Big night in Toledo for rehabbing Tyler Naquin and Justin Dunn who were about as perfect as could be asked of them in Louisville’s win, Alex McGarry hit two more home runs for Chattanooga as he extended his hit streak to 14 games, Austin Hendrick hit his 13 homer of the year while Jose Torres broke a Dayton Dragons record, Fidel Castro homered and had three hits for Daytona, Leonardo Balcazar kept crushing the ball in the ACL Reds win, and Carlos Sanchez hit a walk-off homer for the DSL Reds.

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The Louisville Bats won 12-3. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 10-4. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 11-8. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 4-2. Box Score

ACL Reds won 6-3. Box Score

DSL Reds won 3-2. Box Score

7/2 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 29-46 7:05pm Williamson Here Here Here
Chattanooga 35-38 7:15pm Curlis Here Here Here
Dayton 43-30 7:05pm Kravetz Here Here Here
Daytona 31-41 6:00pm Abel Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 13-5 TBA TBA/TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
9-10 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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23 Responses

  1. MK

    36 pitches for Dunn in his 3 innings, exactly 12 in each. He threw in the bullpen after the three innings to get his pitch count to 50. They said in the beginning to expect him after the all star game. That target looks reasonable.

  2. Bdh

    Phillips had a really good outing through 5 innings striking out 7 and only giving up 1 run on 3 hits. Coming back out for the 6th is where the trouble occurred. Still a lot to be encouraged about IMO

  3. MBS

    McGarry is crushing it in AA! Not too bad for a non-drafted FA signing. 14 game hit streak, homering in his last 4 games with 5 HR’s in those 4 games.

    Dunn looks sharp to! It would be nice to see him join Lodolo in the rotation very soon. That would allow the Reds to both trade Castillo, and put Minor in the pen.

    Even my boy Gilliam got a pinch hit. Looking forward to seeing how he handles AAA pitching.

    • SteveO

      Kinda misleading about non drafted FA signing as the 2020 draft was only 5 rounds and only 160 players drafted.
      In fact, Chattanooga has more than a few that fall into the same category as McGarry. Urbaez and Hurtubise position players who are also doing fairly well and pitchers Spiers, Branche, Roxby and Timpanelli. Proctor in Dayton and Steiger in Daytona also part of the class. Hendrick, Roa, Miller, Bonnin, Wainwright and Boyle were our drafted players that year. No one will ever know if the undrafted players would’ve been drafted and where in a normal draft, but we did come away with some good players who signed as FA. Side note, Connor Phillips, who we got from the Mariners was also a 2nd round pick in that draft.

      • MK

        Yeah but probably more impressive that Reds scouts had to compete with all the other teams to get these guys to sign in an open market. Several guys in that category on the Lookouts including James Free.

      • SteveO

        Was comparing players from the same year, but yes Free also was a FA and so was Friedl, Benschoter, Pucheu, Fisher and Wynn’s, if you want to name all the players in the organization.

    • MBS

      I am impressed with what McGarry is doing in AA regardless of his draft status. I just added that anecdote as an afterthought.

  4. reaganspad

    McGarry was a very good RBI guy at OSU with some pop in his bat. but his power is really emerging now.

    Is Chattanooga a hitters park?

    • Doug Gray

      Yes, it’s played out as a home run friendly ballpark forever.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Is Jacques Pucheu in a rehab at ACL? What happened to him? He’s thrown even at AAA so his was demoted in a big way….he clearly was not pitching well in last outings…
    Ricardo Cabrera recorded his 14th error and went 1-3 with the bat…
    I have noticed the bullpen crash is extending to the farm system recently… Chatanooga, Dayton, Daytona for not to say Louisville, have been struggling a lot and the most of loses comes through relievers blown outs

    • Doug Gray

      It’s not a rehab assignment. I really don’t know exactly what’s going on with that, or how they can really even have him there.

  6. Stock

    Leonardo Balcazar!!!

    Second in the league in OPS and the player in front of him is 23.
    First in the league in Slugging %.

    Even though he is one of the youngest in the league he is the man.

    • Stock

      I should clarify my above statements. Balcazar is first and second among the leagues qualified hitters. For example Donovan Antonia has a 1.288 OPS vs. 1.176 for Balcazar but is about 12 PA from qualification for the league lead in OPS.

  7. Doc4uk

    Surely Balcazar will move up to Daytona soon.

    Also Time to bring McGarry up (while he has a hot bat) and let Joey assume role of DH against right handed pitchers only. DFA Moustakis to open a spot on the roster.

    • MK

      I think Moose surprisingly has some trade value. I have read Mets are interested as a bench player.

      • Zach

        My thought too. Trade value as in unload his contract. We may lose a prospect trying to unload him.

  8. Bdh

    Pineda was out again today. Doug, you have any contacts for that club that could relay the info?

    • Doug Gray

      If he’s not back in the lineup on Monday remind me and I’ll reach out.

  9. LBD

    Doug, what is going on with Tenerowicz? Is he injured? He has only played 12 games after earning that promotion to AAA. Has had a bit of a rough start but SO rate is low

  10. Bubba Woo

    You’ve gotta think McGarry’s going to get a legit chance to make the team next year outta Spring Training in 23. Pretty impressive for someone who’s not a top 25 prospect.