With everyone playing on the 4th of July and it being a Monday, the full season teams got Tuesday off. They’ll return to the field on Wednesday to play the rest of the week. Ariel Almonte and Carlos Jorge had big nights for the ACL Reds as they improved to 16-6 with a win, and down in the DSL Vladimir Davila picked up six strikeouts.

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ACL Reds won 9-5. Box Score

DSL Reds lost 6-0. Box Score

7/6 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 30-48 7:05pm TBA Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-40 7:35pm Abbott Here Here Here
Dayton 43-33 7:05pm Medrano Here Here Here
Daytona 32-43 7:05pm Rivera Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 16-6 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
9-12 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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7 Responses

  1. Matt

    Looking for good games from Rivera and Abbott today. With how pitching has gone in Dayton, Rivera might be hearing his name for a promotion soon. Definitely well deserved if so.

  2. MK

    I just have never gotten minor league rehab for minor leaguers. If winning doesn’t matter in the minors why can’t Miguel Hernandez do his rehab in Louisville. The big leaguers do their rehab in Louisville.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, they’ll tell you that winning matters. But the rehab is the same reason the big leaguers do it in the minors, too – to get back to things at what should be an easier spot to perform.

  3. SteveO

    Man, what does Rivera need to do to get promoted to Dayton? Same feeling with Boyle. He had a stinker the last time out, but was dominant until then all season. With his stuff, is it really a big thing if he’s walking A+ or AA batters? I’m wondering what DLC is thinking when Hendrick, who was hitting in the low .200s gets promoted and he doesn’t. Is the organization just waiting for them to be All-Stars in their respective leagues first before promoting them? At the latest, they should be promoted after the trade deadline and 2022 MLB draft when it’s expected that many players will enter the organization.

  4. SteveO

    With the roster limits of both Dayton and Daytona being 30, I wonder why the organization didn’t incorporate the piggyback system that Daytona is using with Dayton? Daytona has 8-10 pitchers that should get between 80-120 innings this year if no injuries occur. Hopefully, a few get promoted to Dayton. I kinda like this system at the lower levels and hope both Dayton and Daytona use it in 2023. The cream will rise to the top as they go higher in the system. Great job tonight as Rivera went 5 and Aguilar 4. It worked ideally and they won 3-2.

  5. SteveO

    They released a “Bird” in Louisville today

  6. DaveCT

    Rivera, 65 pitches, 46 strikes, and Aguiar, 46 pitches and 34 strikes. These are both looking like breakout candidates.