TJ Friedl hit two home runs as the Louisville Bats split a doubleheader, Matt McLain hit a long home run while Allan Cerda went 4-4 in a Chattanooga Lookouts win, Noelvi Marte crushed two home runs and Austin Hendrick homered while getting on base four times in a Dayton Dragons victory, and Javi Rivera continued to pitch well for Daytona as he lowered his season ERA to 2.81.

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The Louisville Bats split a doubleheader

Game 1: 4-3 loss. Box Score

Game 2: 9-6 win. Box Score

  • Alejo Lopez went 1-3 with a double and an RBI.
  • Juniel Querecuto went 1-4 with a double and a run.
  • Ronnie Dawson went 2-3 with a walk and 3 runs.
  • Isiah Gilliam went 2-3 with a walk, double, RBI, and 4 runs.
  • Eric Yang went 3-4 with a double and 3 RBI.
  • TJ Friedl went 2-3 with a walk, home run (8), and 4 RBI.
  • Eddy Demurias threw 1.1 shutout innings.
  • Fernando Cruz threw a perfect inning with 2 strikeouts.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 9-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 14-5. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 5-1. Box Score

The ACL Reds had the day off

They will also have Thursday off as the game has been cancelled due to a COVID protocol issue. It’s not clear if it’s the Reds or the Cubs that has the issue as both teams played on Monday and at least as of right now both teams have games on the schedule as a go on Friday.

The DSL Reds had the day off

They’ll be off until at least August 8th. Multiple games have been outright cancelled, and several more have been postponed since they last played on July 26th. They’ve also had some scheduled off days in there, but there’s a COVID outbreak it would seem as all of the cancelled/postponed games have been marked as such on the scoreboard.

8/4 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 42-59 7:05pm Wynne Here Here Here
Chattanooga 43-55 8:05pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 49-47 7:05pm Farr Here Here Here
Daytona 38-57 6:10pm Benschoter Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 24-14 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
18-20 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

75 Responses

  1. Bdh

    Long post alert!

    Alright so I put on my GM hat today and came up with what I think will be a really good plan for the reds this offseason. I’m not claiming this will get them to the playoffs but I wouldn’t be shocked to see this hypothetical team hovering around .500 and really giving the fanbase hope going into 2024.

    First the 40 man roster

    Here is the list of current players I’d keep on the 40 man

    1 – Hunter Greene
    2 – Nick Lodolo
    3 – Graham Ashcraft
    4 – Justin Dunn
    5 – Connor Overton
    6 – Alexis Diaz
    7 – Tejay Antone
    8 – Luis Cessa
    9 – Jeff Hoffman
    10 – Joel Kuhnel
    11 – Dauri Moreta
    12 – Reiver Sanmartin
    13 – Tony Santillan
    14 – Lucas Sims
    15 – Art Warren
    16 – Vlad Gutierrez (starting on 60 day)

    17 – Tyler Stephenson
    18 – Joey Votto
    19 – Jonathan India
    20 – Jose Barrero
    21 – Kyle Farmer
    22 – Alejo Lopez
    23 – Mike Moustakas
    24 – Aristides Aquino
    25 – Jake Fraley
    26 – Nick Senzel
    27 – TJ Friedl
    28 – Max Schrock

    + Players I’d add from our minor leagues

    29 – Elly De La Cruz
    30 – Noelvi Marte
    31 – Spencer Steer
    32 – Mike Siani
    33 – Ivan Johnson
    34 – Daniel Vellojin
    35 – Levi Stoudt
    36 – Brandon Williamson
    37 – TJ Hopkins

    With Vlad starting on the 60 day that gives the reds 4 open spots to work with. Here are the 4 additions I’d make ranking in order of importance for me

    1 – Corner outfielder. The reds will have a very low payroll next year with the majority of what’s left coming off the books at seasons end with Votto and Moose. They can afford a multi year deal with a good player here.

