

    Here’s to hoping Lodolo and Greene can be the post deadline additions to put the bullpen over the top in September. I have zero desire to mess with these guys development, but they need a taste of the big leagues anyways. IF everyone stays healthy, and IF they can get Antone & Sims back, those two would greatly change the complexion of the bullpen.

    Garrett (L)
    Lodolo (L)

    Pick 1 or 2 out of the last grouping depending on if they want 8 or 9 in the bullpen. I would be surprised, to be honest, if both Lodolo & Greene where in the bullpen for the playoff push but a guy can dream. I just want a legit reason to push out some of these guys still killing us late in games. Even Brach and Hembree, who were the “key” guys just weeks ago, are now such a liability at times it feels like. Crazy enough, this last grouping was pretty much the bullpen for most of this year. So it makes me hopeful they can at least be sericable, if not dependable at the end. Big question is IF they all stay healthy, and that is a big IF. The FO did not build this bullpen depth to be able to withstand regression & injuries.

    Here’s to hoping the minor leagues can help make up for the FO’s greed!!

  4. RojoB

    Excellent news. Congratulations to all the promoted players!