Juniel Querecuto came off of the bench in Louisville and had three hits while Aristides Aquino homered on rehab in a Louisville win, Michael Siani had four hits and Connor Phillips struck out six in a Chattanooga win, Austin Hendrick hit his 14th homer of the year, Ariel Almonta and Wencer Inirio had big nights out in Arizona in an ACL Reds win, and Carlos Sanchez extended his on-base streak to 35 games while Ricardo Cabrera hit his first professional homer in the Dominican Summer League.

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The Louisville Bats won 6-3. Box Score

Game Notes

Aristides Aquino’s rehab stint continues to go well. He’s hitting .321/.387/.714 in seven games.

Juniel Querecuto didn’t start the game but after Alejo Lopez was ejected he took over at second base and went out and put together a big night, going 3-3 with a double. After hitting .254/.302/.373 in May, he’s turned things up a few levels and has hit .311/.374/.508 in 37 games since June began

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 9-6. Box Score

Game Notes

Michael De Leon is heating up in July and is now hitting .314/.386/.490 during the month in 14 games played.

The inconsistency with control was present again for Connor Phillips on Tuesday night, but he got through 4.0 innings without allowing a run. He’s walked 14 batters to go with 18 strikeouts in 15.2 innings since his promotion to Double-A. He had 32 walked with 90 strikeouts in 64.0 innings when he was in Dayton before his call up.

The Dayton Dragons lost 3-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Austin Hendrick now has 14 home runs this season. He’s played in 14 more games in 2022 than he played in 2021, but he has twice as many home runs. Hendrick’s still striking out a ton (124 this season in 77 games), but his power has taken a big step forward this season. Hendrick also picked up an assist, throwing out a runner at the plate.

After a disastrous start to the month where Donovan Benoit allowed 8 earned runs in 1.2 innings over two appearances he’s thrown 5.0 shutout innings the last three times out and struck out 10 batters with just 1 walk.

The Daytona Tortugas game was suspended

Lightning and rain brought the game to a standstill in the top of the 3rd inning. It’ll resume on Wednesday at 5pm and be followed by a 7-inning game about 30 minutes after the completion of this game.

The ACL Reds won 9-3. Box Score

Game Notes

Ariel Almonte’s hot hitting continued with a double and a homer on Tuesday. He’s hitting .340/.444/.585 on the month with 8 walks and 10 strikeouts. That’s pushed his season line up to .295/.388/.457.

Shane Gustafson lowered his ERA to 2.52 in 25.0 innings with 5 walks and 20 strikeouts.

The DSL Reds split a doubleheader

Game 1: 8-6 loss. Box Score

Game 2: 5-0 win. Box Score

Gameday Notes

Ricardo Cabrera picked up his first career home run in the first game of the day.

Carlos Sanchez got on base five times, extending his on-base streak to begin his career to 35 games. He’s now hitting .408/.560/.495 on the season with 35 walks and 19 strikeouts.

Jose Montero now has a 2.91 ERA in 34.0 innings to go with 9 walks and 44 strikeouts in his 9 starts this season.

Top 25 Prospect Rundown

7/27 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 39-54 7:05pm Dugger Here Here Here
Chattanooga 39-52 7:15pm Abbott Here Here Here
Dayton 45-44 6:35pm Medrano Here Here Here
Daytona 37-51 5:00pm TBA/Rivera Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 23-12 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
18-20 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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42 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    We have some really, really nice bats. You can feel some emerging. And, I’d guess a few more just behind them. With this draft.

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree Dave. I am hopeful they add about 10 prospects with real upside during the next week. It’s out there for the taking.

      I am really interested in where Collier is. He is the same age as the DSL rookies, but has wood bat experience. And, those guys in the DSL and ACL look quite promising to me.

      • Michael P

        Check out this link with trade proposals. If all of this happened it would add 10 new top 20 prospects that includes 5 new top 10 and 3 new top 100 overall. These are the types of deals that change the trajectory of a a small market team. Our farm system would be loaded!


      • Hoyce

        Michael P, no way the yanks give up all those prospects for Castillo. Eliminate 2 prospects.
        And no team in their right mind is gonna take minor , moose and solano. Solano is valuable, but those other 2 u couldn’t give away

      • BK

        Actually, the Yankees might do that deal. Only one of those prospects is in the BA Top 100 (listed at #78)–it would be the kind of quantity over quality deal a team with eyes on a World Series would love to make giving average prospects for a legit “ace.” Including a couple of big names would provide some cover in the press. In another year or so, we’d realize we had been fleeced.

        I do agree, Moose and Minor are going nowhere regardless of how much of their contracts the Reds are willing to pay.

