Robbie Tenerowicz and Isiah Gilliam continued to hit the cover off of the ball in a Chattanooga win, Dayton split a doubleheader while Rece Hinds and Elly De La Cruz kept on hitting and Bryce Bonnin threw 5.1 perfect innings, Jay Allen and Blake Dunn had big days for Daytona, and Louisville was postponed by rain.

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The Louisville Bats were postponed

Game will be made up as a part of a doubleheader on Saturday.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 7-5. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons split a doubleheader

Game 1: 5-0 win. Box Score

Game 2: 9-6 loss. Box Score

  • Jose Torres went 1-3 with a walk, steal (10), and a run.
  • Elly De La Cruz went 1-3 with a walk and 2 runs.
  • Justice Thompson went 1-3 with a walk, triple, steal, RBI, and a run.
  • Rece Hinds went 2-3 with a walk, triple, steal, 2 runs, and 2 RBI.
  • Mat Nelson went 2-3 with a walk and an RBI.
  • Nick Quintana went 1-3 with an RBI.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 7-5. Box Score

5/27 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 15-28 7:05pm Minor Here Here Here
Chattanooga 23-19 7:15pm Williamson Here Here Here
Dayton 28-13 6:35pm Phillips Here Here Here
Daytona 18-24 7:05pm Petty Here Here N/A

28 Responses

    • Luke J

      He pinch hit last night in the first game but didn’t go into the field after. Not sure what the circumstances are, but he’s at least healthy enough to hit in a game.

    • Doug Gray

      That’s a good question that I don’t have an answer for. On Sunday Tom Nichols, the Dayton Broadcaster said that he asked the manager if something was going on with McGarry because he hadn’t been in the lineup for like 2 days at that point and he said that he was told that no, McGarry was healthy. Tough to believe that entirely given that he’s pinch hit one time in the last week…. Maybe I’ve missed an update since then, but that was the last that I had heard.

  1. Matt

    None of the projected Reds MiLB starters for Friday were in the organization last year. Hopefully this is Minor’s last tune up, and he can rejoin the rotation and give Vlad a chance to work out his struggles in Louisville.

    After 3 straight solid starts, Williamson saw his walks again last outing walking 4 in 5 IP (but only 2 hits and 1 ER)

    After walking 12 in his first 3 starts, Phillips has walked only 4 in his last 3 outings, while striking out 39 (in 22 IP)

    Petty has been fine command wise, but hasn’t missed a lot of bats ( < 9 k/9).

    Excited to follow all 4 starts today!

    • SteveO

      Louisville website has Sanmartin as the projected starter, not Minor. Maybe Minor will be activated for the start today? Or Ashcraft added to the 40 man to make the start with Wilson going to the 60 day IL? Inquiring minds would like to know.

      • Matt

        Interesting. I could see the Reds going with Minor instead of Ashcraft so that they don’t have to make any 40 man moves. They’d only need to option somebody.
        It’s currently 1:30 and they still haven’t announced a starter or roster move(s). Maybe they don’t even know what they’re going to do yet. Maybe Sanmartin gets called up to start in Cincinnati.

  2. Matt

    On the offensive side of things, this needs to be the last AA series for Tenerowicz and Gilliam. Both are in their second AA tour and both are having really nice seasons. The Reds have so AAA veteran retreads that could be moved on from to create space for them (Cordoba, Bauers)

    I think Jay Allen will shoot up prospect boards in the post draft rewrite. He very well may be the second in the Reds list (de la Cruz being #1).

    • SteveO

      I agree. Hope the organization is a little more aggressive with releasing and promoting players. I’d like to see players who are doing well get challenged at the next level. I agree with Tenerowicz and Gilliam. In addition, Fisher, Garcia, Nutof, Pinto, Boyle, Phillips, McGarry, Dunn and O’Guinn to name a few. Steiger also, but he just fractured his wrist. Williamson and Abbott sometime later too.

