One could make the argument that Brock Porter in the best pitching prospect in the class. In the cumulative rankings he came in two spots behind Dylan Lesko, but Lesko has undergone Tommy John surgery while Porter is healthy and ready to go. Among the top 20 prospects in the draft, Porter is the only healthy pitcher.

Brock Porter Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 208 lbs

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | Position: RHP

Highest Ranking: 10th (MLB Pipeline)

The reports on Brock Porter all begin with his fastball. Sitting in the 93-97 MPH range he’s touched 100 and the pitch shows good horizontal movement, too. With that said, his change up is not far behind, getting plus grades on it’s own. The change up has both fading and tumbling action, works in the 78-80 MPH range, and is sold very well with his arm speed.

The big right-handed starter from St. Mary Prep in Orchard Lake, Michigan also throws both a slider and a change up that get average to slightly above-average grades. His slider is the harder of the two offerings, coming in in the low-to-mid 80’s with sweeping action. The curveball has more 12-6 action and works in the mid-to-upper 70’s.

With four quality pitches and two of them being plus to plus-plus offerings it’s not hard to see why he could be the first pitcher taken – even in a draft class that is shockingly low on pitching. Toss in that with his size there may still be some additional velocity in there down the line and Porter could see his name called in the early-to-mid 1st round.


Basic Information

The 2022 Major League Baseball Draft will begin on July 17th and end on July 19th, taking part over a three day period of time. The Cincinnati Reds will have selections 18, 32, 55, and 73 in the first two rounds of the draft. Despite not selecting in the top five, or even the top 10, the Reds have the 8th largest bonus pool allotment to work with due to their compensation pick from losing Nick Castellanos in free agency, as well as a competitive balance round B pick (73rd) that adds a lot of additional pool money.

You can see all of the scouting reports in the series by clicking here.

5 Responses

  1. MBS

    I’m all for best player available. If he falls to us, I’d guess he would be the best player available.

  2. Matt

    I had to listen twice to make sure I heard “zero point two seven ERA” correctly. Wow. Would still prefer a polished college bat at 18, but wouldn’t be disappointed with the Reds taking Brock Porter.

  3. Redsvol

    After watching the video Doug posted, there is no way I would spend a 1st round pick on this player for following reasons;
    – thoroughly unimpressed with his mentality (hardly challenged the other team’s players even though they are in high school and he is supposedly a top 10 talent who can throw upper 90’s.
    – comes from cold weather climate – there are a few examples out there but its becoming rare for cold weather climate pitchers to become top starting pitchers in MLB. They pitch against inferior talent and for short season compared to pitchers from California, Texas and the deep south.
    – he is a high school pitcher. I dislike spending a top draft pick on a HS pitcher.
    I really hope we take a position player with our 1st 2 picks – shortstop and outfielder or best available position player.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, meanwhile , I go on this order:

  5. Zach

    Let’s see some college ready bats and some pitching depth. The we essentially have one or two viable relievers… The Reds have 4 picks in the top 100, make some noise.

    The next run will be in 2024/2025 when Votto and Moustakis are gone and their contracts are off the table. Guessing the Reds will buyout both options for $7M and $4M respectively in 2024. They’ll use that extra money in 2024/2025 for FA signings. Also being a young team they’ll have a few years before arb becomes too much (if they play their cards right).