It’s not the end of the month, but it has been a month since we last checked in on the longest home runs hit by players on the farm system. And really, I didn’t want to wait until next week to “catch up” on the end of the month that still wouldn’t really be the end of the month.

I track the distance of the home runs in three ways: The Trackman system at the ballpark, the Hawkeye system at the ballpark, and with the use of video replay and google maps measurement tool. Each system has some limitation to it (and we will get to that below with a good example). Over the past handful of years I’ve been doing this kind of tracking, and generally speaking, the systems are usually within 5-10 feet of each other. This year, at least as of now, I am not getting any information on home runs from the complex levels, so we’re going to be missing all of those home runs for the time being.

The Longest home Runs from May 24-June 20th

1. Ruben Ibarra – 451 Feet (Trackman)

2. Rece Hinds – 446 Feet (Trackman)

3. Ivan Johnson – 441 Feet (Trackman)

4. Justice Thompson – 434 Feet (Trackman)

5. Elly De La Cruz – 430 Feet (Trackman)

The Top 25 Homers from the last month

Date Player Level Distance System
5/28 Ruben Ibarra A 451 Trackman
6/19 Rece Hinds A+ 446 Trackman
5/31 Ivan Johnson AA 441 Trackman
6/9 Justice Thompson A+ 434 Trackman
6/14 Elly De La Cruz A+ 430 Trackman
6/7 Ruben Ibarra A 428 Trackman
6/4 Chris Okey AAA 423 Google Maps
5/31 Allan Cerda A+ 419 Google Maps
6/19 Yassel Pino A 419 Hawkeye
6/11 Isiah Gilliam AA 418 Google Maps
6/15 TJ Hopkins AA 417 Google Maps
6/16 Stuart Fairchild AAA 416 Google Maps
5/24 Blake Dunn A 415 Trackman
6/2 Elly De La Cruz A+ 414 Google Maps
6/7 Mark Kolozsvary AAA 412 Google Maps
6/7 Austin Hendrick A+ 410 Google Maps
5/28 Elly De La Cruz A+ 408 Google Maps
6/4 TJ Friedl AAA 408 Google Maps
5/24 Jake Fraley AAA 407 Google Maps
6/3 Michael Siani AA 407 Google Maps
6/7 Juniel Querecuto AAA 407 Google Maps
6/2 Jose Barrero AAA 406 Google Maps
5/25 Elly De La Cruz A+ 405 Google Maps
6/1 Garrett Wolforth A+ 404 Google Maps
6/16 Allan Cerda A+ 404 Trackman

(Editors Note: I am missing data on 11 of the 84 home runs hit in this span by players in the full season leagues. Most of them are from Chattanooga where the camera operators often struggle to find the baseball and instead choose to zoom in tight on the outfielders staring over the wall)

Top 10 Home Runs on the Season

Date Player Level Distance System
5/20 Jose Torres A+ 501* Google Maps
5/14 Allan Cerda A+ 457 Trackman
5/28 Ruben Ibarra A 451 Trackman
6/19 Rece Hinds A+ 446 Trackman
4/24 Allan Cerda A+ 445 Trackman
4/13 Ronnie Dawson AAA 443 Google Maps
5/31 Ivan Johnson AA 441 Trackman
5/5 Austin Hendrick A 439 Trackman
6/9 Justice Thompson A+ 434 Trackman
5/12 Elly De La Cruz A+ 433 Trackman
5/18 Trey Amburgey AAA 433 Trackman
*Trackman said this was 427 feet. The video tells another story


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  1. MK

    After today Brian Rey has a little more that two weeks left on his 80-game PED suspension. Is he permitted to prepare for the upcoming second half at the Reds Arizona Complex?
    Kind of excited to see what he can do. He had a great winter in Puerto Rico, until he took a pitch to the face.