    I suggest that player should be Benintendi! Hometown kid still in his 20s and coming off an all star year. I imagine his power would play back up some in GABP too. The reds spent close to 17mil for Shogo/Pham/Naquin this year. Benintendi should get a 4-5 year deal for about 3/4 that per year. Would line up perfect with the fact the reds won’t have any franchise players to extend until that deal is coming to an end too.

    2 – backup catcher. Don’t need a huge splash here. Really a good defensive catcher that would allow Stephenson to DH some and help a young pitching staff is what is needed. Who better for that role than bringing Barnhart back. His bat is dropping off but he’s the type of veteran you need coming off the bench and he’s familiar with organization.

    3 – veteran pitcher. The reds have a lights out trio in the three rookies but need a veteran presence not named Mike Minor to help them along the way. The reds should go the route the cardinals + royals did when they brought back Pujols + Greinke and sign Cueto back. Sure it can be looked at like a gimmick to sell tickets but he’a having a good season, would help the young staff, and would be a great addition for Votto’s last season.

    4 – bullpen help. Now the first three signings I think are absolutely doable for the reds but this one might be a bit of a dream scenario. I think the reds could put together a decent to solid bullpen internally next year but I don’t want to put all my trust in Antone’s arm just yet. The reds should make a splashy signing for a back of the pen arm and here’s 2 options

    Option 1 – stick with the theme of bringing back former reds and bring Chapman back

    Option 2 – even more of a stretch but Edwin Diaz is a free agent and it sure would be awesome to have both the brothers in the same pen!

    Roster at Season start

    C – Stephenson
    1B – Votto
    2B – India
    3B – Farmer
    SS – Barrero
    LF – Benintendi
    CF – Senzel
    RF – Fraley/Aquino platoon
    DH – Moustakas

    Bench catcher – Barnhart
    Bench Infield – Alejo Lopez or Max Schrock
    Bench Outfield – TJ Friedl
    Bench Outfield – Fraley/Aquino

    SP – Greene
    SP – Lodolo
    SP – Ashcraft
    SP – Cueto
    SP – Dunn/Overton/Williamson/Stoudt

    RP – A Diaz
    RP – Sims
    RP – Antone
    RP – Sanmartin
    RP – Moreta
    RP – Hoffman
    RP – Santillan
    RP – E Diaz / Chapman (Cessa when this dream doesn’t happen)

    With De La Cruz and Steer on the 40 man you could potentially have this lineup at mid season

    C – Stephenson
    1B – Votto
    2B – India
    3B – Steer
    SS – Barrero
    LF – Benintendi
    CF – Senzel
    RF – De La Cruz
    DH – Farmer

    Doesn’t break the bank and helps lay a good foundation for the start of the rebuild while also not tanking Vottos last season. What do you guys think?

    • DaveCT

      1. Free agents have to want to come here. They don’t.

      2. Let’s bring back Curt Casalli if he’s available snd is interested.

      • Bdh

        Sort of why I chose former players other than Benintendi who just happened to grow up a reds fan. Signing him almost makes too much sense.

      • Brad

        I dont mind Benintendi idea, id almost prefer signing Gallo to a 1-year, re-establish value in a small ballpark, deal. Can flip if he produces or get draft pick comp if he really performs well for whole season.

      • BK

        I don’t agree that FAs won’t come here — perhaps true because can’t afford the top guys. Watching the departure of Winker, Suarez, and Castillo the Reds have a great clubhouse and players enjoy being here. Also, I don’t think Castellanos would have mentioned the lack of interest on the Red’s part if he wasn’t hoping to stay. Lastly, I’m certain Votto could have left during the last rebuild if he wasn’t happy.

      • Redsvol

        I tend to agree on the pitching side, but do believe hitters want to come to GABP to restore their offensive reputation to the league. You can see the production drop of hitters who moved on from GABP (castellanos, Winker, Cozart, etc.).

