Isiah Gilliam hit one of the longest home runs of the year in the farm system in Louisville on Sunday in the Bats win, Alex McGarry hit his 23rd homer of the season, Austin Callahan picked up two more hits for Daytona as three pitchers combined for a shutout win, and Carlos Sanchez got on base twice in the Dominican Summer League All-Star game.

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The Louisville Bats won 9-5. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 7-1. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 8-0. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 3-0. Box Score

The ACL Reds had the day off

The DSL Reds had the day off

But the league did hold their All-Star game on Sunday. I’ve yet to find a roster with all of the players, which sucks because some players could have made the team for their performance and not played in the game and aren’t getting the recognition they have earned for being an All-Star. With that said, two DSL Reds players did play in the game. Carlos Sanchez went 1-1 with a walk. He started the game as the designated hitter. Ray-Jacson Chirino also made the team. He came off of the bench and played first base, going 0-3. The game ended in a tie.

7/25 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 38-54 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 38-52 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 45-43 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Daytona 37-51 OFF DAY Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 21-12 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
16-19 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

20 Responses

  1. Bdh

    At this point I think I’m more excited for Callahan as a prospect than I am Callihan

    Have they let Petty throw into the 5th inning any this year? Wish they’d let him qualify for a win at some point. Also what was up with only letting Williamson go 3 innings in AAA today?

    • DaceCT

      It’s a god problem to have. Talent-wise, my
      Money’s on CallIhan. Given health vs. injuries, good money would be on CallAHan

  2. DaveCT

    Looks like the pitch limit for starting g pitchers in the minors was around 65. Can’t say I disagree.

  3. MBS

    A lot to be happy with those box scores. Barrero might be heating up just in time, if Farmer gets moved by the deadline we’ll need another SS. I would like to see Gilliam get some playing time. Hard to get into a rhythm riding the pine.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        If you need a bridge to Elly then it doesn’t need to be Barrero. The Reds need Barrero to pan out whether or not Elly does because they can both play other spots if they need them to. The Reds need more talent at a lot of spots and those two could help fill those spots.

      • MK

        They need to move Barrero to left field unless they move Senzel to left then Barrero to center. Somebody is going to have to move with all the Top shortstop prospects and you read about more from other organizations in the trade rumors.

      • DaveCT

        Frankie, agreed. Club ‘need’ is a stretch. They could keep Farmer or swap in Reynolds until Elly arrives. However, all things considered, I’d still prefer we get Barrero up as soon as he is ready. For me, that means his superior defense at SS and further development of the bat. If he can hold off Elly when the day comes, more power to him. If Elly forces him off SS, so be it. My preference is for Barrero to succeed wherever he lands. MK, below, is spot on. Somebody is going to have to move. Probably several somebodies. there’s a lot of middle infield talent kicking around between Dayton and Louisville. Holy moly.

  4. Greenfield Red

    Supposedly Jason Dominquez was taken out of his game early Sunday. Speculation is he was the headliner of the Castillo trade. Dropping in rankings. “Gotten thicker than they thought”. “More swing and miss than they thought”. Was out of this world. Now they say he may be solid across the board. Go read his bio. More red flags than a Nascar track.

    If he is the headliner, the Reds need to fire Nick Krall immediately. Classic Yankees.

    • AMDG

      Would a team trade 1.5 years of control of an ace starting pitcher for Yerlin Confidan?

      If not, then why would a team trade 1.5 years of control of Castillo for Jasson Dominguez?

      Both Dominguez and Confidan are 19-year-old outfielders in low A with a 0.370 OBP and a 0.440 SLG, who strikes out 26% of the time.

      Perhaps Dominguez in a trade for Mahle. But for Castillo is just laughable.

      • Kindell

        There is a lot to unpack here. When he first signed, they were comparing him to players like Trout, who might be the greatest player we have ever seen. Of course, he is not that, but he is a 19-year-old with upside because he has plenty of projectable tools. Everyone brings up the thickness because he was a plus-plus runner when he signed. He still has plenty of speed to work with

        I actually would be happy with Dominguez in the trade, but of course he would have to be paired with quite a bit more from their organization. If they pan out, that would give us two young talented switch hitters to build the lineup around.

    • DaveCT

      I would hope Dominguez does not draw comps to Miguel Sano. Big and getting bigger. Sano was a monster at AA, when I used to see him play. He’s jumbo sized now, can’t stay healthy and is whiffing at a Rob Deer level.

  5. Matt

    Alex McGarry has played almost as many games in Chattanooga as he did for Dayton. His numbers are arguably better across the board than they were that earned him a promotion. Any chance he sees another promotion this year?

  6. RedBB

    Carlos Sanchez is hitting .412 with a .550 OBP! He also has 29 walks and just 19 strikeouts (that’s a rate of over 150 walks a year). Granted its in DSL but still impressive. Surprised we haven’t heard of this kid yet. Only 17 too!

    • Doug Gray

      I mean his name is literally in the headline of an article on this website from…. yesterday.

  7. LeRoy

    I’ve noticed EDLC may need a swing change. All year he seems to try to golf the inside low pitches and has very little success. He needs a lot of refinement to his approach and pitch recognition as he has moves up the ladder. I look for him to struggle quite a bit at double A and have a hard time having success in the higher minors. He has tremendous athletic ability but now is the time when being an athlete may not be enough. Success in the lower minors doesn’t mean anything unless change and progress is made at the upper levels. Good luck to EDLC.

    • MK

      As the youngest person in the Southern League, Elly should be expected to have some growing pains. He will make adjustments and his natural talents say he will have some success. If it means AA again in 2023 he is still way ahead of time. Patience is the key.

  8. Hoyce

    Doug, u ever think of opening an armchair gm thread? See who could maybe nail one of the trades about to happen?
    And it would directly affect the reds minor league system