The 2022 Major League Baseball Draft is about six weeks away. It will begin on Sunday July 17th and run through Tuesday July 19th. There will once again be 20 rounds in the draft. Cincinnati will have 22 selections at their disposal. The Reds will have five picks in the Top 100 as they picked up an additional pick as compensation for losing Nick Castellanos after the 1st round and then another pick after the 2nd round for meeting the “small market” requirements.

Despite drafting 18th overall, Cincinnati has the 8th most draft pool money to spend thanks to their two additional picks in the draft. Below is the breakdown of the slot value of each pick and where that pick is at in the draft.

Round Pick Slot Round Pick
1 18 $3,657,900 11 333
1 32 $2,371,800 12 363
2 55 $1,373,300 13 393
2 73 $900,900 14 423
3 94 $649,600 15 453
4 123 $488,100 16 483
5 153 $364,400 17 513
6 183 $279,500 18 543
7 213 $218,800 19 573
8 243 $178,100 20 603
9 273 $160,300
10 303 $151,200
Slot value in Rounds 11-20 is up to $125,000

It’s been a while since the Reds drafted this low – you have to go back to 2014 when their first pick was below 18 and that’s when they picked Nick Howard. With that said, they selected 17th last year when they picked Matt McLain, so they’ve been in the general range very recently.

Draft Rankings

Baseball America last updated their Top 300 rankings on April 27th. You will need a subscription to see their list.

MLB Pipeline last had an update to their Top 200 rankings on May 24th.

Fangraphs had their most recent update to their draft rankings in mid-March.

Mock Drafts

We’re going to look at this as it relates to the Reds.

Baseball America’s most recent mock draft came out on June 3rd. You’ll need a subscription to see the whole thing, but they have Cincinnati selecting Dylan Lesko. He was arguably the top pitcher in the entire draft when the season began, but he’s now undergone Tommy John surgery. On top of the potential concerns there, he’s also a Vanderbilt commit and they’ve been able to get a lot of guys to campus over the last two decades who were high-end potential picks.

MLB Pipeline had their most recent mock draft a week ago. Jonathan Mayo has the team selecting shortstop Zach Neto out of Campbell. He hit .405 as a sophomore in 2021. He’s done it again in 2022, hitting .407/.514/.769 with 19 steals (in 20 tries) with 39 walks and 19 strikeouts. Neto also hit .304/.439/.587 in the Cape Cod League last summer.

Prospects Live just released their most recent mock draft this morning. They have the Reds selecting Brandon Barriera. The left-handed pitcher is another Vanderbilt commit. He’s not your typical 1st round profile guy, just 5′ 11″ tall and 171 lbs. Teams have shied away a little bit in the last half-decade or so on the “prototypical” pitcher thing when it comes to size concerns, and with pitchers no longer being expected to throw 7 innings each time out that makes a little more sense.

What’s coming next

Between now and the draft, we’ll be running scouting reports on *roughly* 20-25 players that call into the range where the Cincinnati Reds will be selecting in the 1st round. We’ll cover anyone outside of that range of players that it seems that Cincinnati’s been linked to, and hope that come July 17th when the Reds make their first two selections we’ve at least covered those two players already.

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23 Responses

  1. RedBB

    Not really a mock Draft but Kiley McDaniel of ESPN+ has Jackson Ferris HS LHP as the #18 ranked player.

    • KDavis

      Doug, Saw a ranking of 25 top players a few weeks ago. Don’t remember who did ranking but they had several college outfielders ranked on n their top 25. I would like to see Reds select an outfielder.

  2. Brad

    For the Reds at #18, I am most interested in:

    SS Zach Neto
    OF Chase Delauter
    OF Dylan Beavers

    • DaveCT

      Plus one on DeLauters. He’s seems like a beast.

    • Redsvol

      realizing whoever we draft is probably 3-4 years away, I’m wishing for 2 outfielders with those first 2 picks – one from college and one from high school. I’m also a take the best player available guy, so if one of those highly rated pitchers falls to us then I’m on board with a pitcher. But boy does our system need an influx of outfield talent.

      Neto could be an interesting pick, very talented but probably not staying at shortstop.

