TJ Hopkins picked up his 11th home run and Spencer Stockton lowered his ERA to 1.40 with another strong outing for Chattanooga, Austin Hendrick doubled and homer as Dayton’s slide continued, Tyler Calliahn, Jack Rogers, Steven Leyton, and Ashton Creal all had three hits in Daytona’s win, the ACL Reds got homers from Carlos Jorge, Deivid Alcantara, and Donovan Antonia as Jefferson Lopez struck out right in 4.0 perfect innings in a comeback win, and down in the Domincan Summer League Esmith Pineda picked up another hit as his hot start to his career continued.

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The Louisville Bats lost 7-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Louisville jumped out to a 2-0 lead by scoring a run in each of the first two innings. But after that they failed to score again while Iowa scored seven times.

Juniel Querecuto is now hitting .312/.356/.464 through 34 games this year with Louisville after missing the first five weeks of the season after breaking his hamate bone in spring training.

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 5-3. Box Score

Game Notes

Alex McGarry keeps on hitting in Chattanooga after his promotion. After getting on base two more times on Tuesday night he’s hitting .333/.389/.576 with the Lookouts through 9 games.

Matt McLain‘s slump continues. He’s now hitting .211/.357/.281 through 15 games in June.

Spencer Stockton’s outstanding 2022 continues. His ERA is down to 1.40 in 25.2 innings split between Dayton and Chattanooga. He’s given up 19 hits, no home runs, walked just 6 batters, and he now has 27 strikeouts.

The Dayton Dragons lost 11-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Just about two weeks ago the Dayton Dragons had the best record in minor league baseball. After their loss on Tuesday night they have fallen to second place in their own division. Dayton was rained out on June 8th. Since then they’ve gone 2-10, while Great Lakes has gone 11-1 to overtake them in the standings by half of a game. The first half ends on Thursday. Dayton has 3 games remaining, including a doubleheader on Wednesday. Great Lakes only has 2 games remaining, but they have the tie breaker over Dayton.

Austin Hendrick has hit for plenty of power since being promoted to Dayton. He’s got 6 doubles and 3 home runs in 18 games, but he’s struggled to make contact as he’s struck out 28 times with just 6 walks and has hit .235/.303/.456 for the Dragons.

Daniel Vellojin seems to be a fan of wearing the Dayton jersey as he’s picked up two hits and a walk in each of his first two games with the club.

The Daytona Tortugas won 9-5. Box Score

Game Notes

After a bit of a slow start to the season after joining Daytona in mid-May after missing the start of the year with an injury, Tyler Callihan is hitting .309 in 17 games during June and has raised his line to .280/.330/.410 on the season through 100 at-bats.

Michel Triana continued his torrid June. In 7 games since returning to the lineup after missing two weeks he’s hitting .417/.548/.709 and has more walks than strikeouts (5-to-4).

Jack Rogers is now hitting .316/.386/.532 through 23 games with Daytona after hitting .097/.253/.145 in 21 games to start the season in Dayton.

Ashton Creal is hitting .400 since June 12th with 3 doubles, a triple, 3 walks, and just 2 strikeouts.

ACL Reds won 10-9. Box Score

Game Notes

The Reds made a big comeback, but almost blew it, too. The Dodgers were up 4-1 after the 1st and 6-1 after the 3rd inning. But then the Reds scored 2 runs in the 4th, 6th, and 7th to take a 7-6 lead. The Dodgers then took an 8-7 lead in the top of the 8th with a 2-spot of their own. Donovan Antonia came off of the bench in the bottom of the 8th with two men on to pinch hit and crushed a 3-run homer to make it a 10-8 game. The Dodgers then scored a run in the top of the 9th and had the tying run on second with two outs, but a strikeout ended the game.

Carlos Jorge just continues to crush the ball. After hitting .346/.436/.579 last season for the DSL Reds he’s now hitting .306/.432/.667 for the ACL Reds in his first 11 games.

