Luis Castillo looked strong on rehab with Louisville in a 1-0 win that saw Ronnie Dawson’s 1st inning homer stand up the rest of the way, Matt McLain and Rece Hinds both homered twice on the day in wins for their respective teams, Robbie Tenerowicz picked up four hits as his hot streak continued for Chattanooga, Brandon Williamson struck out eight in the Lookouts win as he registered his best start of the season, and Joe Boyle kept his scoreless streak to begin the season going with four more shutout innings as Dayton improved to 18-5 on the year.

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The Louisville Bats won 1-0. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 13-4. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won a doubleheader

Game 1: 8-7 win. Box Score

Game 2: 5-1 win. Box Score

  • Jose Torres went 1-4.
  • Alex McGarry went 2-4 with a home run (7), double, 2 runs, and 3 RBI.
  • Rece Hinds went 2-2.
  • Garrett Wolforth went 2-3 with 2 RBI.
  • J.V. Martinez went 2-2 with a double.
  • Bryce Bonnin allowed a run in 3.2 innings on 1 hit and 2 walks while striking out 9.
  • Myles Gayman threw 2.1 shutout innings with 4 strikeouts.
  • Donovan Benoit threw a perfect inning with a strikeout.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 4-3. Box Score

5/5 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 10-16 11:05am Flores Jr. Here Here Here
Chattanooga 14-9 7:35pm Curlis Here Here Here
Dayton 18-5 7:05pm Proctor Here Here Here
Daytona 10-13 7:05pm Parks Here Here N/A

19 Responses

  1. Matt

    I was really hoping Dawson would get into the Reds game last night and homer. Have a AAA homer and an MLB homer on the same day. That’d be pretty cool.

    Encouraging from Williamson. Hopefully he can keep the command here on out!

    That Castillo guy looks too advanced for AAA. With a struggling MLB rotation, might be time to call him up.

    Louisville will have an exciting offense whenever Siani, McLain, Gilliam, and Hopkins are all promoted.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    I think Siani should be promoted to AAA at least while Dawson and Almora are in the major team

    • MK

      This has been the first real positive offensive period as a professional Siani has experienced. It might be better to let him experience it and gain more confidence than to challenge him at this point. AA is typically the most challenging level and should provide him all he needs moving forward.

      • DaveCT

        Agreed, as well.

        Consistency with the bat is one of the greatest needs for Siani. Outside of his injury last year costing him something with his hitting, Siani’s been streaky, IMO. He may just be that type of hitter, but putting together several good months at AA isn’t going to hurt him.

      • Kindell

        I agree, but I remember him being really good in 2019 for the majority of the 2nd half of the season.

  3. Redsvol

    Who’s this Luis Castillo prospect. He had a good night in triple A!

    • Michael P

      He’s a later bloomer at 29 years old. Kind of popped up out of nowhere. Has nice action on his fastball with a ++ Changeup. Expect him to be in the majors within the next week or so.

      • Doc

        Give him a couple weeks under the watchful eye of the Reds pitching coach. He’ll get back in line.

  4. Doc

    Boyle needed 83 pitches to get through 4 innings. Bonnin needed 70 to get through 3.1 innings.

    • AMDG

      Over his 4 starts, Boyle seems to consistently throw about 19 pitches per IP, and throws about 57% of those for strikes.

      But it’s hard to argue with the results:
      0.059 OBA
      14.8 K / 9 IP

    • MBS

      I’d like to see Bonnin, Boyle, and Abbott in AA before mid season. That way if they dominate at AA for a half season +, they could be candidates for the 23 roster. All 3 seem to be too far ahead of A+ batters. Their college arms, keep challenging them.

    • MK

      When you strike out a lot of batters you are going to throw a lot of pitches. At least 30 pitches came on walks and strikeouts and that is if he threw the minimum pitches to accomplish these. So strike out pitchers are going to throw a lot of pitches.

    • Stock

      I am going to have to pay more attention but it seems on the surface that batter’s are not swinging.

      I know when I was in little league we had several players who did not swing and hoped for a BB. I doubt this happens at this level but can’t help but feel batters are taking breaking pitches early in the count and hoping for a fastball later.

      But as MK pointed out if you strike out a lot and your control is slightly below average (or possibly worse in the case of Boyle) your pitch count will go up quickly. Bonnin had 9 K’s after 3 innings yesterday.

  5. Eric

    Hey what is going on with Tyler Callahan? Is he rehabbing an injury? When can we expect to see him in game action in Dayton?

  6. MK

    Think Lake County found out they don’t want to mess with Hinds in the batters box or boxing ring last night. With all the players on both sides leaving the benches on both sides I hope potential suspensions don’t derail the Dragons great start,