While we didn’t quite know it at the time, the Cincinnati Reds minor league season came to an end on Saturday night. The Louisville Bats were scheduled to play on Sunday in what would have been the season finale, but the game was cancelled due to rain in Columbus. With all of the games now in the books, what better time to not take a day off for the first time since February and instead look at the organization offensive leaders throughout the system? Exactly. Let’s dive right on in.

Reds Full-Season Leaders

There are four full-season teams in the Reds farm system. Low-A Daytona, High-A Dayton, Double-A Chattanooga, and Triple-A Louisville. Chattanooga wound up playing just 112 games, while Daytona and Dayton played 120 games, and Louisville played 128 games. That gave some hitters a few advantages in the counting stats over some others.

Full Season

Stat Player Total Level
Runs Jacob Hurtubise 77 A+
Hits Lorenzo Cedrola 139 AA/AAA
2B Alejo Lopez 27 AA/AAA
3B Elly de la Cruz 9 ACL/A
HR Jose Barrero 19 AA/AAA
RBI Jose Barrero 66 AA/AAA
SB Jacob Hurtubise 39 A+
BB% Daniel Vellojin 19.9% A
K% Alejo Lopez 7.8% AA/AAA
AVG Alejo Lopez .320 AA/AAA
OBP Jacob Hurtubise .413 A
SLG Jose Barrero .539 AA/AAA
OPS Jose Barrero .919 AA/AAA

Lots of repeat names here. Jacob Hurtubise, Alejo Lopez, and Jose Barrero dominated the full-season leaderboards. There were 14 categories and only 6 players that led a category.

Some categories were closer than others. Lorenzo Cedrola’s 139 hits were 23 ahead of Wilson Garcia and Alfredo Rodriguez for the organization lead. Jose Barrero’s 19 home runs led the farm, but he was just one ahead of Wilson Garcia and two ahead of Allan Cerda. Barrero’s 66 RBI also topped the system, but he barely edged out Garcia there, too, who had 64. Jacob Hurtubise had 39 steals to easily beat out teammate Michael Siani who had 30.

Reds Rookie-Level Leaders

Cincinnati went from four rookie-level teams in the past to two this year as the reduction of teams in minor league baseball took effect this year. Now the only teams that remain are the complex teams in the Dominican Republic and out in Goodyear at the spring training facility. The DSL Reds played 57 games, while the Arizona Complex League Reds played in 59 games.


Stat Player Total Level
Runs Carlos Jorge 38 DSL Reds
Hits Yerlin Confidan 56 ACL Reds
2B Braylin Minier 11 ACL Reds
3B Carlos Jorge 10 DSL Reds
HR Yerlin Confidan 11 ACL Reds
RBI Yerlin Confidan 34 ACL Reds
SB Carlos Jorge 27 DSL Reds
BB% Yassel Pino 19.7% ACL Reds
K% Iverson Espinoza 10.6% DSL Reds
AVG Carlos Jorge .346 DSL Reds
OBP Johnny Ascanio .457 DSL Reds
SLG Carlos Jorge .579 DSL Reds
OPS Carlos Jorge 1.015 DSL Reds

Much like the full-season leaderboard, the rookie-level one is also dominated by a few players. Carlos Jorge and Yerlin Confidan find themselves all over it. That’s not too surprising as they also ranked among the league leaders at their particular levels, too. Confidan led the Arizona Complex League in home runs.

There were a few close races here. Yerlin Confidan edged out Carlos Jorge by 1 hit and 1 RBI to lead in both categories. Carlos Jorge edged out teammate Malvin Valdez by 2 steals to lead the way there. Andruw Salcedo fell a few at-bats short of qualifying, otherwise his .362 average and .459 on-base percentage would have led both categories. The same can be said for Fidel Castro, who would have led in slugging at .592 and OPS at 1.040 had he had enough at-bats to qualify.

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5 Responses

  1. Stock

    Excited about Jorge. He finished 3rd in the DSL in OPS (1.015) but first among 17 year old signed in January. More impressive was his September where his 1.204 again led all 17 year olds. He backed that up with a .292 ISO, a 18.3% BB% and a 12.2 K%. Impressive to have 50% more BB than K.

    The Reds have turned things around that last 3 years internationally and Elly De La Cruz, Yerlin Confidan, Carlos Jorge and Leonardo Balcazar are proof that you can get good/great prospects without spending a lot of money. I feel these four cheaper acquisitons are better prospects than the more expensive Minier, Almonte and Valdez.

    Excited to watch the continued development of the 17 – 19 prospects. Am also excited to see next year’s class in action.

    The Reds finished 3rd in the DSL in scoring this year with 8 of the top 10 in runs scored age 17 on July 1 and 2 players age 18. A very good class of hitters.


    It does seem like the Reds have more than a few prospects to keep tracking with their development at both DSL and ACL. Nice change for the Reds from past years of less spending because of being penalized by MLB. Not sure if it seems like more depth at these levels because of 2 less teams, hope not! The Reds don’t normally bring prospects to the States so seeing this happen more this season was a big step forward. This is where the foundation of future Reds teams begin. I am excited to see this side of things improving but that “go in a different direction thing” has me worried.

    Keep up the great work, Doug! Its been a wild and crazy year and it helps having this site and redlegnation.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems to me Fidel Castro and Andruw Salcedo missed some games after the drafted players were added to the ACL roster so they did not reach the enough ABs for qualifying…Salcedo and Castro have impressive stats in a small sample size…

  4. Hunt4RedsOct

    I noticed that other teams had multiple teams at the complex level. Can the reds do that as well. Seems to make sense especially in Arizona.