Leonardo Balcazar’s hot start to the 2022 season kept going as he picked up 2 more hits on the night. He’s up to .343/.442/.514 through his first 10 games of the season.

Donovan Antonia has 6 hits this season (6-16, .375) and half of them have left the ballpark.

Jefferson Lopez had the game of his life as he struck out 8 batters in 4.0 perfect innings. Last season he pitched in 13 games and his season high in strikeouts was 3 (in 3.0 innings – his longest outing of the year). He only pitched in 3 games in 2019, throwing 3.1 total innings.

DSL Reds lost 5-0. Box Score

Game Notes

Esmith Pineda just keeps picking up hits. The 17-year-old is now hitting .361/.452/.472 with 6 walks and just 7 strikeouts to begin his career. In his 11 games played he’s only gone without a hit twice.

Ricardo Cabrera‘s struggles in the field continued. He made his 11th error in his 13th game of the season. He is hitting just .114 with 14 strikeouts and 4 walks.

Top 25 Prospects Rundown

6/22 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 24-42 12:05pm Nicolino Here Here Here
Chattanooga 32-32 7:15pm Spiers Here Here Here
Dayton 38-25 5:35pm Farr/Phillips Here Here Here
Daytona 28-35 7:05pm Petty Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 9-3 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
6-8 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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27 Responses

  1. JRZ


    How about a review of the Reds pitching prospects? They seem mighty skinny. In fact, they have absolutely no one to AAA.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Maybe because they have three really promising rookies in the bigs?

      • MBS

        I was thinking the same, all 3 were probably going to start the year in AAA, 2 got the call out of spring due to injury’s, and the other got his call later in the year due to yet another injury. Williamson will probably be in AAA before the season ends, and Abbott might join him there in 23.

    • Luke J

      The Reds are deep at pitcher. With Ashcraft, Lodolo, Greene with the big club now, they have Williamson, Abbott, Boyle, Petty, Phillips in the minors. And Bonin is hurt now, but is also a nice prospect. I don’t think they are short on pitching prospects. They have talent up and down the system.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Despite his numbers righ now, Christian Roa is also a intriguing top pitching prospect

  2. Doc4uk

    Bet some scouts are real nervous about Cabrera signing!

    • AC

      11 games is definitely enough sample size to definitively project a prospect’s future. I’m surprised he hasn’t been released yet, myself.

  3. Matt

    What are the chances any of the ACL guys make their way to Daytona before season’s end?

    • Doug Gray

      The exact wording of a text I sent to someone last night:

      I know Carlos Jorge isn’t as tooled up as Elly is/was, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sees time in Daytona this year before the season is over.

  4. Patrick

    Lots of concerns about the Future
    Barrero strikeouts and lack of walks is becoming concerning
    Senzel has all of sudden turned in to Shogo at the plate Senzels 2022 hitting stats are almost idential to Shogo’s 2021. I think a trip to AAA at this point might be best for his future.
    Too many strikeouts from our top position prospects. And poor K/BB rates are all Red flags.

    • MK

      I hope Senzel has some real value to another organization that might want him for some actual return value at the deadline. Hopefully a new start somewhere else can get his career back on track. Almora deserves the centerfield spot due to performance.

      I think Barrero is going to need to out perform Farmer at big league level which he has not to this point. If that means he has to begin in the outfield first to get his offense on track then so be it.

      If you listen to the Jim Day podcast, the recent version, it is pretty clear the clubhouse as a whole say Farmer is our shortstop. So, I don’t see that change at least this year.

      • DaveCT

        I’m not sure who Senzel has to mentor him at this point, either. Winker had Votto and Jay Bruce to some degree. And where India and Stephenson also are lacking a RH hitter to mentor, Senzel is adrift. Maybe Farmer can be that guide, but I don’t really know.

    • Gregory Bott

      Barrero’s strikeouts??? You don’t get a hamate injury. Educate yourself. His bat is slowed.

      • Patrick

        Well you need to educate yourself since if you look at the stats of players having a hamate injury you will see when a player comes back it does not affect their hitting. You can go look up this information right on the internet. I did when he was injured.

