There were three rainouts with only Daytona getting their game in among the full-season teams. The Tortugas won 9-1 behind big days at the plate for Rece Hinds, Elly De La Cruz, and Justice Thompson while getting strong pitching across the board, and the DSL Reds won 20-1 in a 7-inning game.

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The Louisville Bats were postponed.

Doubleheader scheduled for Thursday.

The Chattanooga Lookouts were postponed.

Doubleheader scheduled for Saturday. But they also have a doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday as they make up a previously postponed game in Birmingham. The Barons will be the “home team” in game two on Wednesday night even though the game will be played in Chattanooga.

The Dayton Dragons were postponed.

Doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday.

The Daytona Tortugas won 9-1. Box Score

The ACL Reds lost 9-0. Box Score

The DSL Reds won 20-1. Box Score

9/1 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 41-60 6:30pm Greene Here Here Here
Chattanooga 47-48 5:15pm TBA/TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 53-49 5:30pm TBA/TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 51-52 7:05pm Abbott Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
26-19 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
16-16 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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12 Responses

    • Stock

      I agree. Hinds is on fire. His BABIP of .412 suggests he has been lucky. However his xBABIP (a better indicator from my viewpoint) of .231 is unlucky. His K% since his return has not been the best but all these extra base hits make me feel he is hitting the ball very hard.

      • Tom

        I read somewhere that a high BABIP in the lower levels is a positive indication partially due to what you mentioned, he’s killing the ball.

      • Stock

        This is exactly why I created my own xBABIP.

        Singles/(AB – K -XBH) = xBABIP. Basically I took doubles and triples out of BABIP. I figured most doubles are hit hard and triples are hit hard and hard hit balls will be hits unless hit right at someone.

        Most Major leaguers are in the .240 – .260 range.

        I found 3 notable exceptions.

        Pete Rose – .270 – Pete never sought to be a power hitter and therefore this does not surprise me. His goal was a base hit.

        Joey Votto – .280 – Until midseason last year Joey never did sell out for power. He too was all about getting on base. This year Votto is at .249.

        Tyler Stephenson – .285 – This surprised me because when I think about the players who hit over .260 my list was (Ted Williams (.261), Pete Rose and Tyler Stephenson). After thinking about it, it made more sense.

        The strikeout to BB ratio makes me pause but the show Hinds has been putting on since his return is pretty fantastic.

  1. Kindell

    That Joe Boyle performance fit his scouting report perfectly. The sky is the limit if they can help him with that control going forward.

    Couldn’t be happier for Rece Hinds with the bad luck start he has had to his career.

  2. REDBB

    Was perusing the Reds DOSL stats and Leonardo Balcazar’s stats jumped out at me. He has 6 HR’s where no one else has more than 2 in a short season. Also listed as a SS/2B and has an OPS of almost .900. Also noticed that he JUST turned 17. Pretty impressive for someone his age. Any thoughts on him Doug? TIA

    • Stock

      I am super high on Balcazar. I think he is hurt because he has not played in a week or two. Even with that he is leading the DOSL in triples + Home Runs. Balcazar/Jorge/Serrano were all signed as SS but Balcazar was the every day SS until he got hurt.

      His OPS at one point was north of 1.000. I am not sure if he got hurt and tried to play through it or if he is not hurt and is attending to personal problems or has Covid.

      He may very well be the youngest player in the DSL.

      I am watching six players on the DSL team: Balcazar, Jorge, Valdez, Almonte, Serrano and Ascanio.

  3. Stock

    The system has really taken a turn the last 2 or 3 years. Usually the top 25 thins out at the bottom. I see things diferently right now. Prospects to watch in 2022 separated by where I think they may begin 2022:

    Cincinnati: Tony Santillan, Dauri Moreta

    Cincinnati/AAA: Jose Berrero, Alejo Lopez, Hunter Greene

    AAA: Nick Lodolo,

    AAA/AA: Graham Ashcraft, Brian Rey, Jered Soloman

    AA: Mike Siani

    AA/A+: McLain, Ivan Johnson, Allen Cerda Lyon Richardson

    A+: Bryce Bonnin, Rece Hinds, Christian Roa, Abbott, Nelson

    A+/A: Austin Hendricks, Elly De La Cruz, Joe Boyle, Tyler Calihan

    A: Jay Allen, Braylin Minier, Jay Allen, Gabriel Aguilera, Jackson Miller, Yerlin Confiden

    AZL: Balcazar, Jorge, Almonte, Valdez, Ascanio, Serrano

    DOSL: Ricado Cabrera, Anthuan Valencia, Esmith Pineda

    Add in 4 picks (assuming Castellanos opts out) in the top 70 of the 2022 draft and you are at more than 40 prospects.