A 14th round pick of the Red Sox back in 2019, Jordan Beck opted to head to college at Tennessee. His first season was only 16 games because 2020 happened and much of the season was cancelled. Three years later he’s a potential 1st round draft pick who has hit 33 home runs in his last two seasons.

Jordan Beck Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 225 lbs

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | Position: Outfield

Highest Ranking: 11th (ESPN)

Opinions are wide when it comes to Jordan Beck. He shows off three above-average to plus tools that will turn heads at times. But he’s also struggled in some key areas. His plus power potential is obvious and he hit for plenty of power in the SEC over the last two seasons. He’s showing off above-average to plus speed and a strong arm.

There are some concerns about just how much he will hit, though. He never hit .300 in a season while at Tennessee, a rarity for someone coming out of college who would be projected to land in the first few rounds – even coming out of the SEC. There are a lot of strikeouts and not a ton of walks on his resume (again, for a college hitter – don’t try to compare the rates to a professional player). He’s struggled against quality secondary offerings throughout his time in college.

A team that believes in the tools and the bat speed is going to have him rated higher than a team who may not be as keen on his struggles to read spin. While there’s always risk with any player in the draft, the track record for high strikeout rate guys coming out of college who aren’t also walking a ton isn’t great.


College Stats

2020 48 5 0 1 9 0 8 11 .275 .396 .475
2021 289 16 2 15 64 8 24 60 .271 .336 .523
2022 297 15 3 18 61 6 37 62 .298 .391 .595
Totals 634 36 5 34 134 14 69 133 .284 .366 .553

Basic Information

The 2022 Major League Baseball Draft will begin on July 17th and end on July 19th, taking part over a three day period of time. The Cincinnati Reds will have selections 18, 32, 55, and 73 in the first two rounds of the draft. Despite not selecting in the top five, or even the top 10, the Reds have the 8th largest bonus pool allotment to work with due to their compensation pick from losing Nick Castellanos in free agency, as well as a competitive balance round B pick (73rd) that adds a lot of additional pool money.

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14 Responses

  1. JaxDan

    Will there be a scouting report on Chase DeLauter? This is the player that I am rooting for at 18

    • Doug Gray

      He’s actually the next guy on the list. So check back tomorrow (at some point – can’t guarantee what time it’ll go up, but it’ll be here at some point).

  2. LDS

    Lots of strikeouts, doesn’t walk much, and hits less than expected for an early round draft pick? Sounds like the perfect Reds target.

    • PTBNL

      I don’t think the Reds problem is drafting. Overall, in watching the draft for the last 15+ years, the Reds drafting scouts have done very well and have even pulled off some really good later picks. Did they get them all right? No, especially some 2nd round picks, but they have done very well overall. The MLB draft can be a real crapshoot.
      Where I think most have a problem with is the development process. What is the plan and what are they teaching the drafted players. I’ve spoken to one former Red that he felt this is where the problem lies and not much individual instruction and coaching goes on and many players are left to figure it out themselves. Gosh, I hope that is not the case but if it is then there is a serious disconnect.

      • LDS

        I think you are probably right. You have the comments from some who have left. You have the decline in average performance in some cases, which on other teams recovers, etc. I think the organization is broken. So, it goes. Maybe by the time I’m 75, they’ll be competitive again though I expect that’s too soon (less than 10 years).

      • Doug Gray

        I can say that it certainly *used to be* the case. It’s not nearly the case anymore.

  3. AMDG

    Alex Blandino was a sub 0.300 hitter in college, yet got drafted in the 1st round. And that was with minimal power.

    So it’s not impossible to draft a bad hitter in the first round. But it is imprudent.

  4. Matt

    The Athletic had a mock draft go up today, and C. Trent had the reds taking Beck.

  5. DaveCT

    Doug, do you know if can handle CF? A swing and miss hitter who can stick in CF is one thing, but the corners, not so much.

  6. Redsvol

    I like this player. I doubt he will be there at #18 though. A 3 year college player who slugs almost .600 for 3 years in a power conference is a pretty refined hitter. And he is athletic enough to play multiple positions. Sadly, I think we have to set our sights lower in 1st round.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    According to the info given at this moment i´m going: