Jose Torres homered twice and had four hits as Dayton won again, TJ Hopkins got on base four times and stole three bases in Chattanooga’s win, Jay Allen picked up his second homer of the year and Sam Benschoter struck out nine batters in relief as Daytona picked up a win.

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The Louisville Bats won 3-2. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 4-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 7-3. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 8-3. Box Score

4/21 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 4-10 6:35pm Flores Jr. Here Here Here
Chattanooga 6-5 7:35pm McWilliams Here Here Here
Dayton 8-3 7:05pm Kravetz Here Here Here
Daytona 5-6 7:05pm Petty Here Here N/A

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24 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    Any idea what kind of stuff we are looking at with Benschoter? Not much out there on him, undrafted free agent last year from a cold weather state (Michigan)., and a little older for the FSl, though I suspect they’ll bump him up to Dayton if he keeps this up.

      • MK

        Add a double to Torres stats above. He definitely had a night . I have not been as impressed with his defense as his reputation says.

      • DaveCT

        Torres as glove first college SS but playing like a bat first 2B wasn’t in my tea leaves.

      • MBS

        Not just a bat first, but a power bat! It should be fun watching these SS continue to develop. McLain, De La Cruz, and Torres are off to good starts. Rivas in AA is also a SS off to a pretty good start. I hope McLain gets promoted to AAA before mid season. It would be great if he can be on the 23 opening day roster.

  2. AMDG

    “struck out nine batters in relief”

    That’s not a line one reads every day.

    • Redsvol

      @AMDG, Benschoter certainly has some interesting stats recently. He was very hittable in college at Michigan State. Doug had a good write-up on him recently. I hope they move him to a starter role and up a level soon to see what we really have there. He is dominating the florida state league.

      • AMDG

        I agree that moving him up would be good.

        He’s dominating, but is a 24 year old facing low A competition.

        It would be good to see if he’s untouchable because he’s really transcended since leaving MSU, or if it’s just a matter of facing a lot of young guys barely out of high school.

        The Reds have had a number of guys who dominated in low A, but never did much after that…

        Mace Thurman, Zach Stewart, Aguido Gonzalez, Donnie Joseph, etc.

    • Doug Gray

      The tandem starting system in Daytona is going to make for some fun, quirky stats.

  3. Redsvol

    Several good performances on the farm last night. And another encouraging thing is the # of walks being drawn by high level prospects. We need more of that up and down the organization, but especially from the high level guys. Torres, De la Cruz, Hopkins, Allen, and Siani all had nice nights. Torres is looking like quite a find.

    Doug – what’s the scoop on Hoskins? Is he someone to get excited about? Stealing 3 bases in 1 game leads me to think he is more than a left fielder. He doesn’t have many professional at bats but he certainly has been solid and comes from a good baseball program (South Carolina).

    • Doug Gray

      Hopkins has enough to be a big leaguer. Not sure he’s a starter, but he’s got enough tools to be a 4th/5th guy in my mind. Has to keep performing, of course.

  4. Kindell

    Thank goodness, we have some really special players to follow in the minors this year to keep us positive. My poor dad is a die hard Reds fan who doesn’t follow the minors at all, so he just is miserable right now. Not saying we aren’t miserable, but it is a nice little distraction.

  5. Doc4uk

    What is the story on Jared Solomon. I know he was protected on the 40 man roster so the Reds must be high on him despite his injury history and age. But so far in his first year back since 2019 he has allowed one hit in 6 innings of being the closer for the Lookouts and has only one walk and 6 strike outs. Any thought that he is good enough to help out the Reds this year?

    Also who gets sent down when Sims is ready at the end of the week?

    • Matt

      My money’s on Hendrix getting optioned to make room for Sims. Seems like the easy move.

      I’m interested in who gets cut when rosters shrink to 26 in a couple weeks. Moreta is the only other optionable reliever. Buck Farmer seems like a worthy DFA candidate.

      • Doc

        What about Strickland? Not very effective in the first 2 weeks.

      • Krozley

        Alexis Diaz will probably be one of them. Santillan has options as well.

      • Matt

        I guess I meant reliever who would make sense to option. Diaz is optionable, but has looked really good. That wouldn’t make any sense to send him down.

  6. Matt

    This is Hopkins’ second tour at AA. I know its still early, but he might be ready to go AAA. Bats outfield of Cedrola, Dawson, and Hopkins has some intrigue.

    Incredible what early season sample size can do. Before the game yesterday, Torres was hitting 179/207/214/421. After the 4-4 2 HR game, he’s at 281/303/531/834.

    I like the continued success from Siani. Now 10 games in he’s got 10 BB and a 933 OPS.

  7. Norwood Nate

    Miguel Hernandez has 7 throwing errors already this season? That’s rough. I figured his offense may not be ready for AAA, but never thought the defense would struggle out the gate like it has.

    Great to see Confidan taking two walks. Loving the start by Hendrick.

    • DaveCT

      Full season ball for Confidan ought to be a very good challenge for him. The FSL, maybe not so much, given the problems hitting for power there. Yet plenty of guys have had success there, and so I’m hoping it could also be the case with Confidan.

      • DaveCT

        Two fielding errors tonight, with an assist (probably after an error?).

        Sounds like time for some special instruction from Eric Davis may be required.

  8. DaveCT

    Chase Petty dealing tonight. 43 pitches. 30 strikes. I think we’re going to like this kid.