Bryce Bonnin made his season debut with four strikeouts in a Dayton Dragons win that saw Alex McGarry homer for the 6th time in 12 games, Michael Bynre fanned all 6 hitters he faced in Chattanooga’s win, Cristian Santana had a big night that included a homer and Lorenzo Cedrola had three hits in a Louisville Bats win.

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The Louisville Bats won 7-5. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 6-2. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 2-0. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 5-2. Box Score

4/28 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 7-13 6:35pm Lively Here Here Here
Chattanooga 10-7 7:15pm Williamson Here Here Here
Dayton 13-4 7:05pm Proctor Here Here Here
Daytona 8-9 6:10pm TBA Here Here Here

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18 Responses

  1. MK

    Dragons hot start remarkable when you consider six of nine batters in the lineup tonight had a Batting Average of .211 and below.

    Bonnin had a nice first outing. Pitch count really built up early though total wasn’t terrible for 4 innings but a walk on an 11 pitch at bat by one hitter really hurt. Have to expect it will get better as the rust wears off.

  2. AMDG

    I wonder how many of the better prospects are hoping to be traded before being promoted to the dumpster fire run by Castellini and Bell?

    • Tom

      Bottom of the league in runs scored and runs allowed per game.

      I really wasn’t looking forward to rooting for a top 3 pick in next year’s draft, but here we are.

      Perhaps it will be a 1 year blip. But it’s looking like a 2-3 year rebuild ahead. IMO, if this level of play persists someone’s got to go by next year, Krall or Bell.

    • MK

      I would bet none. Looks like there will be opportunities for low pay players which they will be for their first few years regardless where they play. This is their career and they first have to get there before worrying about other stuff, so they have an opportunity to make life changing money either with the Reds or elsewhere.

  3. Bdh

    Doug what’s up with Torres and Confidan? Neither have played since the weekend.

  4. Redsvol

    Too many strikeouts by the offense in Daytona and Dayton this year. A couple have high slugging % but those strikeouts are not sustainable for a player hoping to lose the major leagues.

  5. Matt

    Almora should probably join the team in Colorado, by way of Aquino’s 28/40 man spot.

  6. SultanofSwaff

    Probably not in Siani’s best interest developmentally, but I can’t think of another player in the upper minors (Cedrola only has 2 BBs, gheesh) to replace Aquino and give a credible at-bat.

    • MK

      These first weeks of 2022 are the first time Siani has shown this. Let’s make sure he can sustain it for more than a month.

    • MBS

      Cedrola would be treated like Lopez, so no point in bringing him up as he wouldn’t play. I’d bring up Almora, he’s off to a nice start. Siani should continue to develop at the pace he can handle. I am excited that both Siani and Hendrix are finally starting to show some real promise.

  7. icehole3

    Petty threw 90% breaking balls when he came into the game. Had average control over his breaking ball. His FB looked over 95 there was no radar. He did have a lot of trouble with the FB. His second inning he threw 50% breaking balls also got a DP off his FB.

    His 3rd inning he threw 50% breaking balls, he had better control of his FB. 1st batter had high hopper double that was just fair. Then he had a wild pitch. Walked a batter, next batter blooped a single so that’s how the run was scored. Had a force out. It looked like he was on a pitch count.

    McLain drilled a 1st pitch FB to right the RF dove for it and missed for his triple. Scored on a wild pitch.

    Bryce Bonnin has a mid 90’s FB (94-97) with a nice breaking ball. Had some weak ground outs. Very good SP.

    • Doug Gray

      Petty threw 9 breaking balls out of his 15 pitches in his 1st inning of work. The next inning also saw 15 pitches and 9 of them were fastballs. 11 of the 19 pitches in his 3rd inning were fastballs, 1 change up.

      Don’t use your eyes as a radar gun. He literally hit 94.0 MPH or higher twice last night, topping out at 94.5.

  8. MBS

    I’m adding McGarry to my list of can’t miss box score reviews. It’s only high A, and it’s only a dozen games, but what a start. I’m probably overly excited because we don’t have anyone who is inline to take over for JV. He is miles away from that, but it’s fun to see an actual 1B getting off to a nice start.

  9. Mike in Ottawa

    I think Winker would have been a great replacement for JV. But….

    My big question is when all this alleged pitching is ready will ownership pony up to fill the holes in the lineup? Seems to me if the team wins, the stands will be full. Which means ownership makes even more money!

  10. Gregory Bott

    Williamson is having arm troubles. He is favoring his delivery and doesn’t look like the same guy in 2021. Wonder if the Reds will sue???