Louisville had the only game on the schedule on Wednesday and the bullpen day did not go well in Columbus. Despite picking up 11 hits, the Bats only scored 3 runs while the the pitching (and defense) gave up 13 runs.

The Louisville Bats lost 13-3. Box Score

The DSL Reds had the day off

9/30 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 54-71 6:15pm Lee Here Here Here
Chattanooga 58-54 Season Complete Here Here Here
Dayton 65-55 Season Complete Here Here Here
Daytona 60-60 Season Complete Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
33-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
28-26 10:30am TBA Here N/A N/A

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6 Responses

  1. Matt O

    Small sample, but I think Cedrola has convinced me with his AAA play so far that he should be rule 5 protected. He’s been around professional baseball since 2015, so even if he isn’t rule 5 snatched, I think he’d be a MiLB free agent? I’m not 100% on the rules, but 7 years sounds like a long time.

    • Old Big Ed

      I’ve been following him for a while. He’s a little guy; the Reds list him as 5’8″, but they list Tucker Barnhart at 5’11”, so who knows how big he really is. He’s always had his share of triples, and this year hit 10 homers. His strikeout rate is an excellent 11%. He turns 24 in January.

      However, he doesn’t walk very much, with only 18 in 462 PAs this year. He did have 10 HBPs. In fact, he has the odd ability to get HBPs, with 75 total HBPs and 92 career BBs. (Getting hit by a pitch on ball 4 is the same as walk, as a technical point.)

      So, without ever having seen him play, he appears to have excellent speed and bat control — guy who seems a bit hard to defend — but his lack of walks is a sticking point. On the other hand, the Reds actually need a high-energy guy who doesn’t strike out much. I have no clue what kind of defender he is, but he has primarily played CF and RF lately and has what seem to be decent assist totals, so he must have a plausible arm. He also has produced at all levels of the minors.

      I don’t know if that translates to a 40-man spot, but they could do far worse.

      • MBS

        He had the best season of any Reds minor leaguers, who could possible play CF for the Reds in 22. That is unless they are looking to truly move Barrero to CF.

      • DaveCT

        He’s in a really tough spot, likely due to having to prove himself over and over year after year — Which is, or unfair, due to his size.

        Unless he explodes on the scene like Mookie, for instance, he’s likely considered a 4/5th OF, which us still good and great value. He’s similar, IMO, to Friedl, Crook, etc.

        But overall that’s great.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    Brian Rey and Francisco Urbaez reached AAA level just in one year after starting in low ball levels leagues. A pretty good season for both of them.

  3. Redsvol

    Louisville’s pitching is all used up, shut down, or called up. Its almost not worth playing these games. I would have liked seeing these games with Lodolo, Greene, Ashcroft, Bonin, Roa, and Boyle pitching. Hopefully they all come back strong next year.