We are back! One of my favorite articles during the season is looking at the longest home runs hit over whatever given time period we’re looking at. I think that this season I’m going to go back to the every other week format. With every Monday being an off day in the minors it leaves Tuesday morning open for a great place to have this article every other one.

To this point in the season there have been 58 home runs hit in the minors this season. I do not have any data on 11 home runs. Five of them were hit in Lake County where there is no video available and I didn’t not get any of the Trackman information. Another give of them were hit places that do have video but the camera operator didn’t track the ball, so I couldn’t get information there either. And then one was in the Florida State League where they have the tracking information from Hawkeye, but it missed out on the home run and provided no data. There’s a combination of distances from Hawkeye, Trackman, and good ole google maps measurement tool based on video. All have some limitations, but I’ve been at this for years and for the most part, double checking them against each other is within 5-10 feet.

The Longest Home Runs through April 25th

1. Allan Cerda – 445 Feet (Trackman)

2. Ronnie Dawson – 443 Feet (Google Maps)

3. Nick Quintana – 432 Feet (Trackman)

4. Alex McGarry – 431 Feet (Trackman)

5. TJ Hopkins – 422 Feet (Google Maps)

No video available.

The Top 25 Longest Home Runs Through April 25

Date Player Level Distance
4/24 Allan Cerda A+ 445
4/13 Ronnie Dawson AAA 443
4/24 Nick Quintana A+ 432
4/23 Alex McGarry A+ 431
4/23 TJ Hopkins AA 422
4/17 Jay Allen A 417
4/22 Isiah Gilliam AA 416
4/23 Isiah Gilliam AA 416
4/14 Leonardo Rivas AA 409
4/24 Trey Amburgey AAA 406
4/24 Mat Nelson A+ 404
4/23 Quincy McAfee AA 401
4/23 Yerlin Confidan A 400
4/23 Garrett Wolforth A+ 394
4/14 Ronnie Dawson AAA 392
4/24 Elly De La Cruz A+ 391
4/20 Jose Torres A+ 385
4/10 Rece Hinds A+ 384
4/19 Alex McGarry A+ 384
4/22 Alex McGarry A+ 384
4/23 TJ Hopkins AA 383
4/14 JT Riddle AAA 382
4/23 Trey Amburgey AAA 380
4/21 Michael De Leon AAA 376
4/20 Jose Torres A+ 374