Tonight the Major League Baseball draft will begin. The draft will begin at 7:00pm ET and can be watched on (link is here) and MLB Network (preview show starts at 6pm ET). Rounds one and two will take place tonight, with rounds 3-10 taking place on Monday, and then Tuesday will round out the draft with rounds 11-20.

The Cincinnati Reds will draft 18th, 32nd, 55th, and 73rd tonight. They’ve got two extra picks – one for losing Nick Castellanos in free agency and the other for being a small market team. Thanks to their additional picks, the Reds have a bonus pool of $10,794,100, which gives them the 7th largest bonus pool to work with in the entire draft.

The Mock Drafts

There are a whole lot of mock drafts out there, but I’m going to share a few of them here from places that I feel are at least somewhat reliable and tapped in – though with regards to Cincinnati, drafting where they are, it’s impossible to know with much certainty what direction they will go as too much can and will play out in front of them.

Baseball America

Carlos Collazo has the Reds selecting Campbell shortstop Zach Neto in the most recent mock draft.

MLB Pipeline

The crew from MLB Pipeline also has Cincinnati taking Campbell shortstop Zach Neto in their final mock draft that was released this morning.


Eric Longenhagen has Cincinnati sticking with a college player, but he has Cincinnati selecting catcher Daniel Susac from Arizona in the final mock draft from Fangraphs.

The Athletic

Keith Law of The Athletic also has Cincinnati selecting catcher Daniel Susac out of Arizona in his final mock draft that was released yesterday.


Kiley McDaniel has the Cincinnati Reds also sticking with a college pick, but he has them selecting Tennessee outfielder Jordan Beck in the final mock draft. His mock draft is for a full 2 rounds and he has the Reds literally selecting three outfielders from Florida in their four picks.


Many of the write ups include that Cincinnati seems to be looking at high school pitching, with many suggesting they’d try to get Dylan Lesko to float to them at 18 and pay a large over slot bonus to sign him, but also that they’re targeting shortstops with the 18th pick.

The MLB Draft Player Rankings

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52 Responses

  1. Alan

    Alright, a not-worth-the-screen-it’s-typed-on take on what I’d do were I the Reds.

    #18: Drew Gilbert, cf-rf, Tennessee
    #32: Brad Loftin, lhp, high school
    #55: Jackson Cox, rhp, high school
    #73: Ryan Cernak, of, Illinois
    #94: Ike Irish, c, high school

    I’d take Gilbert first because he seems to be a fairly sure thing – as much as anyone can be in the MLB draft, of course – and shouldn’t require an above-slot deal, leaving money for high schoolers with big school commitments in Loftin and Cox. Cernak and Irish could easily go higher than this, too, of course.

    Aside from these guys, I do like Cole Young, and wouldn’t be unhappy with him, and Lesko is probably worth the gamble if he’s available at 18. I also wouldn’t mind if Ryan Clifford went with their second or third pick, either.

    • Tom

      I did hear Gilbert is a bit of a reckless player. I think he was ejected during the World Series. Other than that, which could be maturity related, he seems like a great pick.

  2. JohnnyTV

    Interesting (in a weird way) that one mock draft has the Reds drafting yet another shortstop.

    A year after they chose an undersized, underpowered shortstop with their first pick.

    And the others has the Reds drafting a ‘prospect’ catcher while trade rumors swirl that they may be trading Castillo for a catching ‘prospect’.

    Both are coming out of collegiate programs.

    • Mike

      “Underpowered?” McLain was on pace for 25-30 HR’s at ‘Nooga lol

  3. Matt

    Id be pleased with almost any of the college bats floated for the Reds at 18.

    If Rocker is available at 32, I hope they take the chance.

    And in the later early rounds, Sonny DiChiara would be an exciting pickup.

  4. Doug Gray

    Me, going on the record right now: I don’t trust Daniel Susac to hit as a professional. At all. I’d avoid selecting him like the plague. Catchers who don’t walk are terrifying. They see a million pitches and still struggle with the strikezone? That’s a real problem. I’d avoid college hitters in the 1st round who don’t walk as much as they strike out, but catchers who can’t do it? No way.

    • Redsvol

      Absolutely Doug. Perfect way to put it. Catchers who can’t hit aren’t first rounders. Also, catchers are usually team leaders. Arizona hasn’t done much of anything last 2 years he’s been there.

    • RedBB

      His D isn’t elite either and listed as a weakness by some…no thx

  5. Redsvol

    I’m hoping for any of the following in this order; Zach Neto of Campbell, one of the college outfielders that is rated in top 20 by Baseball America, or one of the left handed pitchers that falls out of their expected ranking due to various reasons.

    After round 1, I think the Reds drafted too safe last year. They need to go high upside more this year.

