The Cincinnati Reds have selected third baseman Cam Collier out of Chipola Junior College with the 18th overall pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft.

Cam Collier Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 1″ | Weight: 210

Bats: Left | Throws: Right | Position: Third Base

Highest Ranking: 2nd (Keith Law/The Athletic)

An interesting route taken for Cam Collier, he’s the youngest position player in the entire draft. He won’t be 18-years-old until November. He was the top prospect in the 2023 draft class, but graduated early and enrolled at Chipola Junior College in order to be eligible for this year’s draft. The left-handed hitter put up a .333/.419/.537 line with 25 walks and 33 strikeouts to go along with 20 extra-base hits in 52 games.

One of the best hit tools in the entire draft, it grades out as a potential plus tool. He also shows plus raw power in his bat. His best tool cold be his plus arm strength. Defensively he’s a solid third baseman, but there are some questions as to whether he’ll outgrow the position eventually and have to slide to first base.

The sixth “tool” that isn’t talked about enough is pitch recognition and plate discipline. Collier, despite his age, has outstanding marks here, too. He’s certainly a bat-first player, but there’s a whole lot of upside with his bat and there’s a chance he remains at third base, too.

Cam Collier Video

Cam Collier College Stats

2022 215 12 0 8 47 25 33 .333 .419 .537

Instant Reaction

This feels like an absolute steal. Cam Collier was ranked as a Top 10 prospect in this draft by nearly everyone. That likely means that Cincinnati will have to go over slot to sign him, but they’ve got a big bonus pool to work with and almost assuredly wouldn’t have selected him if they weren’t certain they could sign him.

There’s a ton to like at the plate for Cam Collier. He’s got all the tools you want to see from a hitter with a chance to hit for both a high average and plenty of power in the future. If you can hit then teams will find a way to get you in the lineup, so even if he does need to move off of third base down the line it’s not going to hamper his arrival in the big leagues.

Scouting Director Joe Katuska on Cam Collier

“We like a lot of stuff about Cam. We think he’s an extremely advanced bat. He’s a really impressive individual. He reclassified. Heshould be a high school junior right now. He decided to reclassify and go to a junior college and really challenge himself. We haven’t seen someone of his age do that since Bryce Harper did. Really advanced hitter. He’s been around the game his whole life – his father Lou played in the big leagues. Tremendous person off the field, too. We’ve gotten the chance to know him over the last couple of years at all the events he’s been to. We think he has a really well rounded package, but it leads with the bat and the very advanced hit tool.”

On being elated that Collier was available when the Reds pick came around

“Absolutely. I think I talked about it – there was a small group of players that were off the board in front of us, he was in that group, so we were very happy when he got to our pick.”

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45 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      I’d say so. I can’t imagine the team selecting him without knowing it’s all but guaranteed. With the draft pools these days the number of guys taken in the real money spots that go unsigned are minuscule.

      • Rhaye

        Eric Longenhagen is reporting that he’s accepted a bonus “around 5m” in the Fangraphs draft chat – he’s currently at the MLB draft as media, so a bit closer than any of us.

  1. Brad

    Have to imagine he is significantly overslot, im guessing $5m with the $3.66m slot.

    I like the pick though. Always take Best Player Available.

    Expecting a run on college players for Redlegs.

    • MK

      It would be hard to imagine they would have drafted him there if he weren’t signable. He will have to wait two more years to be drafted again if he heads to Louisville rather than getting a very nice payday now.

      My granddaughter, a Louisville softball outfielder is rooting for Louisville.

  2. A Former West Sider

    Best case scenario…
    Likely looking at some College seniors to pay for it – but we need to draft top end talent since we are not going to be in position to sign any in the FA market going forward.

    Great pick!

  3. Matt

    Man, Daytona next year with Almonte, Jorge, Balcazar, Collier, Antonia, Alcantara, etc. Could be some good baseball to watch.

  4. TRags

    Great pick. Nice arm but he looks a bit unsteady with his legs taking grounders. Likely will be 1B but love his pitch recognition profile.

  5. VegasRed

    This is a really high talent pick falling to the Reds. A lot of mocks saw Collier in the top 4-5so maybe this is a huge break for our guys.

    • Redsvol

      I’m amazed that Collier lasted to 18th pick. I hadn’t really looked at him because I expected him long gone. I’m a big believer in genetics when it comes to baseball – the quintessential hand to eye coordination sport. I have to believe that a kid who skipped his senior year in high school and has already had 1 year of junior college experience isn’t going to worry about giving up a college commitment to Louisville. He and his family want him in professional baseball as fast as possible.

      One negative is I don’t see him playing third base short stop or center field once he fills out. He is huge for a 17 year old. He’s going to likely grow into a Right fielder – which is a less premium position but it shouldn’t matter. Nice draft pick!

      • earmbrister

        His growth/progression might not be a negative, if he doesn’t stay at 3B a move to RF might be a great fit with a 60 arm. He has a 60 hit tool and a 50 power tool (with more power likely to come, he’s only 17 yrs old), with his overall rating being a 60. There was only one player rated as a 65, and only 8 other players rated a 60. This player shouldn’t have been available to the Reds. Great pick assuming they sign him.

        Per the scouting report:

        “Most of the excitement about Collier centers around his left-handed bat. He has a loose stroke with outstanding bat speed and uncanny bat-to-ball skills. For most of the summer, he squared just about everything up, using the whole field and not being bothered by premium velocity, and he continued to show professional at-bats this spring. There’s good raw power in his swing, with more likely to come”.

