The Cincinnati Reds will begin instructional league out in Goodyear, Arizona at the Reds complex later today. Players arrive for intake today and will have their first on-field workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday before games begin on Thursday.

The Cincinnati Reds 2021 Instructional League roster

Starting Pitchers Throws Relief Pitchers Throws
Joe Boyle Right Kevin Abel Right
Ryan Cardona Right Julian Aguiar Right
Reynardo Cruz Right Donovan Benoit Right
Jose Franco Right Dennis Boatman Right
Yomil Maysonet Right Myles Gayman Right
James Proctor Right Jake Gozzo Right
Gabriel Aguilera Right Damian Henderson Left
Catchers Position Owen Holt Right
Wilfred Astudillo C Jefferson Lopez Right
Hayden Jones C Hunter Parks Right
Mat Nelson C Nicolo Pinazzi Left
Andruw Salcedo C Jake Stevenson Right
Mike Trautwein C Anthony Zimmerman Right
Infielders Position Outfielders Position
Donovan Antonia 2B Deivid Alcantara OF
Austin Callahan 3B Jay Allen OF
Elly De La Cruz SS Yerlin Confidan OF
Ilvin Fernandez IF Blake Dunn OF
Rece Hinds 3B Austin Hendrick OF
Ruben Ibarra 1B Jack Rogers OF
Ivan Johnson SS/2B Justice Thompson OF
Matt McLain SS Strength Camp Position
Braylin Minier SS Eddy Alcantara LHP
Jose Torres SS Elkyn Chirinos RHP
Michel Triana 1B Dualvert Gutierrez RHP
Nestor Lorant RHP
Leonardo Balcazar IF
Carlos Jorge IF
Ariel Almonte OF
Malvin Valdez OF

The roster has plenty of 2021 Draft picks on it. And there are a lot of guys from rookie and Low-A on it, too. A few guys that reached High-A are sprinkled in there, as well. No one who reached Double-A and Triple-A made the roster, though that is pretty standard.

All of the players that are coming in for the Strength Camp are from the Dominican Summer League Reds. Those eight players are the only DSL guys coming up to Goodyear.

Some guys are good to see on the roster because they ended the year on the injured list and, presumably, are healthy enough to get out on the field. Michel Triana, Austin Hendrick, and Mat Nelson are all listed on the roster and could use the instructional league to help make up for some of the time that they missed on the field in 2021 due to injuries.

2021 Cincinnati Reds Instructional League schedule

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9 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    I was expecting three prospects to be in that roster: Bonnin, Roa and DSL Johnny Ascanio… Although, this is a very impressive and talented roster. I am intriguing about outage of lefties included there, in fact the starting pitchers are righties all of them

    • Doug Gray

      There just aren’t that many left-handed starters floating around the organization, particularly young ones/lower level guys that would be invited to instructs.

      You’ve basically got Andrew Abbott, who pitched a full season in college and then had a few appearances post-draft, maybe Jacob Heatherly if you consider him a starter at this point, and then Evan Kravetz, who is injured. That’s about it.

  2. Doc

    Any idea whether these games, and the complex, are open to spectators?

  3. Stock

    Player to watch most closely: Jay Allen. He looked really good in AZ. If he can handle what should be much better pitching as he did AZ pitching he becomes my #3 prospect.

    The system is loaded with SS: McLain, De La Cruz, Johnson, Torres and Minier.

    Other infielders I will watch: Hinds and Calihan

    Outfielders I will watch: Allen, Hendrick, Confidan and Rogers

    Pitchers I will watch: Boyle, Aguilera and Proctor

  4. Redsvol

    wonder why no Bonnin or Roa or Jackson Miller? Also, is Mack Wainwright still in the organization or was he cut loose?

    Doug – Good to see some of the DSL guys coming in for this. I don’t recall so many being brought in for instructional before – is this an abnormal amount?

    • Doug Gray

      Miller barely played this year, so I presume he is still hurt.

      Wonder if Bonnin and or Roa are perhaps going to be in the AFL. We don’t have those rosters yet.

      As for the DSL guys….. None of them are being brought in to play in the games, so it’s actually a bit less than normal. There’s usually a guy or three that comes in to actually play. Strength camp hasn’t always been held simultaneously with instructs.