On Tuesday night during the Reds Hot Stove League Show the announcements were made for the coaching staffs of the six teams in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. The organization also announced the coordinators in the organization. Below is the chart breaking down who is in what job both for the 2021 and 2022 season so we can compare who is gone, who moved into a new role, and who is a newcomer.

2021 2022
Field Coordinator Chris Tremie Chris Tremie
Academies Coordinator Luis Bolivar Luis Bolivar
Latin American Field Coordinator Joel Noboa Joel Noboa
Hitting Coordinator C.J. Gillman Dave Hansen
Hitting Coordinator N/A Jim Rickon
Pitching Coordinator Bryan Conger Bryan Conger
Pitching Coordinator N/A Casey Weathers
Catching Coordinator Corky Miller Corky Miller
Infield Coordinator Jose Nieves Jose Nieves
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator N/A Kevin Mahar
Rehab Pitching Coordinator Casey Weathers Simon Mathews

Some new roles for 2022 are adding a second hitting and a second pitching coordinator. On the pitching side this is both new and sort of not new. Kyle Boddy was the director of pitching on the farm in 2021 while Bryan Conger was the coordinator. The director of pitching job no longer exists, but a second pitching coordinator job was added. It’s likely that Conger and Casey Weathers will take on some of the jobs that Boddy was doing with the organization while also handling some of the typical pitching coordinator duties.

On the hitting side of things, C.J. Gillman is out after he and the organization parted ways late in the 2021 season. He’s now the hitting coordinator with the Seattle Mariners. That job is now two jobs with newcomers to the organization Dave Hansen and Jim Rickon coming on board to split the duties. Kevin Mahar is moving into the role of outfield and baserunning coordinator. That job is both new and not new. It’s existed in the past, but was seemingly left empty in 2021. Mahar was the game planning coach in 2021 with Louisville. With Casey Weathers moving up to one of the pitching coordinator jobs, his former role as the rehab pitching coordinator in Arizona at the complex is being taken over by Simon Mathews.

Chris Tremie, Luis Bolivar, and Joel Noboa remain in their gigs as the field coordinator, academies coordinator, and Latin American field coordinator. Corky Miller is back as the catching coordinator, and Jose Nieves returns as the infield coordinator.

As mentioned above, the team announced the coaching staffs throughout the organization. Below is the list, but if you want more information on the coaches you can click here.

Louisville Bats

  • Manager: Pat Kelly
  • Pitching Coach: Seth Etherton
  • Hitting Coach: Alex Pelaez
  • Bench Coach: Mike Jacobs

Chattanooga Lookouts

  • Manager: Jose Moreno
  • Pitching Coach: Rob Wooten
  • Hitting Coach: Eric Richardson
  • Game Planning and Catching Coach: Nate Irving

Dayton Dragons

  • Manager: Bryan LaHair
  • Pitching Coach: Brian Garman
  • Hitting Coach: Daryle Ward
  • Bench Coach: Juan Samuel

Daytona Tortugas

  • Manager: Gookie Dawkins
  • Pitching Coach: Todd Naskedov
  • Hitting Coach: Darryl Brinkley
  • Bench Coach: Lenny Harris

Arizona Complex League Reds

  • Manager: Julio Morillo
  • Pitching Coaches: Elmer Dessens & Fred Corral
  • Hitting Coach: Jason Broussard
  • Bench and Infield Coach: Anthony Manuel

Dominican Summer League Reds

  • Manager: Gustavo Molina
  • Pitching Coaches: TBA
  • Hitting Coach: Jose Leon
  • Bench and Catching Coach: Juan Ballara
  • Infield Coach: Luis Hernandez

5 Responses

  1. Old Big Ed

    I met Dave Hansen out in Arizona one spring training, before he retired as a player. He was a friend of a friend and chatted with the two of us for an hour or so. He’s a sharp guy with a calm, friendly demeanor. I could see where he would be a good coach. Lasted 15 years as pretty much a pinch-hitter, and over 11 years with the Dodgers had a 100 OPS+ in that role.

    He’s bounced around as a hitting coach out West, but that is pretty much the nature of the beast in that job.

  2. LDS

    Let’s hope for good results. I don’t really have a way to judge. My biggest concern is that the Reds organization has spent a lot more public time on management staff at all levels than serious player acquisitions. Since DW’s departure, team enhancement has been mediocre, at best, and nothing thus far motivates me to think that’s changing any time soon.

  3. MK

    Doug, Baseball America says Reds signed outfielder Isiah Gilliam. What do you know of him?

    • Doug Gray

      Plenty of power potential, but he’s struggled to tap into it along the way. Switch hitter who has a ton of swing and miss. He stole 26 bases last season, but has been described as a below-average runner in the past. Wonder if that has changed because slow guys don’t steal 26 bases, or get 36 chances in 100 games. Has hit well in limited action playing in Puerto Rico this offseason.

  4. MK

    Looks like the Reds are serious about keeping any diversity issues out of their player/management communications. Except for Dominican League, which is unique in team makeup, there is a mix of color and language on each staff.