The two Triple-A leagues will have the longest season that they’ve had since 1964. Minor League Baseball announced on Thursday afternoon that the Triple-A schedule would expand to 150 games in 2022. That’s up from a normal Triple-A schedule which has been 144 games in previous seasons (except 2020, which was cancelled and 2021 which was shortened).

The plan is to extend the season by a week. The season was initially expected to end on September 21st, but now it will end on September 28th. For the Cincinnati Reds Triple-A affiliate the change in the schedule will now see the Louisville Bats playing at home against Nashville from September 19th through the 24th and then hitting the road for a 3-game series against the Gwinnett Stripers from the 26th through the 28th. Originally the Bats season was going to end in Gwinnett with a 3-game series from the 19th through the 21st, but inserting the Nashville series there and pushing the series against the Stripers to a week later will now finish up the schedule.

Ever since Major League Baseball limited the number of call ups in September to just two players it really made more sense to have the Triple-A season run a little later in case the big league teams did need to call up a player due to injury. Instead of having players sort of on standby but having not played in a few weeks by the time the end of September had rolled around, now players will be playing until the end of the month and make for better options in a scenario where a team does need to make a move.

It seems that the season expansion is only going to be for Triple-A, with Double-A, High-A, Low-A, and the rookie-level complex leagues keeping their normal season lengths intact for the 2022 season.

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5 Responses

  1. Tom N

    I would expect that this will mean that Triple-A rosters will expand when the Double-A seasons end. Otherwise, you are back in that same position of needing to call up guys from teams that are no longer playing and their players have already left town.

  2. Tom N

    I suppose it is possible that MLB is thinking about the possibility that their season would have to be extended due to the lockout causing a later start, and thus, they need Triple-A playing later.

    But I think this mostly relates to the change a couple years ago that nearly eliminated September callups, so they need Triple-A to keep playing so they will have MLB reinforcements if needed.

  3. MK

    I certainly hope the teams knew before today the schedule would be expanded. This would really play havoc with season ticket sales. I’ve noticed since MLB took over the minors there is very little consideration given to the business operations of the minors or the entertainment of their fans.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if the Louisville Bats would be the option to follow at max level of baseball this season as the things aren´t going well in the MLB-MLBPA dealing… Go Bats!