The signing deadline for the 2022 Major League Baseball draft is August 1st at 5pm ET. That leaves eight days as of this writing to get players signed, except for college seniors or those players who attended a junior college (but were drafted after the 10th round) – those players can sign up until 1 week prior to next years draft. Cincinnati has already signed all of their top 10 round picks with the lone exception of 1st round pick (and 18th overall selection) Cam Collier. They have also reportedly signed 13th round pick Johnathan Harmon and 20th round selection Joseph Menefee.

No team has ever faced the 2nd level of punishment for going over their draft allotment pool money. The first level is that a team can go 5% over their allotment and has to pay a penalty on the overage. The next level, though, is forfeiture of the following season’s 1st round draft pick and no team has ever felt that penalty was worth meeting. Let’s assume that the Reds don’t think it’s worth going over that 5% mark. And let’s also assume that the two picks we don’t know bonuses for at this point are for slot value – that would leave Cincinnati with $4,844,280 to sign Cam Collier for. In reality there’s probably a little more because 9th rounder Rob Hensey is a senior and probably didn’t get slot value there ($160,400).

If you hadn’t noticed, and want to follow along with the signings, we’ve got the 2022 Reds Draft Tracker up and running.

Carlos Sanchez’s on-base streak

If you’re a subscriber at Patreon (which, hey – you should be!) you probably have read me talking about this for weeks now, but down in the Dominican Summer League Carlos Sanchez has been crushing the ball in his first professional season. The 17-year-old has gotten on base in all 32 games he’s played in this season. He’s currently hitting .412/.550/.505 with 29 walks, 19 strikeouts, and 8 stolen bases on the year.

Earlier today he played in the Dominican Summer League All-Star game, and he went 1-1 with a walk. That unofficially stretches the streak to 33 games.

I looked and could not find the rosters/selections for the game, so unfortunately it’s possible that a DSL Reds player was named to the team who didn’t play in it and for now is not being given the public credit for it. Aside from Sanchez, the only other Reds player that got into the game was Ray-Jacson Chirino. He finished 0-3 on the day. The game ended in a tie. Bud Selig was not in attendance.

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17 Responses

  1. CP

    Doug should we be worried they haven’t signed Collier yet? I thought I read/heard somewhere that many teams passed over him after the top 10 because they didn’t think they could overslot him enough to sign. Is that what is happening to the Reds here?

    • Doug Gray

      I have zero concerns about him signing. It’ll get done.

  2. Adam

    Nick Krall said yesterday during the pregame show on radio that Collier would be taking his physical over the next couple days. Seems like that wouldnt be necessary unless he was signing soon.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    We should have faith Collier will be signing in next days for nearly $5,000,000… Watch Brutti and Neville the other tough signings

  4. LeRoy

    I’m doubting Collier is going to sign. It’s known the maximum amount the Reds can go without losing a pick next year and yet he hasn’t already been signed. He’s a good recruit but next year’s pick will be in the 1-6 range and the Reds won’t pay over the amount where they would get this penalty. I hope Collier reconsiders and signs in the next day or two.

    • RedBB

      The problem is we under drafted the next 10 picks just to get Collier. Sal Stewart got too much money IMO…should have forced him to go for $500K under slot. This will be a BAD draft without him as we only get #19 pick next year.

    • mac624

      It’s highly likely they had a framework of a deal in place before drafting him. The only way he doesn’t sign is if he passes away or fails his physical like Rucker did last year.

  5. RedBB

    OK….that money would put Collier at the slot value of about the #10 pick. Are we in danger of not signing him Doug?

  6. Doug Gray

    The odds that a 1st round pick doesn’t sign are very small. Teams know how much money they have to spend and talk to all of the players about what they want before they draft them. Chances that he doesn’t sign are under 1%.

  7. Daniel Margolis

    I think he will sign do to the fact that he left high school early too get to the pros early. He will sign for 5mill

  8. Daniel Margolis

    He would have to play at Louisville for three years, I think ?

    • Old Big Ed

      I think it is two, given his one year at JC.

      But it makes no sense to turn down $5 million now, for a chance to make $7 million in two years, especially where he figures to get a lot better playing pro ball in the 2-year interim as opposed to college ball.

      Barring injury, Collier will get roughly twice as many ABs in pro ball as he would in college, and that would put him closer to making MLB money and to arbitration and free agency. Plus, pro coaching is better than college coaching, especially with wooden bats.

      Collier’s history is to do whatever it takes to get to MLB as fast as he can. He skipped a year of high school to go to JC, then played in the wooden bat Cape Cod League as the youngest player in the league. He ain’t picking Louisville over getting $5 million and a fast-lane chance to MLB.

  9. Krozley

    A number of additional signings and values showing up today at: Only 5 left to sign. Plenty of money left to sign Collier as they could go almost to $5.3M using the +5%. Also, the slot values went up slightly. A few thousand for Collier and a couple hundred here and there for later rounders.

  10. BK

    They’ll sign Collier, no doubt. The question is will they still have enough left over to get Mason Neville, too. He’s’s #102 rated player which would translate to about $500K, approximately the 5 percent the Reds are allowed to spend with only a financial penalty in the draft. They have a track record of spending the “extra” 5 percent.