        On the pitching side, none want to come to GABP unless they are either washed, unestablished or getting the 30% GABP premium in terms of contact $. We might be able to attract Cueto for nostalgia reasons. But Chapman and others won’t want to come. They will have offers from much more neutral pitching ballpark teams.

        And why would we need an established closer anyway? Big $ closers are for teams contending for the playoffs. We won’t be for at least 2 years. We need to be grooming our next closer in the minor leagues. We can always get a closer at the tread deadline if our Reds – against all odds – become a playoff contender. We’ll have the prospects!

    • SteveO

      Great discussion topic. I believe that management will use the rest of this year and ‘23 as an evaluation period with the intent to be competitive in ‘24. I also think that they will try to do it without taking on additional FA contracts. As of right now, I count 38 spots taken with 2 open. One question here is will they leave the spots open for when Stephenson, Overton and Santillan return or fill them now and DFA some players later. I think they will fill the spots and worry about DFAing players in a month or so. If they keep the current rotation on regular rest, the next day they would need a starter is 8/9. Dunn pitched yesterday and with an extra day of rest, could be recalled for the start on 8/9. Dugger hasn’t pitched since 7/27 and Williamson last pitched on 7/30, so if they want to give the rookies an extra day of rest after the off day, one of them could get a roster spot to make the start on 8/5. Not sure if they want to start the clock on Williamson, so Dugger more likely to earn spot 39. The Reds could go with a 6 man rotation after that to limit the rookies innings pitched.
      Now, going back to your ‘23 40 man roster. I like your 36, 37 with Vlad and my choices for the last 4 spots would be based on the cost cutting efforts by management. Catcher position would go to Free(37), who falls in add from minors that also needs to be added in December or be exposed to the rule 5 draft. As a switch hitter, he would compliment Stephenson well. I believe he would be better than Papierski or Kolozsvary. So, the 3 catchers on the 40 man would be Stephenson, Free and Vellojin. #38 would be Hendrix. He has pitched better of late and I still think the Reds want to give him an extended look. #39 would be Quintana. Why an IF instead of an OF? He’s also a December add or exposed to rule 5 guy. He’s been hitting better of late and has his avg. up to .283. Lopez can also play OF, so I don’t think we’ll be short of players in the OF. #40 would be a guy like Dugger or Zeuch. Both are 27 with limited ML experience.
      Again, my choices were based on the continued cost cutting efforts by management. I know my choices will not be popular, but I think management uses from now until the end of ‘23 to evaluate the players already in our organization.

      • SteveO

        Sorry, I overlooked a player that you don’t have listed and feel he should be on the 40 man roster. Cerda would replace Hendrix. His upside is too hard to ignore for me. I’m thinking he’s a later bloomer than others on the list. Thanks

      • Bdh

        Yea good call on Cerda, Free, and Quintana. All 3 should be protected and Cerda already is so I’m not sure how I missed that. Really messes with my plans! Lol

    • kevinzs

      C – Free and Vet.
      1B – TS and Vellojin.
      2B – India
      3B – Steer
      SS – Barrero
      LF – CnS
      CF – Senzel
      RF – Aquino
      DH – TS and Vellojin
      Feel like will not rush cruz, but will rush college ones traded for.
      Also, Stepheson injuries from minors and Majors concern for me.
      Rather him hit play every day.
      Also, feeling Votto last year will be injury prone hope not though.

    • JaxDan

      At mid season I would dfa Moose and replace him with Christian Encarnacion-Strand and have him at 1B and Votto DH. I am all for Benentendi coming home and signing Cueto + Casalli to 1 year deals. I would only bring back Chapman at the right price with the understanding that he is the set up for Diaz.

    • MBS

      I think getting a good closer here is a realistic possibility. In 23
      Díaz 4Y – 5Y 18M per
      Chapman 1Y – 3Y 16M per
      Jansen 1Y – 2Y 15M per
      Kimbrel 1Y – 2Y 15M per
      Smith 1Y – 2Y 13M per
      Personally I think our Diaz will be ready for the closer role by 24, so I’d go with a guy we could get on a 1 year deal, or 2 year max.

