The Minor League Baseball season is a month into the year now and for most players it’s given us new information to look at as they’ve got games under their belts. The Cincinnati Reds, who were rated as having the 7th best farm system in baseball entering the year according to Baseball America, has gone from having five prospects in the top 100 to having six as they unveiled their updated Top 100 Prospect List.

In what seems like there’s just about no way it’s possible, Cincinnati has three prospects ranked in the mid-30’s, all in a row. Shortstop Jose Barrero, and starting pitchers Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo are rated 34-35-36 in the rankings. Barrero hasn’t played a game all season as he recovers from surgery to remove his hamate bone in his hand/wrist. He should return soon. Greene has been in the big league rotation and has had mixed results so far through four starts. He’ll take the mound tomorrow afternoon against the Brewers to try and get things turned around a bit. Like Greene, Lodolo has been in the big league rotation and has had mixed results. The left is currently on the injured list and has made just three starts, but is expected to return later this week.

Elly De La Cruz moved up two spots on the list. The 20-year-old shortstop is out to a solid start with Dayton, hitting .269/.310/.478 on the season with seven extra-base hits and six stolen bases in 17 games played. Brandon Williamson, who joined the organization in the trade with the Seattle Mariners in March, came in at #80 – up one spot. The lefty has struggled through four starts for Chattanooga, posting a 6.61 ERA with 15 walks in 16.1 innings so far this season.

The newcomer to the list from the Reds organization is also currently playing in Chattanooga with the Lookouts. 2021 1st round pick Matt McLain debuts on the list at #99. The shortstop has hit .270/.361/.635 with 14 extra-base hits and five stolen bases through 21 games in Double-A.

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  1. LDS

    That’s something, though it’s really three in real terms since Greene, Lodolo, and Barrero should stick with the Reds and fall off the list.

    • Doug Gray

      Until they are no longer eligible, though, it’s six. And who knows who else “will stick and fall off of the list”, and what the chain reaction is at that point to bring in new guys who are just outside of the top 100?

  2. Hoyce

    Ya. And 29 other clubs are gonna have prospects graduate making room for all kinds of the “next wave”. I’m more excited for the reds stock of prospects than I have been in 20 yrs. And good thing bec the major league team is gawd awful. Need to trade Castillo mahle Pham. And about everything that’s not nailed down. Build around Stephenson India Barrero and young pitching.

    • Tom

      Normally I’m optimistic, but honestly this current batch of prospects doesn’t thrill me that much at the moment. Maybe it’s the 3-20. Maybe it’s the middling performances they’ve mostly put up early this year. Maybe it’s the Reds’ handling of Barerro, Senzel, and others. Maybe it’s the return they got in the payroll trades.

      Overall, this prospect game can work out the wrong way, big time, and take way longer than anyone wants, AND cost way more than dreamed of. Consider the vaunted farm systems in Chicago (AL), and San Diego from a few years ago. Both those teams have 2022 payrolls way over what the Reds claim to be able to approach. And yet what do they have to show for any of it yet?

      Nothing is guaranteed. Currently, the Reds do not have the makings of a championship organization until they land even more talent via draft and trades, then commit to a minimum 150+ million payroll. Who knows how any of that will work out.

      • Greenfield Red

        No doubt you are correct. However, its the only real chance the Reds have to win the WS in the foreseeable future

  3. Matt

    Early season returns say that Jay Allen will probably join this list at the midseason or pre2023 update.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    IMHO, there are many candidates this year who could be consider to reach the list such as Boyle, Phillips, Allen, Abott, Cerda, Hinds and hopefully Hendrick among others…it seems Ashcraft never will be rated enough to fall in there whatever he does… it is still a long way left to watch them all… it is very interesting…