With their 2nd round pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft the Cincinnati Reds have selected Logan Tanner, a catcher out of Mississippi State.

Logan Tanner Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 215

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | Position: Catcher

Highest Ranking: 37th (Keith Law/The Athletic)

The thing that leads every scouting report when it comes to Logan Tanner is that he’s a very good defensive catcher. He is a good receiver and has one of the best arms in the last few drafts behind the plate. No one questions whether or not he’ll be a strong defensive catcher as a professional.

There are plenty of questions that revolve around his bat, though. He’s got a below-average hit tool, and while his raw power is good he may need to change his swing to get to it. During his three seasons (really only two because 2020 barely got going before the season was cancelled) he failed to hit higher than .287. His power dropped off quite a bit in 2022, too, going from a .525 slugging percentage in 2021 to a .425 slugging percentage this past season.

Logan Tanner Video

Logan Tanner College Stats

2020 49 1 0 2 5 8 7 .268 .388 .439
2021 285 13 0 15 53 39 48 .287 .383 .525
2022 248 8 0 7 38 32 45 .285 .387 .425
Totals 582 22 0 24 96 79 100 .285 .385 .476

Instant Reaction

Catcher’s bats tend to develop later than a typical player due to the fact that they usually focus on their defense more than other positions do as they are developing. With Logan Tanner he’s going to need his bat to develop still, but the pieces are there for it to happen. Given that he’s such a strong defensive catcher his bat won’t need to be all that valuable  in order for him to bring value to the big league club. There is some upside, particularly because he is a catcher, with the bat though if he can develop some in the batters box.

Scouting Director Joe Katuska on Logan Tanner

“He’s made significant improvement with the bat. He knew he needed to do it going into school. A lot of teams talked to him about being a pitcher out of high school. He had a teammate of his that was drafted out of high school  as a pitcher and I got lucky to see Logan throw after that and he was throwing 97 as a high school senior. But he made it clear to everyone that he wanted to be a catcher. He went to school and put in the work and showed the bat was enough, and it the bats continuing to get better, but it’s a really strong defensive profile that leads the way for him. ”

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15 Responses

  1. Brad

    Reds scouts really have a type at Catcher. How is Tanner different from Okey, Nelson? Good defense, big power…if he can get to it, low contact. Sounds familiar.

    I dont get it. Okey is good defense, big power, low contact and Reds wont give him a shot at majors. Signing guys like Garcia and Papierski over him. Nelson putting up similar numbers in minors. Just seems like a failing proposition.

    I have nothing against Tanner. Wish him the best and for the Reds. Just seems like they waste a lot of premium draft capital, and budget dollars, on Catchers. So far this draft, at best, you get a 3B, 1B and C. Not quite premium defensive position nor anyone with any versatility, other than DH.

    • Alex Reds

      Reds went over slot with pick #18 by an estimated $1.5 million. They have to go underslot elsewhere to make up for most of this. I’m sure this is a large underslot. In fact, they may have picked up a serviceable MLB defensive catcher with an underslot. That’s better than nothing when needing to underslot.

      • Brad

        Okey Rd 2 43rd overall $2m bonus, slot was $1.4975m
        Nelson Rd 1A 35th overall $2.9058m bonus, at slot value

        Tanner rated as a top 50 prospect who went 55th. Was hoping for same but doubtful this one is a discount, if any.

        Remember, teams can spend up to 105% of their bonus pools. For Reds this year pool value is $10.7942m. Can spend up to $11.3391m without penalty. That account for about $540k of the Collier $1.3418m overage. Takes it down to $802, 389.

      • Norwood Nate

        Eh, they can go underslot rounds 3-10 if the need to. Make picks 5-10 college heavy as they usually do. Not sure why they’d make their underslot move this early.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Indeed. Give me a high ceiling high school pitcher instead and keep signing retreads like Garcia for a fraction of the investment.

    • Brandon Gum

      Just saying that 2nd round picks almost always amount to nothing. Taking catchers there at least gives you a higher floor because your organization can never have too many catchers.

    • Norwood Nate

      My first thought was that this pick follows the trend of picking a light hitting C with power potential and good with the glove (Okey, Nelson, Koloszvary….). So far that trend has not worked out as far as developing the bat to go with the glove.

      Seems like you can find this profile for a C later in the draft.

      • Bdh

        I thought the same at first but he has some incredible defensive clips out there you can find. Could see him steadily moving through the system without hitting a ton like Barnhart did and really provide value with the glove as Stephensons backup

      • Norwood Nate

        Another Tucker would be a good outcome. But, Tucker was drafted in the 10th round. Which goes along with the later in the draft profile.
        Catchers that have worked out at the top of the draft the last 15 years or so we’re bat first, Stephenson, Mesoraco, Grandal. Not saying it can’t work, just that it doesn’t appear recent history suggests it will.

  2. Bdh

    Gonna be really interesting which catching prospects in the system progress into mlb caliber players

    Miller (when he finally plays)

    All players to follow. Plus the top international catcher for the next signing period is likely coming Cincinnati’s way correct?

  3. IndyRedsFan

    C Trent has an amazing video of Tanner catching on his Twitter feed.

    A right handed batter strikes out and stumbles across the plate. Tanner, from his knees throws side arm around him to catch a runner attempting to steal second. He gets him…and it’s not close.

    • Kevin

      legit has elite arm talent. He will be fun to watch catch, that’s for sure.

      Hitting………..uh, maybe we get lucky and he learns how to hit as a pro?

  4. BK

    I’ve read others that say the availability of quality catchers is very light in this draft. His floor is likely to be a guy at AAA that can fill in during injury–that’s not a bad outcome for this stage of the draft.