      Benintendi is also someone I’d target. I feel like he’ll be someone searching for a big payday, but won’t find it. If that happens he’s young enough where we could entice him to hit at GABP for 2 years, bump his numbers and go get the big contract like Castellanos did.

      Really the only thing I didn’t agree with you on was Moustakas on the 40 man roster. I’d DFA him at the end of this year. We have to pay him, we don’t have to play him.

    • Norwood Nate

      Good stuff overall. Surprised to see so many needed added to the 40-man. May consider Tanner Cooper as well. Definitely need to keep Cerda on the 40-man.

      My thoughts: I’d absolutely protect Hendrix. I still believe in his stuff and he’s actually pitched well in limited opportunities. He has a 4.26 ERA/3.75 FIP. It’s a small sample size, and he has some things to work on, but he’s got stuff. In fact, I’d keep Hendrix over Warren.
      I also may consider keeping Gibault and Farmer who are controllable and have been solid for us, but if the spots are needed then no big losses.
      On the position side, I’d keep Koloszvary too. He’s a good defensive catcher with some pop who’s still developing the bat. I think the difference in production between bringing in a veteran backup and Kolo for the $ won’t be much. Might as well see if he continues to develop. Lopez and Schrock (and maybe Aquino) would be close to the cut line for me on the position side, but until their spots are needed might as well keep them.

      Yes, sign Benintendi. He’d fit in well with Stephenson and India as part of our young core.

      Probably don’t need a back up C, Koloszvary should be given another opportunity. He was a bit rushed into this season.

      Sure, an innings eater could be useful. Would have to be a good clubhouse fit, leader.

      Probably don’t need to sign any relievers to ML deals. Bring in some minor league FA’s and continue to churn on the fringes to see if you can uncover a diamond in the rough. Relievers are volatile season to season (look at Santillan, Cessa, Warren this season) and are rarely worth the money. If a reliever comes in and succeeds, then maybe you can flip them for a lotto ticket. Personally, I’d rather see Moreta, Diaz, SanMartin, Hendrix, etc continue to get opportunities.

    • Tom

      Similar to 2017 when they brought back Arroyo.

      In fact, looking back at 2017 and 2018 era, there was some average offense happening, and some historically bad starting pitching.

      Compare that to your projected 2023 and we might be worse off, in fact, than 2017-18.

      Arroyo – Cueto
      Castillo – Greene
      Romano – Ashcraft
      Garret/Stephenson – Lodolo
      Adleman/Feldman/Bailey – Dunn/Overton/Williamson/Stoudt

      I’m not seeing a big difference in projection for 2023 at this point, especially if you put your self in the shoes of someone August of 2017 dreaming about 2018.

      I’d say they need to score big time in FA the way SF did the last few years with Gausman, Disco, Wood, Rodon, etc. Otherwise it’s a long haul back to 500 ball.

      That’s not even mentioning the offence next year, which should be at an all time low without, again, very significant success in FA.

      Now I just want to fire the manager and get it out of the way, LOL.

    • BK

      I like the overall approach. As for free agents, Benintendi would be my top target. I think he fits long-term–good hitter, good defense, left-handed (which is preferable, and the team/top prospects are mostly RH now), young enough that the contract should stay in the positive value range. Obviously, the price has to be right, but this is the one long-term contract that would fit with the strategy.

      I don’t think I would bring in a closer unless the price points drop considerably. We have Diaz (looks outstanding) and Antone returning too. 2023 is too early to address this unless there is an opportunistic signing available.

      I’ll add, one of the mistakes the Reds seem to repeatedly make is spending to their payroll budget each offseason. They should keep some resources available to use at the trade deadline. Also, given our realistic potential in 2023, it may be prudent to save a few dollars for the outyears.

      As they look for other free agents, they should target players available on short-term deals who can be flipped at the deadline as our prospects begin to prove ready for the biggest stage.