        MLB.com has the best prospect graphics and lots of ways to easily sort, but keep in mind the list is very stale at this point. For example, should a OF/1B struggling in his second season of rookie league ball, belong at #12 on the Phillies list (Viars)–I’d say his stock has dropped quite a bit this season.

        I think we should be looking for at least one elite prospect (Top 20) and another Top 100 prospect for Castillo. Mahle can likely bring back two Top 100 prospects, but they would be in the bottom half. If the Reds trade these two, they must bring back legit future value. Others (Drury, Pham, Naquin, Solono, and maybe even Strickland) may bring back organizationally ranked prospects–quantity is good here as the variance in expected outcomes is much, much higher.

        Lastly, contenders have bad contracts, too. Perhaps the Reds can take on one and “buy” a Top 100 prospect. The Padres Will Myers would be a good candidate.

      • BK

        @Michael, that said, thanks for sharing the link. It is an interesting perspective even if I think the analysis is thin.

      • AMDG

        Trade #5 from that article was silly

        5. LHP Mike Minor/INF Mike Moustakas/INF Donovan Solano

        Solano came off a decent year with the St Francis Giants (280 / 344 / 404 & 102 OPS+ ) and was a free agent until the end of March. So it’s not like teams are very high on him.

        Any team willing to take the Moose & Minor contracts is going to be looking to buying prospects. It’s going to take a lot more than giving them Solano. At the bare minimum the Reds would have to give away Ashcraft as well.

  2. AMDG

    Aquino has proven he is one great AAA hitter (301 / 371 / 646) but a terrible MLB hitter. I wonder if he could translate that AAA success in some success in Japan?

  3. AllTheHype

    Interesting stat……

    Jonathan India led the NL last year with 23 HBPs, which is 3.65% of his PAs.

    Ricardo Cabrera has been HBP in 12 of 147 PAs this year, a rate of 8.16%

  4. Stock

    I love how you report every day that Carlos Sanchez has 19 strikeouts for the year. The last six games he has 10 BB and 0 K. Very impressive.

    Since July 3rd his BB% is an incredible 32.4% and his K% is 5.6%. Both are incredible stats.

  5. Stock

    Last years international class has given us 5 players to watch work their way through the farm: Balcazar, Jorge, Antonia, Almonte and Valdez.

    This years international has given us 5 more players to watch: Cabrera, Pineda, Valencia, Sanchez and Lantigua.

    A draft would be a shame because the Reds are starting to produce down there. Six of the 10 are already in Doug’s top 25 and if not for the 5-10 prospects we should pick up this week Sanchez and Antonia would probably be in the YE top 25 which would make 10 of the top 25 prospect either age 17 or 18.

    • DaveCT

      Don’t sleep on Brayan Rijo either. He’s a good candidate to stay in CF and has been coming on a bit.

  6. RedBB

    Mike Siani is severely underrated by many. He is an elite centerfielder with an elite arm and speed. He doesn’t need to OPS .800 to contribute at the MLB level when you are that kind of defender in center. An OPS+ of 95 would be just fine. Kiermaier with a career OPS+ of 98 is a perfect comparison of what he could be.

    I predict he will be our starting centerfielder by 2024 and supplant Senzel who may not even be on the team by then.

    • MK

      I don’t think he has been underrated at all. I think he is just finally started to live up to the high rating he has always held offensively. No one has questioned his defensive abilities it is just that the bat has been so far begins.

      • DaveCT

        I think he’ll need to sustain some degree of power, as well. Gap to gap power would be fine by me.

    • MBS

      It will be interesting to see where De La Cruz ends up, because if he’s not a SS, he’d make a fantastic CF. Of corse he could easily slot over to RF, Elly and Siani could cover a lot of ground together.

      • DaveCT

        Or Barrero, or McLain, or Ivan Johnson, or Cerda, or Hinds (RF), or Allen .

        Not Ibarra …

  7. Jpser05

    I live in Central PA and we have several minor league teams around us including the National’s AA team in Harrisburg. We also have some independent league teams. Tonight, I will be attending my first York Revolution game. They are in the Atlantic League. Took a look at their roster and found 2 familiar names….Nick Travieso who I think is starting tonight and Nick Howard who is a RP for the team.

    What does that say about the Reds’ drafts in the early 2010s???

    • Bdh

      The reds have drafted very well actually. It’s extremely difficult for even a 1st rounder to reach the MLB. You just picked 2 of the 4 25 1st round picks the reds have made between homer Bailey in 2004 and Lodolo in 2019 to not reach.

      Heck, the years you’re bringing up with Travieso and Howard the reds also drafted Winker and Blandino in the 1st round as well. The year in between those drafts the reds got Ervin and Lorenzen both in the 1st round.

      • Jpser05

        Very true. I actually like the way they have drafted. I was more just noting the fact that both will be on the independent league team that I am going to see tonight. However, it is tough to miss on 2 first round picks in 3 years.