      • corkedbat

        While I wouldn’t mind a solid corner OF or two (if BPA), when you combine guys like Allen, Siani, Hendrick, Cerda, Confidan, Almonte, Valdez, etc. with guys like de la Cruz, McLain, Hinds, Johnson, Torres and even Barrero who are listed as INF’s now, we’re not exactly bereft out there either. Granted, most probably won’t be with the club in the next year (Barrero, Siani & McLain being possible exceptions), but then that is probably true of anyone drafted as well.

  3. LDS

    While lots of minor leaguers and draft picks never make it, aren’t the Reds rather flush on SS and need more 1B/OF types? I would think they’d start actively anticipating Votto’s retirement. As for pitching, well you can never have too much, especially when so many wind up on the IL.

    • Andrew

      I’d argue you can’t have too many middle infielders as well. If a dude can play SS he can very likely olay left or right field

      • LDS

        Depending on their size, athleticism, speed, etc., sure. On the other hand, while what you say is true, I’d like to see the Reds draft and develop a couple of really exceptional players. Been waiting the last couple of decades to see the Soto, Junior, even another Votto, be drafted and developed. I don’t think India or Stephenson are at that level though both are likely stars going forward. Greene may be if he doesn’t blow out his arm and continues to develop. So bad development, bad drafting, or just bad luck, don’t know but sure would like to see SEVERAL game changers. Not one career to waste like they have Votto’s.

      • DaveCT

        LDS, I completely agree. Somehow, some way, we need an influx of elite talent in order to even be in the conversation. Otherwise we’re 2nd class citizens. Bummer that elite players really weren’t available in the Senzel/India draft years. If Greene becomes Verlander, or even Corey Kluber, we’d have done well. I do think we have some potentially elite talent acquired internationally, De La Cruz and the recent signees and Dominican Summer League kids. They’re still a long ways from the Show

  4. Hoyce

    Doug- do u see kumar rocker possibly falling to the reds at #32? He seems like a potential TOR kinda guy. Granted injury concerns are there but reds aren’t gonna extend him past his 6 yrs control anyway.
    And I’m hopin for Lesko at 18. But reds do need high end OFers

    • MK

      That could be an interesting pick with the additional picks they have. It might be worth a gamble. Probably get him well under slot as he can’t afford to waste another year.

  5. Tom

    Their pipeline needs help everywhere, but especially OF.

    • DaveCT

      Seven of the top 25 players are OFers, with a high likelihood that one or more of their really talented middle infielders ends up in the OF, too. So, IMO, they won’t and shouldn’t draft for position as opposed to the best player available.

      • Tom

        I agree, always BPA. But I find that the teams say that more than they strictly live by that. BPA very often gives way to needs based picks.

        I’m anticipating them to weigh OF prospects a bit heavier this year even though Hendricks and Hinds and others are already out there. Their K% might make them DH/platoon style players, we don’t know. It sure would be nice to have a highly productive college OF fall into the 18th pick. Or even a projectable HS OF like Jay Bruce or Trent Grisham.

        Middle infielders are great, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t often come with a premium power profile at the 18th pick. That said, Tre Turner, Crawford, Anderson and Seager types are often in that range. Why pass on that?

        I’d say of the McClain, EDLC, Torres, Cabrera, Johnson 2024-2026 group of arrivals that some will/won’t make it, and some will need to find a role in the utility IF/OF mold. That still leaves 1-2 spots open in the OF because no one on the current roster projects out there beyond this year.

        Maybe pick 32 is the perfect spot for an Aaron Judge / Adam Dunn type of tooled up masher. That would be fun.

  6. Billy

    I’d like them to take Cam Collier this year and Max Clark next year. Max is real deal

  7. kevinz

    Like go for upside at both position player group and Pitching.
    Like Collier as seen put above as well.
    Plus upside hitter and young.
    Keep adding arms for sure.
    All know to well, can be gone quickly.

  8. icehole3

    IMO I’d like to see the Reds draft 4 SP with the first 4 picks then with the 5 pick SS.

    • Tom

      Sounds about right for you, but why waste a 5th rounder on a position player? :)

    • DaveCT

      They’ve emphasized taking guys who are highly athletic in recent years.