The Cincinnati Reds farm system has been undergoing a little bit of a transformation over the last few months. Hitting Coordinator C.J Gillman and Director of Pitching Kyle Boddy both exited the organization on the same day late in the season. Earlier in the summer Senior Director of Player Development Eric Lee left the organization in June. Shawn Pender remains at the top of the hill as the Vice President of Player Development – a role he’s been in for three seasons now – but the team has made some hires to fill out the gaps left behind. Jeremy Farrell is now the Director of Player Development and Casey Weathers is now a Pitching Coordinator.

Jeremy Farrell takes over the role that was vacated by Eric Lee and was not filled during the season. Farrell joins the organization after spending the last six years working for the Chicago Cubs in various roles in the minors. He was a hitting coach, an infield coordinator, a field coordinator, and the Cubs director of baseball development. Before joining the Cubs he had been a minor league player from 2008-2015, playing for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago White Sox organizations.

Casey Weathers joined the Reds organization in 2020. This past season he worked with the Arizona Complex League Reds as their development coach and was also the rehab coach out at the complex all year. Weathers is a Driveline guy. He also pitched for Derek Johnson while at Vanderbilt, and then was the 8th overall pick int he draft in 2007. Weathers dealt with two Tommy John surgeries and never made it out of the minors, reaching Double-A in five different seasons for four different organizations, but never got any higher before retiring after the 2017 season.

Weathers will share the pitching coordinator role with Bryan Conger. In 2021 Conger held the role on his own, but Kyle Boddy was also above him in the hierarchy as the Director of Pitching. That role is now bunched in with Derek Johnson’s role as the pitching coach at the big league level. As Johnson explained, once the season begins he will have a lesser role in the day-to-day stuff at the minor league level. That wasn’t the case when Boddy was the Director of Pitching. With co-pitching coordinators it allows much of the duties that were there for both Boddy and Conger last year to be split up once again and not overwhelm one person in the role.

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9 Responses

  1. Old Big Ed

    Weathers is a double agent. A “Driveline guy” who pitched for Derek Johnson at Vanderbilt. Gonna make some posters’ heads explode.

    Jeremy Farrell is the son of John Farrell, who after being the Red Sox manager was a minister-without-portfolio for the Reds for a year. Nobody knew what John Farrell actually did for the Reds, but I suppose we can assume that he likes Emmylou Harris.

    • Optimist

      “A Driveline guy” hire is at least slight positive news. Here’s hoping there’s some continuity of emphasis and perhaps even an improvement in management of the process.

      The Farrell family role is a bit more indeterminate. Can we expect Luke to return when he moves off the playing field and into coaching/back office?

      • MK

        Luke is a Free Agent might see him on the mound in Louisville next year.

  2. Krozley

    I met Casey Weathers with his dad at a ST game back in 2015 or 2016. Dad was sitting in the stands in Goodyear and talked about his son being a #1 pick and trying to come back with the Indians from two surgeries. He said his son had been very smart with his signing bonus and was just trying to prolong his career in a sport he loved. Casey showed up and was very polite to us and had some great stories. Very personable and funny. Not that it means he will be great in this position or anything, but he left a great impression and seemed like a guy you would root for.

  3. MK

    A Driveline guy with organizational and actual professional baseball smarts.

  4. Jim m.

    So we more or less traded Miley for
    Jeremy Farrell. What a deal.. until they hire guys from Ray’s, or the A’s who know how to consistently put good teams out there, this ownership will never win anything. Has to bother Bob Marge got what he will never have… a World Series Trophy!!

  5. Tom

    Good to see bases getting covered with qualified people.

    I assume all these changes will be more in alignment with their org structure, which hopefully boosts their production of talent.

    Lee’s critique was there were too many disconnected departments and a lack of identity. It was a voice for serious change. The Reds and Lee disagreed.

    Perhaps it could be said Lee (and Boddy) had visions that out kicked their role, which perturbed the general structure of the Reds.

    I hope the Reds are otherwise motivated to improve wherever they can to acquire and produce the best talent in baseball.

  6. Greg

    How do you feel about these moves. You were pretty harsh on the Reds when they got rid of Boddy, etc.
    Would seem to be more to the story than we have learned so far.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know enough about Jeremy Farrell to have much of an opinion there. What I do know about Casey Weathers, I do like. But really – I don’t know enough about him, either.