  6. SteveO

    Collier younger than the 2 highly paid Cabrera and Valencia. Next year the ACL Reds might be the team to watch. Daytona could also see some of the players that are playing well soon in Balcazar, Jorge, A. Almonte, Antonia and Valdez. I wonder if Collier will join the ACL Reds for some experience in Goodyear. Hopefully, he signs quickly and gets some PT in Az.

    • Redsvol

      One of the next 2 picks needs to be a College pitcher. They need to save some $ to sign Collier – to probably a top 10 slot $ figure.

      • SteveO

        I believe we overpaid both McLain and Allen last year, our 2 first rounders and tried to save after that.

  7. Mark

    We all know this team is in big need of better offensive talent. I really believe we need to take the best power hitting prospect available from College.

  8. MK

    Should be ready for first base when Joe retires or is retired. Reds draft third basemen in the first round that don’t end up at third base.

    • Doug Gray

      Feels aggressive. He’s 17 today. Votto’s contract, even if they pick up his option, is over after 2024. Collier will be 20 when the 2025 season begins.

    • redsvol

      Please no. Looks like James Marinan or Chris Gruler.

  9. ClevelandRedsFan

    I love this pick. Historically, it seems like the Reds have always favored the “toolsy” athletic guys that can play up the middle. They even signed a few “glove first” guys.

    Remember Alfredo Rodriguez? Yeah, me neither.

    I like the approach of taking the best bat available right now.

  10. Tom

    Love this pick!

    Now 6 picks above the 32 nd ranking based on (as of the 27th pick)

    Could be yet another high value pick coming!

  11. Mjc

    Think Collier and reds already have a deal. Reds agreeing to big bonus, huge bonus explains why a player with his talent slid so far down. On mlb draft coverage as soon as his name was mentioned live, he put on reds cap. Great job Cincinnati

  12. Mark

    Dylan Beavers looks like he would be a great pick here at 32.

  13. rok007

    He was the #2 overall on TheAthletic’s top 100 draft prospects list.

  14. Tom

    There goes Drew Gilbert. Gotta say, would love to have had him in the org after seeing that breakdown.

    And another unexpectedly high pick goes ahead of the Reds with Xavier Isaac.

    So much high end talent left!

    Tucker Toman – another 3b – would be awesome.

    I take it Brock Porter is going to college.

  15. kevinzs

    Honestly other week thought not chance.
    One of few listed wanted.
    Surprised dropped for one. Other attacked better athletes lately.
    Love the Pick but see how devlp.

  16. SultanofSwaff

    Not sure I’ve seen a more fundamentally sound swing among a draftee ever–the load, the separation, and my goodness the way he keeps his head so still and centered… everything Ted Williams teaches in ‘the science of hitting’. Impressive. Dad taught him well.

    Defensively, the footwork is poor. Left field and first base make a lot of sense if he gets too bulky.

  17. SteveO

    17 year old, then 18. The only thing is that we are not an organization known for grooming talent. The Reds looking to build a contender from ‘26-27? By that time, we’ll be looking to get prospects from trades of the trio of Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft, Stephenson and India. Lol

    • Redsvol

      I agree. I don’t like the 2nd pick. I’m sure the draft people will love it but the top 2 players in this class unlikely to sniff major leagues for 4-5 years seems like poor drafting. There was plenty of high upside talent at #32 that would have likely reached triple A in 2-3 years – Beck, Preilipp, Whisenhut, Beavers, Horton, Melton. What gives? They will have major trouble signing both high school players unless they draft low upside college seniors with next 3 picks.

      • Tom

        Fair point. Do you think Sal is over slot too? Seems under slot to pair with Cam to me.

      • SteveO

        Last year, if I remember correctly, McLain, Allen and Abbott took at or above slot value and the Reds saved on rounds 3,4 and 5 with Torres, Ibarra and Farr. Let’s see what they do at 55 and 73. If the Nats move Soto before we can move Castillo and Mahle, there will be one less team trying to acquire their services. Only a handful of teams have the trade capital and they are all in the running for Castillo and Mahle. These next 2 weeks will be very interesting to determine the future of the Reds.

      • Redsvol

        Tom – Sal can’t be at slot, much less above slot. Reds need extra 2$million to sign Collier (his agent is going to try to get top 5 pick money). The only way reds can get this is for these early picks to be well below slot – like $500 k to $1m below slot each. I kind of doubt a Vanderbilt commit is going to go that far below slot. So if he signs for slot – not above slot mind you – the next 3 picks need to be way below slot. This means drafting players who likely won’t make major leagues – unless maybe as a reliever.

      • Tom

        I’m in favor of cutting deals with the 3-5 rounders if it means getting the best players near the top.

  18. Matt McWax

    Nice mechanics at the plate based on this video – balanced, quiet, strong and with great batspeed. Looks like a good framework to build on for adapting to better and better pitching. Is young so some progress could still be made on fielding mechanics. Nice pick.

  19. Norwood Nate

    Love that he fell to the Reds and they pounced. McClain was in a similar spot last year, but I don’t recall the fall in the draft being as dramatic. Good stuff. Looking forward to following his career.

  20. BK

    This pick looks like the biggest heist of the draft! Glad the Reds took him … well done!