  2. MK

    Saw all the home runs in Dayton tonight. They were all hit extremely hard. Rey is too advanced for A+. His Spring Training is over move him up. First in person impression of Marte he obviously hit the ball hard. On defense it looks like he is almost playing in slow motion. A strong arm but doesn’t look like he is in a hurry to use it. Overall positive.
    Wolford hit a nice homer but made a couple very nice defensive plays starting double plays at first base.

    • SteveO

      I agree about Rey. After his 80 game suspension, it looks like extended ST period is done. DeLeon and Rivas should move down to Dayton and Rey and Marte up to Chattanooga. In a 6 game week, everyone can rest a day in addition to the off day on Mondays.
      C- Free, Vellojin. IF- McGarry, Strand, Johnson, McLain, EDLC, Marte, Quintana. OF- Cerda, Siani, Hopkins, Hurtubise, Rey
      Try to play as many of them every day as starters, late inning replacement or pinch hitter/runner to keep them fresh and in playing shape.
      Stack the Lookouts as iron sharpens iron. They will benefit by playing with each other because of the internal competition. The potential for the next Mookie, Trea, Freeman trio, Tatis, Soto, Manny trio or Acuna, Swanson, Riley trio could come out of this group.

  3. Amarillo

    Good post I agree. I could see Elly, Siani, McClain, McGarry, Steer, Encarnacion-Strand, Williamson, Phillips, and Stoudt all seeing time in the Majors next year.

  4. rick in boise

    some hard work there!

    I’m not sure who *must* be added to the 40-man from among the new acquisitions and there’s value in not adding them till we need to.

    I do like the Benintendi idea (Doug/anyone – has Benintendi ever said that he’d like to come “home”??)

    Realized that I don’t remember hearing Aroldis Chapman’s name in a long while… or Cueto’s. How have they been doing?

    • mam24rice

      Cueto has has a great year for the White Sox. His ERA is hovering around 3 and he’s giving them 6+ innings nearly every start. He just keeps on doing his thing.

  5. Alan

    Any chance the Reds start Ashcraft and his heavy sinker twice a week next season and go with no outfielders? That’d be one way to give all the infielders in the system enough playing time.

  6. kevinzs

    Honestly thought Marte begin at AA.
    He was beyond on fire at time of the trade.
    Thought Arroyo move up one as well.
    He was on fire as well time of the trade.

    • MK

      Middle infield pretty crowded there with real prospects.

      • SteveO

        But according to the experts, Marte is our #1 prospect and has put up similar numbers to EDLC at high A. I too feel he should be at Chattanooga and Arroyo at Dayton.

      • MK

        According to experts at Baseball America Marte is trending down. His body is thickening up so much they are not sure he can stick in the middle infield. Probably better for Reds to see what they have first.

      • kevinzs

        Yea idk what that means.
        De la cruz played SS one night, while McClain played 2nd.
        India was a 3rd base when drafted.
        Senzel the same.
        People to caught up in positions honestly.

  7. Joe P.

    The Reds aren’t going back to Chapman, and I can’t see them going back to Barnhart either. Those two ships have sailed.

    The bullpen is the biggest question mark. Sims and Antone – not sure we can count on either guy because of injury, so we need a backup plan to those two guys.

    Also, assuming A. Diaz is the closer, who is option #2? Edwin Diaz?

    I’d also keep Ian Gibaut, and I’d prefer Matt Reynolds because of his versatility over Max Schrock. I’d keep Schrock though if they would finally cut the Moose loose.

  8. Hoosierdad

    If 2023 is really all about sorting things out for 2024 and if they add no free agents, then you write checks to Votto and 3M and retire both of them at the end of this year. They’ll still have a relatively small overall payroll for the year and the 40 man is full of potential.

    • Jim t

      I would be stunned if ownership wrote a check for 52mil to Votto and Moose and gave them there release.

      • MK

        Really think they have the money for that? If they did that it would be a couple years before they could afford to do anything.