  6. Brad

    My preferences at #18:
    SS Neto
    CF/RF Delauter
    2B Jung
    CF/RF Beavers
    SS Cole Young
    CF Justin Crawford

    Any of above plus
    CF Henry Bolte
    OF Brock Jones
    SS Graham
    OF Melton

    Any of above plus
    SS Eric Brown
    3B Wagner
    RF Spencer Jones
    3B Wallace

    SS Kasevich
    3B Sal Stewart
    OF Cernak
    RHP Misiorowski
    RHP Sproat
    1B Melendez
    LHP Barco

  7. Jonathan

    Is drafting another top SS due to the theory that you take the Best player available and let the rest figure it self out? The system seems very SS/middle infield heavy right now

    • Doug Gray

      Yes, probably. Just take the top guy on your board (that will sign) and figure the rest out later. You never know where the organization will be by the time the player you select is actually ready.

  8. Alan

    It’s probably a combination of that and the belief – usually well founded – that shortstops are usually the best athletes on the field, and can more easily be moved to other positions (e.g., center field, third base, second base) than most other players.

  9. Hoyce

    Lesko is the pick. But I’d say he’s gone before reds pick. Same w Neto.
    I’d love to see rocker fall to comp pick. And that prob won’t happen either.
    So I’ll guess delauter to reds

  10. Oldtimer

    The “average” player drafted tonight won’t be ready until 2026 or 2027. If at all.

    Joey Votto (who transitioned from C to 1B) played 6 years in MiLB before he played for the Reds in September 2007.

  11. Tom

    We know at 18 a great player will be there. We know they have draft pool to pull down a top talent. We know they can draft safe pretty well. I think Neto or Crawford are possible. Barriera would be very exciting.
    Getting Gilbert at 32 would be amazing as well.

    • Tom

      Dominic Keegan is an interesting name. 1b/c from Vandy. Solid all around game. Could cut a deal with him at 73.

    • Doug Gray

      Officially it’s now Joe Katuska. He’s the Director of Amateur Scouting. But I don’t know if Brad Meador, who was previously in that role and was promoted in November to VP/Assistant GM, Scouting and Player Development is higher in the “draft” food chain or not. I’ll assume that he’s not and that he is simply higher up on the overall professional scouting landscape – but that is an assumption.

      • PTBNL

        Yikes, kind of sounds unsettled to me. I don’t like that. They’ve done very well with drafts recently. Color me skeptical now.

      • MK

        Just because people outside the organization don’t know doesn’t mean they don’t inside the organization, which I’m sure they do.

      • Doug Gray

        Correct. The people in the organization know. I just don’t know.

    • AMDG


      Unless they agreed to a low-ball pre-draft agreement?

      • Tom

        With Rocker, then Horton, now Hughes, that’s 3 players pushing prospects down to the Reds!

  12. earmbrister

    DeLauter please. L/L CFr with more walks than Ks. 55 hit tool, 60 for power.

  13. earmbrister

    Doug, you shared who you don’t like, who do you like?

  14. Brad

    Have to wonder what Collier’s price is at this point. Im pro-Dylan Beavers.

    Then maybe go HS with Young or Crawford.

    • earmbrister

      Yeah, you have to wonder if Collier still being there is it a signability issue.

      Reds have the ability to go way over slot.

    • Greenfield Red

      Legit question: if a guy is 10th best in the draft, and the team with the 10th pick doesn’t draft him because they think he won’t sign, why does the team with the 18th pick him and try to sign for overslot? Wouldn’t that net him roughly #10 money?… and would that not hurt the drafting team with it’s next picks?

      I know the team can get a better player, but what’s in it for the player?

      • PTBNL

        Maybe they didn’t like the player as much as the Reds did. It may not be a money issue.

      • Greenfield Red

        PTBNL… seems unlikely. Top 4 or 5 talent in the draft. Doubtful 12 to 15 teams didn’t like him enough to draft him.

        This has been advertised as an over slot draft.

  15. earmbrister

    Could they run more commercials on MLB?

    That had to be a dozen commercials or more.

  16. Moon

    nice pick by Reds. Surprised Collier dropped this far. He has a high ceiling. This is a steal at 18

    • LarkinPhillips

      Hopefully the Reds can sign him. He will cost above slot for sure.

      • LDS

        A JUCO player with a GED doesn’t sound like a motivated college student. It’s sounds to me like a guy that wants to play baseball. They should be able to hit a working number.

      • PTBNL

        He did the Bryce Harper route in getting the GED as a junior in high school so he could advance quicker to MLB. Actually a smart thing to do if you feel you are wanting to play MLB.

        This is not a work ethic or intelligence sort of thing.

      • LDS

        Nor did I say it was. I think he wants to play ball. So he should be singable.

  17. Moon

    Reds took Sal Stewart for comp pick. He will be a first baseman in the majors. I do not like the pick. He is an interesting young player that will eventually be pretty good I think. He needs to work on his power. He is in HS so a lot of time to grow and develop. He has the build to be a power hitter but needs to improve there. He would likely have been available later in the draft. And he is a HS guy that is committed to play at Vanderbilt. I will be surprised if the Reds can sign him. So this may end up a throwaway pick. I really liked the Collier pick but I would not have picked this guy here. But what do I know?