This week is the final week of the regular season for many of the Cincinnati Reds farm system teams. The only team who won’t have their regular season end this week is the Dominican Summer League Reds, who will see their regular season extend into early October. The Louisville Bats will be a part of the Triple-A “playoff” in which every team is involved no matter the regular season record and they will also play into the first week of October.

Chattanooga and Dayton are still in playoff contention. Daytona has been eliminated from the playoffs, but will be looking to win their series this week and finish above .500 for the year. The Arizona Complex League will not be having playoffs this year.

League Leaders

Triple-A East

Riley O’Brien’s 116 strikeouts are five behind Cory Abbott for the league lead. O’Brien is also 7.2 innings behind the league leader in innings, though he’s behind 6 total pitchers in innings and would seem unlikely to be able to pass them all even if he threw a complete game this week.

Double-A South

Chattanooga is almost assuredly going to have the league leader in hits. Lorenzo Cedrola tops the league right now with 123. Wilson Garcia is next at 112. The player in third in the league is down at 106. While not impossible, it would take an incredible week from Carlos Perez to catch and pass Cedrola and Wilson with just six games remaining.

Likewise, it seems like the Lookouts are likely to lead the league in triples, too. Lorenzo Cedrola is atop the league with 7 and TJ Hopkins is next with 6. Ray-Patrick Didder has 5. Not impossible to have multiple triples in a week, but it is unlikely.

Wilson Garcia has 61 RBI and Lorenzo Cedrola has 58. The league leader has 65. A big week from either could vault them to the top.

Lorenzo Cedrola’s .315 average is second in the league, but it’s 12 points behind the leader. It would take a big week from him and a poor week from Jonathan Aranda to overtake him.

Randy Wynne’s 8 wins lead the league. Graham Ashcraft is in a 5-way tie for second in the league with 7.

High-A Central

Eduardo Salazar is no longer in Dayton, but he has enough innings to remain qualified for the leaderboard. He currently has the best ERA in the league among the qualified starters at 3.49. Wilfredo Pereira is right behind him at 3.53 and could pass him up with his final start of the year. Salazar is also tied for 2nd in WHIP, with the other two players still in the league and due to pitch this week. It’s possible he could finish ahead of them depending on how their appearance this week goes.

Jacob Hurtubise is 4th in the league with 36 steals. He’s 6 behind the league leader. Unlikely, but possible that he could catch him. Where Hurtubise has a better chance to lead the league is in on-base percentage. He currently has a 2 point edge over Andy Pages of Great Lakes at the top of the league.

Low-A Southeast

Danny Lantigua has been racking up doubles for Daytona this year. He’s currently three behind the league leader despite playing in 34 fewer games.

Daniel Vellojin is second in the league in on-base percentage. His .406 mark is just one point behind the league leader.

Arizona Complex League

Yerlin Confidan is leading the Arizona Complex League in home runs with 11. Two other players have 9. Confidan also leads the league in slugging at .588. He’s ahead of the next player by 13 points, and that player is no longer in the league. The player in third place trails Confidan by 64 points. There are just four games remaining this year. He is also three hits behind the league leader.

7 Responses

    • Luke J

      Left shoulder. Doesn’t sound serious, more like fatigue from what I’ve heard, but they are being overly cautious for obvious reasons.

      • Redsvol

        I’m with @Doc. A starting pitching prospect shouldn’t get shoulder fatigue after 50 innings of pitching. Its a terrible sign, no matter how it is spun. Young starting pitching prospects need to show they can throw 125 innings in a minor league season. This along with Hunter Greene’s last 4 weeks in Louisville and we can’t assume anything can be counted on from these 2 prospects in the starting rotation in 2022. We better keep at least 4 of this year’s starting staff or the rotation could be a disaster next year. The depth of starting pitching is not as deep as it appears.

      • Doc

        How does a pitcher get shoulder fatigue throwing only 40-50 innings, give or take? Not sure it passes the smell test.

      • Doug Gray

        Well, he threw a lot more than that, for starters. He threw in spring training, then he threw in April. But the whole starting and stopping then starting and stopping throwing because of the blisters could have played a role in it, too. Pitching one game takes a toll on ya. I don’t recommend pitching to anyone.

  1. doofus

    Keith Law (The Athletic) cited 5 teams whose farm system improved. Most improved because of prospects they received in deadline deals. The players they drafted were cited for the Reds improvement.