      • Hoosierdad

        What’s the difference? It’s lost money. They’re going to spend it no matter what happens. Nobody is going to trade for either one of them. They will be writing the checks every month. I would at least do it for Moose. Maybe Votto will bring in folks and you can have Votto bobble head night one home stand, Votto battling glove the next, Votto poster next time, etc all year.

  9. Norwood Nate

    Good to see both Marie and Stoudt get going. Some of the former higher rated prospects that have been middling results better start to pick it up, because the system is reloaded and guys are coming for those spots and opportunities.

    Adding Stoudt to the group of Williamson, Phillips, and Abbott makes a really intriguing group already at AA and above. While I’m doubtful any of those guys become top of the rotation pitchers, I’m hopeful that we can count on at least two of them to fill out the back end of the rotation behind Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcroft.

    OF’ers also better step up or a former SS may take your spot. Cerda has taken steps to break out of his long slump over the past two games. Friedl keeps hitting in AAA, probably our best position prospect at Louisville. TJ Hopkins is quietly putting together a second solid season at AA. Siani better start swinging the bat. He’s been on a downward trajectory since starting the season off hot. While his glove work may be the best of the group his bat lags behind those other guys.

    Roa is someone who’s never really impressed me. He keeps showing up relatively high on the prospect list, but has never really had much of a dominant stretch that I can recall. 6 BBs last night and 0 K’s. That’s just not cutting it. Tyler Callihan is another guy that needs to stay healthy and start hitting. Both are recent top 10-ish prospects who really haven’t done much to this point in full season ball.

    Vellojin may be the back up to Stephenson that we’ve been looking for. Outside of a poor start to the season in the FSL he’s hit well, and at higher levels.

  10. Brad

    Would there be a way to put all the prospects we traded for on a landing page and call it the big sell off? I have a hard time remembering who all we acquired going back to the winter and I would like to see how everyone does. If not no big deal.

    • Bdh

      Barnhart -> Quintana

      Winker/Suarez -> Dunn, Fraley, Williamson, Phillips

      Gray -> Petty

      Castillo -> Marte, Arroyo, Stoudt, Moore

      Naquin -> Rodriguez, Acuna

      Pham -> PTBNL

      Mahle -> Steer, Encarnacion-Strand, Hajjar

      Drury -> Acosta

    • Stock

      Here is a summary I made up of all the new players in the system the last year or so. I don’t know how it will post on here:

      My Rank Player Age DOB Playing Acquired
      1B Noelvi Marte 20.09 10/16/2001 Dayton Castillo
      1C Cam Collier 17.08 11/xx/2004 AZL Draft
      6 Edwin Arroyo 18.11 8/25/2003 Daytona Castillo
      7 Spencer Steer 24.07 12/7/1997 Louisville Mahle
      10 Connor Phillips 21.03 5/4/2001 Chattanooga Winker
      13 Sal Stewart 18.xx AZL Draft
      15 B Williamson 24.04 4/2/1998 Louisville Winker
      17 Levi Stoudt 24.08 12/4/1997 Chattanooga Castillo
      18 Ricado Cabrera 17.09 10/31/2004 DSL 2022 DSL
      19 Victor Acosta 18.01 6/10/2004 AZL/Daytona Drury
      20 Steven Hajjar 21.11 8/7/2000 Daytona Mahle
      21 Leo Balcazar 18.01 6/17/2004 AZL 2021 DSL
      22 Encarncion- Strand 22.08 12/1/1999 Chattanooga Mahle
      23 Carlos Jorge 18.10 9/22/2003 AZL 2021 DSL
      25 Hector Rodriguez 18.04 3/11/2004 AZL/Daytona Naquin
      26 Chase Petty 19.04 4/4/2003 Dayton Gray
      27 Carlos Sanchez 17.06 1/12/2005 DSL 2022 DSL
      29 Jose Acuna 19.09 10/20/2002 Daytona Naquin
      30 Esmith Pineda 17.08 11/13/2004 DSL 2022 DSL
      32 Ariel Almonte 18.08 12/1/2003 AZL 2021 DSL
      33 Donovan Antonia 18.11 8/13/2003 AZL 2021 DSL
      38 Logan Tanner Daytona? Draft
      39 Malvin Valdez 18.09 10/14/2003 AZL 2021 DSL
      40 Anthuan Valencia 17.09 10/14/2004 DSL 2022 DSL
      42 Justin Boyd ??? Draft
      43 Nick Quintana 24.09 10/13/1997 Chattanooga Barnhart
      49 Andrew Moore 22.11 8/11/1999 AZL/Dayton Castillo