      • DaveCT

        In fairness, Traveiso stalled due to injuries. It happens. The Howard situation was complicated IMO not so
        Much by the ‘reliever to starter’ thing they had going but by the fascination with large bodied pitchers vs more athletic kids. I’m very glad to see the focus on athleticism we have now

      • Jpser05

        They sure do. But I am excited to see Travieso pitch tonight and I hope Howard gets in the game as well. I’ll be wearing my Reds’ gear!

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    The Bats have their best lineup in a long time, it is an AAAA team at the field…Maybe the pitching staff is the weakness…

  9. Bubba Woo

    Is McGarry capable of playing anything besides 1B? LF perhaps. He continues to hit at AA, and with the shortage the Reds will likely have of LH bats next year, he might be capable the team out of Spring Training

    • MBS

      I’d like to see McGarry come up early to mid 23, and split time with Votto at 1B. Then take over completely in 24. If Stephenson isn’t catching, I could see him in LF, 1B, DH or maybe even 3B, he’s got a nice arm for the hot corner.

  10. Greenfield Red

    Everyone should go look at Doug’s top 25 right now before these trades are made and the recent drafted players are added… and read the comments to see who is not on there because of numbers. And think about those who have graduated this year and last.

    In 2025 India and Stephenson with be in their 5th year, Greene, Ashcraft, and Lodolo will be in their 4th… so all still pre free agency. Barrero is still out there. Add in all these guys who will be arriving at the ML level. If they add 10 more guys with real upside, and not accept 24 – 26 year old ML ready guys in these trades, they will have a legit shot to win the WS if only half of them pan out.

  11. Brad

    I dont know of one prospect older than 23 that has not made an appearance in majors that I would be interested in. I hope they go for upside, even if it is younger. Reds have done well at acquiring and developing AAAA and major league average type players. Credit to them. They need a De La Cruz to be a star and others like India and Stephenson to continue to develop. Can go out and add 1-2 bats but need foundation to come from farm system to be competitive. Between The 2022 Draft, 2022 Trade Deadline and 2023 Draft, Reds should be able to flood system with higher end talent. 2-3 from Castillo, 1-2 from Mahle, 2-3 from 2023 Draft. Lot of potential to be impactful. No need for age 24+ current minor leaguers.

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree 100%. I’ve been shouting that message from on top of a mountain ever since Walt Jocketty destroyed the last rebuild by insisting on major league ready players in return.

      • DaveCT

        Greenfield, I heard it all the way out here in the PNW!

        And I agree, as you know. I just read a comment in the MLTR’s chat today that stated its better to spread the risk around over several (lesser) prospects vs. one elite prospect.

        I heard you growl from here.

        We’ll know soon, one way or there other.

    • JaxDan

      That is why I don’t want Outman from the Dodgers. Reminds me of Schebler who I liked but only had 2 productive seasons.

    • MBS

      I’d be all over Moreno C, from the Jay’s. That would make a position change by Stephenson a lot easier to swallow. Otherwise we have to wait a couple of years, and hope Vellojin (now promoted to AA), or Nelson become a viable everyday Catcher. Free also seems to be a guy to watch based off his numbers in AA this year.

  12. Hoyce

    Castillo and drury to LAD for miller and Busch
    Mahle and moose to NYM for Allen -would rather braves give up contreras for mahle and Pham. But I think reds wanna shed that money
    Trade Pham, solano naquin for various parts. Would like to see the reds target waldicott?? From yanks. One that might not be terribly overrated

    • JaxDan

      Waldichuk from the Yankees is who would be my top target on the pitching side.

      I see Mahle going to Minnesota for Sheer and Wallner.

  13. DaveCT

    Nice to see 11th round pick Ben Brutti sign, coming in at an over slot deal (405,000 in a 125,000 slot).

  14. SteveO

    Good to see some player movement the last few days, both promotions and demotions. Surprised to see Petty as the first of the Daytona piggyback squad, get promoted. Not that it’s not deserving, but at 19, he was the youngest of the group. Thought that Cooper, Rivera or Aguiar would go before him just based on age. They are also deserving, so hopefully they’ll follow soon, as some of the recent drafted pitchers enter the organization. Kravetz to Chattanooga seemed more based on age. Boyle to follow shortly? Pinto to Louisville good for the bullpen of the Bats as they need some help. Position players in Louisville very solid now and should keep them in games as long as the retreads of the starting rotation pitch decently.

    • DaveCT

      Steve, I can see Rivera or Aguiar before Cooper, as he’s a cold weather arm that was a late conversion to the mound. I think caution will be the word with him, more than the others perhaps. But what draft finds down have in the other two, right?


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