Alex McGarry extended his hitting streak to 16 games for Chattanooga, Chase Petty matched a career high in strikeouts for Daytona, Justin Nicolino took a no-hitter into the 7th inning for Louisville, and Carlos Jorge went 1-3 with his 10th steal of the year while Nicolo Pinazza struck out a career best eight batters in the ACL Reds win.

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The Louisville Bats lost 4-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Justin Nicolino had a no-hitter through 6.2 innings before giving up a game tying solo home run in the 7th with 2 outs. The bullpen took over in the 8th and gave up the lead on a night where Louisville struggled to get much offense going.

Tyler Stephenson singled on a ground ball into right field with the St. Paul Saints shifting against him, leaving an enormous hole on the 1st base side of the infield that he easily got the ball through.

Colin Moran homered for the first time in nearly a month (last homered June 5th).

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 3-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Alex McGarry extended his hitting streak to 16 games. Unlike Sunday, he didn’t wait until the final at-bat of the day to extend the streak, picking up a single in the 3rd inning on Monday night. He’s hitting .298/.344/.618 between his stops in Dayton and Chattanooga.

TJ Hopkins went 1-4 with a single, but he made the play of the game when he robbed a home run.

The Dayton Dragons lost 20-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Joe Boyle had allowed 4 earned runs through 15 starts entering Monday’s game. He then allowed 7 runs – all earned – in 2.1 innings on 1 hit, 6 walks, and a hit batter. 3 of those runs scored after he left the bases loaded in the 3rd inning and was replaced by Jake Gilbert. He allowed 3 runs to score that were charged to Boyle, then he was charged with 5 earned runs of his own while only recording 1 out – though 2 of those runs scored after he left the game and was replaced by James Marinan.

J.V. Martinez threw more pitches in the game than Braxton Roxby or Manuel Cachutt did, firing 36 pitches in the 9th inning as he hit a batter, gave up 3 hits, and walked another batter. He wasn’t just lobbing the ball in there, either. His velocity ranged from 67 MPH to 90 MPH. He picked up his strikeout on an 88 MPH fastball that dotted the outside corner. I’d guess his arm will be sore for a few days.

Dayton’s pitching staff has seemingly fallen apart of late. In the last 9 games they’ve given up 89 total runs. Here’s the breakdown of runs allowed by game in that span: 17, 2, 18, 1, 8, 11, 1, 11, 20….. three outstanding games and then getting their teeth kicked in in the other six.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 4-0. Box Score

Game Notes

Chase Petty matched a career high with 6 strikeouts.

ACL Reds won 5-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Juan Garcia doubled to raise his line to .333/.433/.500 on the season, but he seems to have injured himself on the play because he was pinch run for after reaching base (this was the 3rd inning).

Donovan Antonia is now hitting .364/.442/.727 on the season in 14 games. The 18-year-old from Curacao has 4 doubles, 4 home runs, 7 walks, and 8 strikeouts on the year.

Leonardo Balcazar kept his hot hitting going and is now hitting .345/.431/.618 on the season.

Nicolo Pinazzi had not struck out more than 4 batters in a game entering 2022 (2021 was his first professional season). But in three of his four starts he had struck out 7 batters and in the other start he had 5. On Monday he set a new career high with 8, giving him 34 strikeouts (and 14 walks) in 18.1 innings this season.

DSL Reds game was suspended

Top 25 Prospect Rundown

7/5 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 30-48 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-40 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 43-33 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Daytona 32-43 OFF DAY Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 15-6 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
9-11 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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    • Doug Gray

      I was hoping someone would notice it. Patreon peeps got it over the weekend. It’ll be live on the site (outside of this) by noon (hopefully)!

      • SteveO

        Doug, what is your criteria when compiling your top 25 prospects list? Highest possibility of getting to the Reds?

      • Doug Gray

        SteveO, I’ll attack the questions all at once:

        The criteria for eligibility is to be Rookie of the Year eligible for NEXT season. In the time between when I finalized my list for Patreon and today, Graham Ashcraft actually graduated his eligibility. So when the list goes live in an hour, he won’t be on it anymore. When I started the list he still had two weeks remaining and I also miscounted by a day (time on the active big league roster is one of the ROY qualifications). Once a player reaches 45 days on the active MLB roster, 130 at-bats, or 50 innings pitched, they no longer qualify.

        I may or may not update following the draft/trades. It may depend on how things go. With the draft, the first 2 rounds likely will have top 25 caliber guys. Trades? You would hope so, but you never know until you know. Gonna play it by ear because just “adding them in” feels weird if I’m not also evaluating everyone else from today to the point of “adding others in”. It’s only a months difference, but for say, guys in rookie ball who only has played 10-15 games or made 3 starts as of today, an extra 4-5 weeks of play matters when evaluating them.

      • SteveO

        Lodolo and Ashcraft already with the Reds, what makes them graduate from your list? Number of innings pitched?

      • SteveO

        Also, will you update after the draft and trade deadline?

      • Doug Gray

        Well, noon isn’t happening. But I *should* be published by 1pm.

      • Matt

        Question I should have asked on Patreon, but didn’t realize until just now. But, you may cover it in your coming article, so if so, don’t worry about answering here. I just noticed Barrero is not on the list, but he was on the preseason. He has spent 0 days on the active roster, so his rookie eligibility shouldn’t have changed, should it have?

      • Doug Gray

        MLB changed eligibility rules from what they were in the past but didn’t really make an announcement about it. It used to be that games in September did not count towards rookie eligibility, so when I made the list last offseason, I didn’t count those. I came to find out during the first few weeks of this season that the rules changed and those days now did count, and that actually meant he was no longer “a prospect”.

      • SteveO

        Thank you for responding Doug! Keep up the great work! Much appreciated!

  1. Ahimsa

    Would love to know why DLC is still at Dayton.

  2. Tony Cloninger

    I was going to say the short workload due to Covid is an issue of why so many dead arms in Dayton but that would be an excuse last year. This organization has so little depth.

    • MK

      Their bullpen is a man or two short right now and are pretty well burnt out. Their entire roster is two men short. Recent injuries and promotions and the Reds have not replenished the roster.

  3. MK

    Last night was the worst performance I have ever witnessed by the Dragons. At one point the Loons line score read 7 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors. It looked as though the team has completely lost interest. Not only did Martinez pitch but got an at bat as the pitcher, the first for a Dragon’s pitcher this season. Late in the game Ibarra failed to make any effort on a ball hit his way and I commented to the guy sitting next to me about the lack of effort. The next inning he was replaced on defense. Just disappointing.