With the lockout by the owners of the players, the MLB Rule 5 draft has been postponed for now. Whenever it is that the owners and players can implement a new collective bargaining agreement we’ll probably get a big league version to follow. But the minor league version of the Rule 5 draft is a go for Wednesday afternoon at 2pm ET.

Typically we don’t really know who is eligible for that version. To be eligible a player must meet the service time requirements for the big league version, be unprotected on the 40-man roster, but also be unprotected on the “Triple-A” roster. That roster, however, is not a public list. It is not the same thing as the roster listed on MiLB.com. Beyond the 40-man roster, there is another “protection” layer – teams have a “38-man roster” for Triple-A.

Basically, teams can protect 78 total players from being selected in the Rule 5 minor league draft between their 40-man roster and the Triple-A roster. To select a player in the minor league version it costs $24,500. Unlike the big league version there are no restrictions about where a selected player must “stick” to a roster. A player selected in the minor league version of the Rule 5 draft can play at any level and not need to be returned to the original organization.

If the Reds are involved in the draft – and they have been in recent years – we’ll have all of the updates on players gained and or lost.

New Draft Rankings

Fangraphs Eric Longenhagen has updated the draft rankings for the 2022, 2023, and 2024 classes. You can see all of the rankings on “The Board“. The top player on the board for 2022 is high school shortstop Temarr Johnson out of Mays High School in Georgia. Another high schooler, Druw Jones, is the second guy ont he board and he’s also coming out of a Georgia high school (Wesleyan High School).

The 2023 class is college heavy right now, but that’s not entirely unexpected. Those guys are further along in their development and many high school players in this class haven’t played their junior seasons of high school baseball yet. Shortstop Jacob Gonzalez from Ole Miss is on top of the board currently.

Reiver Sanmartin prepares for the spring

Over at Redleg Nation I wrote a little bit about Reiver Sanmartin and how he’s been pitching in the Dominican Winter League. So far through his six starts he’s posted a 1.72 ERA and has a 62% ground ball rate for the Eastern Stars. With the Reds needing to fill spots in the rotation, Sanmartin is getting a bit of a head start on the eventual battle in spring training.

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2 Responses

  1. Matt

    Checking in on last years minor league phase, the Reds drafted or lost 10 players. Of those, only Chuckie Robinson had a decent year based off a quick search.

    • Shawn

      I think Robbie Tenerowic and Wilson Garcia we’re rule 5 picks. Both had good years.