    • MK

      Cordoba is only 26 and was quite the prospect when the Padres took him out of A Ball in the Rule5 draft and had to keep him in big leagues. He has still not fully recovered but I would love to see him regain some of his status.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    McGarry only took one at bat as a pinch-hitter in the first game… he should be a little
    bit hurt there ‘s no another reason I guess… Rece Hinds is on a hot streak in last games… It is very unfortunate to Gus Steiger has broken his wrist hopefully he will continue hitting as he was making it before the injury once he is recovered and back to the action……

  4. Old Big Ed

    Rece Hinds has made great progress over the last few weeks. He is slashing .382/.469/.655 in 17 games in May, and his strikeout rate is plunging. Over his past 8 games, he is 9-22 (.409), with 8 BBs, only 6 SOs, and 3 SB.

    Hinds is still only 21, and after limited play after signing due to injuries and Covid restrictions, he is now improving strongly with consistent playing time.

    The Reds have Hinds, Allen, De La Cruz and possibly a few other outfielders who will be ready in the next 1-3 years. (I expect De La Cruz to become a right fielder, given that Barrero figures to be the shortstop, and they have McLain, Torres and others who can play whatever infield position that India does not play.)

    • Bdh

      I think best case scenario would be a catcher developing enough for Stephenson to move to 1B but If De La Cruz puts on some good weight to his frame I wouldn’t mind seeing him at 1B post Votto. That’s Assuming McLain, Barrero, and India are the 2B, SS, 3B in a couple years.

      With all that young controllable talent in that IF they could spend on a corner outfielder. Then with Senzel in CF you really only need to worry about 1 of the following group to develop enough to start (Fraley, Friedl, Siani, Hinds, Cerda, Hendrick, Allen, Confidan, Thompson, Gilliam, Almonte)

      • Krozley

        That catcher could hopefully be Nelson, who is settling in at Dayton, slashing .289/.396/.533 in May.

      • MBS

        @Old, I’d add Siani back into that mix for the OF. He is or was considered the best outfielder in the organization, and his bat does seem to be coming around.

        @Bdh, what do you think of Hendrix as our future 1B? He’s got the right body, he’s a true LH, plus he’s got big time power.

        @Krozley I didn’t realize Nelson has started hitting that well. Between Nelson, Vellojin, and Miller we should have a viable backup C to Stephenson.

      • Little Earl

        MBS, Siani is batting only .253 now. His bat needs to come around more.

      • MK

        Really think you can count on Senzel in center field?

      • Bdh

        MK – yes I do. His defense this year has been very good and the longer he stays in the lineup the better he’s looked at the plate.

  5. DaveCT

    Bonnin with just 55 pitches (34 strikes) to go 5 1/3 innings. Really impressive.

    • MBS

      @Little, none of the above mentioned bats are near ready. Sinai was out of the conversation coming into this season, but yes he needs to continue to improve.

    • MBS

      Bonnin seems to be a legit MLB rotation candidate. I was more excited to see him this year than I was to see Abbott. Now only if he can have a run like Abbotts.

      • DaveCT

        Thing with Bonnin is an injury history from college (hip) and how that plays going forward. I also was excited to see what he does this year. His draftmate, Boyle, I’m not so high on. Yet. His control is going to really have to become at least average for him to progress to the ML’s, and at this point I’m not sure we can wish for a whole lot for command. As much as guys like Rainey, Hendrix, Kuhnel etc haven’t established themselves yet, Boyle is probably higher risk.

  6. SteveO

    Any Walker Lockett sighting? Should be ready soon from EXST.

    • DaveCT

      Being Seattle area now, every time I see this name, my brain goes to Russell Wilson’s (former) favorite wide receiver.

  7. SteveO

    McGuire and Nicolino added to the Louisville roster.

  8. SteveO

    Reds should try to sign Ildemaro Vargas to a minor league deal.

  9. SteveO

    Nice to see McGarry back in the starting lineup tonight for Dayton

  10. SteveO

    Watched some minor league games waiting for the rain to pass and Phillips seems ready to move to Chattanooga soon. Minor pitched really well and looks ready to make the start in Boston. Williamson also impressive. Good day for the starting pitchers in Milb for the Reds.