      • Stock

        Greenfield Red, Here is my current list. I have no doubt I missed a few guys:

        1 Elly De La Cruz
        2 Noelvi Marte
        3 Cam Collier
        4 Nick Lodolo
        5 Jose Barrero
        6 Edwin Arroyo
        7 Spencer Steer
        8 Joe Boyle
        9 Matt McClain
        10 Connor Phillips
        11 Jay Allen
        12 Andrew Abbott
        13 Sal Stewart
        14 Bryce Bonnin
        15 Brandon Williamson
        16 Levi Stoudt
        17 Ricado Cabrera
        18 Victor Acosta
        19 Steven Hajjar
        20 Leonardo Balcazar
        21 Christian Encarncion-Strand
        22 Carlos Jorge
        23 Allen Cerda
        24 Hector Rodriguez
        25 Rece Hinds
        26 Chase Petty
        27 Carlos Sanchez
        28 Mike Siani
        29 Jose Acuna
        30 Esmith Pineda
        31 Alex McGarry
        32 Ariel Almonte
        33 Donovan Antonia
        34 Ivan Johnson
        35 Daniel Vellojin
        36 Christian Roa
        37 Yerlin Confidan
        38 Logan Tanner
        39 Malvin Valdez
        40 Valencia
        41 Braylin Minier
        42 Justin Boyd
        43 Nick Quintana
        44 Luis Mey
        45 Jose Torres
        46 Austin Hendrick
        47 Javi Rivera
        48 Julian Aguiar
        49 Andrew Moore
        50 Gabriel Aguilera

      • greenfield red

        Thanks Stock. I appreciate your list. I don’t do one myself, and I put a lot of “stock” in your opinion as well as Doug’s and a couple of others here.

  11. SteveO

    Looks like Curtis has been converted to a reliever. Good move for him as he has not put up good numbers as a starter this year. Maybe do the same with Salazar. Bring up Boyle to join Spiers, Abbott, Phillips and Stoudt in the starting rotation. At Louisville, it’s time to cut loose Nicolino, McGuire and Zimmer. Replace them with Nutof, Garcia and Stockton. Go with rotation of Wynne, Dugger, Dunn, Zeuch and Williamson. Gayman and Benoit can join Boyle to Chattanooga. Rivera, Aguiar and Benschoter up to Dayton. Cooper and Holt also ready, but currently on IL.

  12. SteveO

    Looking forward to seeing the organizational debut of Steer and Strand today. Also, don’t understand why Moore and Arroyo are still in Arizona. I think they should be headed to Dayton. Maybe they’re caught in the Covid protocol in Arizona and will be released when that’s cleared up. That should also be the time to see the debut of Acosta. So far, the prospects that we got in trades look good and are already making an impact in the organization.

