Minor League free agency is now upon us. It’s not as followed as big league free agency, of course, but it is important with regards to the depth in a farm system and at times teams both gain and lose future contributors to the big league team. The Cincinnati Reds have 21 players who are exiting the organization and are going to try their hand on the free agent market. Some of the players are former top 25 prospects, some are former big leaguers, and two are former 1st round picks of the organization.

Here’s the list:

Player Position Age 2021 Level
Alex Blandino 2B 28 MLB
Brantley Bell 3B 26 AAA
Braxton Lee OF 27 AAA
Diomar Lopez RHP 24 AA
Dylan Baker RHP 29 AAA
Fredy Medina RHP 23 ACL
Hector Perez RHP 25 AAA
Jan Hernandez SS 26 AAA
Jhon De Jesus RHP 24 DNP
Julio Pinto RHP 25 AA
Player Position Age 2021 Level
Logan Morrison 1B 33 AAA
Mariel Bautista OF 23 AA
Michael De Leon SS 24 AAA
Michael Mariot RHP 32 AAA
Narciso Crook OF 25 AAA
Nick Howard RHP 28 AAA
Sam Hellinger RHP 26 A+
Tim Adleman RHP 33 AAA
Wennington Romero LHP 23 DNP
Wilson Garcia 1B 27 AA
Zach Lee RHP 29 AAA

*Ages are listed as of their “official” age during the 2021 season*

Alex Blandino was outrighted to Triple-A last week and off of the Reds 40-man roster. He refused the outright and opted to become a free agent. He, along with Nick Howard, were both 1st round picks by Cincinnati in the 2014 draft. Tejay Antone is the lone 2014 Reds draft pick that still remains in the organization.

Braxton Lee, Hector Perez, Logan Morrison, Michael Mariot, Tim Adleman, and Zach Lee all have spent time in the past in the big leagues and will now hit the free agent market. Mariel Bautista was a top 25 prospect not too long ago, but he’s had some struggles at the plate in the last two seasons.

Many of the players hitting free agency were at the Double-A and Triple-A level this past season. While some of those spots will be filled through promotions, there’s going to be plenty of needed signings of minor league free agents to fill out some of the gaps.

8 Responses

  1. Tom

    Blandino should be able to help a rebuilding team like PIT, AZ, or MIA. He never got the full shot I thought he needed. Best of luck!

  2. Matt

    I know I’ve mentioned his name a lot, but I’m surprised the Reds are just letting Diomar Lopez walk. I kind of thought he’d be added to the 40 man roster.

  3. MK

    Off topic but Mike Siani must be injured as he came out of a game early last weeks and has not played since including today.

  4. Andrew

    Would *declare* free agency be a better term? Unless all 21 have signed elsewhere

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Blandino is a good defender but has not been able to hit in MLB.
    I think Crook finished the season in a high punctuation so he deserves a 1-year contract.
    I would like they could keep Mariot, Morrison, López, Howard and W. García in Reds organization to fill some spots next season

  6. AMDG

    Blandino was never much of a hitter at Stanford, in the minors, or in the majors.

    He’s already 29, so that’s likely not going to change at this point.

    I’m assuming he signs a minor league deal, banking on an outside shot of getting an injury call up.