      • Doug Gray

        Wait, do you mean coming back doesn’t effect their hitting or it does? Because one of the things is actually true, and it’s not the one that you said.

  5. Bdh

    I realize the ACL team is loaded with prospects (Jorge, Almonte, Balcazar, Valdez) but they need to start getting Antonia in the lineup more. After his pinch hit home run last night he went to 1B making it the 4th position he’s been in (1B,2B,LF,DH). Plus he was signed as a catcher so he’s versatile enough to move around but he’s only started in 5 of the 12 games this season. I just don’t understand how they like the kid enough to bring him stateside as a 17 year old but play him in less than half the games as an 18 year old when he’s currently OPSing 1.388

    • Doug Gray

      I mean we can start off with that his OPS is in 5 games, one of which was just a pinch hitting appearance.

      But really, this is what happens when Major League Baseball decided to eliminate a bunch of minor league teams – particularly at the lowest levels, you don’t get nearly as much in-game developmental time for everyone. It’s short sighted to save pennies for organizations. There’s a reason that some organizations were against it – they understood what was going to happen.

      • Krozley

        To be fair, the ACL Reds active roster right now is 31 players, which is actually lower than what they typically had in seasons before the team eliminations (at least until any draftees join them). There are three organizations that have two ACL teams, which I think is smart if you can populate them. The Giants teams have 45 players split between their teams and the Dbacks I think just have one roster, but split players between teams on a day-to-day basis, thus getting more playing time for players. What I don’t get is why the Reds only have one DSL team. I think 19 teams have multiple DSL teams where I believe you can have another 70 players (the Reds have 33 active).

      • BK

        Just to make sure I understand, because I recall some of this was discussed during the CBA lockout … teams are not limited on the number of minor league players they can have in their organization, nor are they limited to one team at the complex level. Are those two facts accurately stated?

      • Doug Gray

        One of those two statements is accurate. Organizations can have multiple complex teams. There ARE roster number limits, though.

  6. Hunt4RedsOct

    I seem to remember a limit of 180. Can’t document that however.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    I was viewing the Bats lineup last night and I think it is showing many good hitters for AAA level some guys has mid-to-long ML experience and they don’t have nothing more to prove at AAA, i don’t understand why this team don’t hit enough regularly as they can, at least on paper.
    What are happening to Dayton? Is it just a bad streak? Has fatigue arised?
    How about the Ricardo Cabrera’s season start ? It was not expected like this, poor hitting and defense, maybe it could be psycological factors hurting him due he is very young yet

    • Greenfield Red

      While the so called experts continue to say the Reds farm system is average, we all like to think the Reds have one of the best systems.

      Truth is, the pitching looks good, but the hitting is way underperforming. Far too many KS by the important prospects.

      There are those who say wins and losses don’t count in the minors. I tend to agree, but eventually, the cream has to rise to the top… or maybe we’ll just come to the realization there isn’t all that much cream in another sub .500 season in the minors.

      • DaveCT

        So many of the kids at Hi and Lo A as well as the rookie leagues are really young. Then on the flip side are the guys who are older for their leagues, whether that’s due to the missing season or not. Not to mention the filler players. It’s a tough read but it does look like we are much more athletic than in the past, with some tooled up and skilled kids to watch. But as teenagers, inconsistency is likely the norm, and consistency the goal. Takes years, really. .

    • DaveCT

      And, what, 35 at bats for Cabrera, too? Plus he’s 17 years old and playing in the Dominican while being Venezuelan. There a lot going on for a kid like that, not to mention the day to day stuff you want him to be learning.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree. This is probably his 1st time away from home. I’m mostly thinking about Hendrick, Hinds, McClain, Cerda, Allen, to a lesser extent De La Cruz striking out at excessive rates. Some if not all those guys are young for their level, so some understanding is needed.

      • DaveCT

        Right. Whenever I read about a draft prospect that he’s got “some swing and miss to his game,” I just groan.