    • Bdh

      With Stewart, Collier, and Acosta all heading to Arizona that offense is literally too stacked to play everyone enough. I’d like to see Rodriguez, Balcazar, and Jorge moved to Daytona. Those 3, Tanner + Boyd from the draft, and the return of Confidan, Dunn, and Callahan should make Daytona’s offense look really good for a change

      C – Tanner/Jones
      1B – Pino
      2B – Jorge
      SS – Balcazar
      3B – Callahan
      LF – Rodriguez/Boyd
      CF – Allen/Dunn
      RF – Confidan
      DH – Minier/Triana

      • Bdh

        Would leave Arizona still absolutely loaded! Lol

        C – Cade Hunter
        1B – Stewart
        2B – Ascanio
        SS – Acosta
        3B – Collier
        LF – Antonia
        CF – Valdez
        RF – Almonte
        DH – Alcantara

      • SteveO

        I totally agree. Think the position player draftees might be assigned sooner than the pitchers and also think Daytona will be upgraded in the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking that the higher college drafted players like Tanner, Boyd, Hubbart, Maxwell, Faltine and McElvain may also have a chance to go to Dayton. It’ll all play out by the end of August.

  13. RedBB

    Move McLain to AAA. This would also all of our top shortstop prospects to continue to develop at the position. Sorry Jose Torres…

    Chattanooga-De La Cruz
    Louisville- McClain

    • Stock

      This omits Balcazar but with all these new additions he may very well move off SS. Should also include Cabrera in the DSL.

    • SteveO

      Lodolo will graduate from the prospect list in a couple of weeks and the greedy person in me wants to then see our top 3 prospects play together at Chattanooga. For me, it would be McLain at Louisville, EDLC and Marte at Chattanooga, Arroyo and Faltine at Dayton, Balcazar, Jorge, Ascanio at Daytona, Acosta, Minier at ACL Reds.

    • Oldtimer

      McLain hasn’t done very well at AA so no reason to promote him to AAA for a month.

      • RedBB

        Disagree…he is purposely sacrifices average for power and it is working. His OPS is essentially the same this year and well above .800.

      • Bdh

        If not for his injury it’s likely that he would have ended up a 20/20 guy. He’s got an OPS of .835. Probably has one of the highest floors in the system right now

      • Oldtimer

        Regardless, McLain doesn’t warrant bump up to AAA for a month.

      • Mo84

        Why would you sacrifice average for power when you are going to play half your games at Great American. Be a good hitter your power is going to play up there. I watched McClain last night he needs work. He can be good but he needs a different approach with 2 strikes.

  14. MBS

    I’m more in favor of moving McLain off of SS, than to AAA. I just don’t see how he is a viable candidate for SS at this point. We have OF holes and 3B or 2B needs to be addressed, depending on what they do with India.

    2023 SS placement EDLC AAA, Marte AA, Arroyo A+, (Jorge, Balcazar, Cabrera, Acosta)
    The youngest prospects I don’t have a firm opinion on who beats out who, but at least 2 of those guys might make it the the big leagues faster in a new position.

    • Bdh

      Keep India at 2B and bring Steer up for 3B no later than May next year. McLain is the perfect player to have rotate in at 2B, SS, 3B, LF, or even DH to get 4-5 starts a week. Kind of similar to how teams would use Zobrist a handful of years ago

      • MBS

        I’m good with that because Steer and Strand are also 3B’s, but in 2 years we are going to have a ton of SS that would be a better fit at 2B than India. India doesn’t pass the eyeball test for me, and his OOA is at a he very bottom of the pack for 2B’s.

        Who knows how it all pans out, but many high ranking prospects are going to be switching positions over the next 2 years.

    • Hanawi

      Yeah, it seems like they should start moving kids to other positions sooner rather than later, so that they can adjust and improve now.

  15. Matt

    A lot of it’s been talked about above, but roster construction this off season and and next season will be interesting.
    By my count, there are 7 guys who need spots because of the 60 day (Antone, Duarte, Sims, Overton, Santillan, Stephenson, Gutierrez)
    Then 10 guys who could warrant rule 5 protection. Tier 1 – Elly, Marte, Siani, Steer, Williamson, Stoudt, and Vellojin. I think those seven should be definite protect. Then in Tier 2 I’ve got Johnson, Quintana, and Hopkins. All of whom definitely deserve discussion.

    From that, there are currently 2 open roster spots, and only Wilson, Solano, Detwiler, Romine, Strickland, Buck Farmer (unless he was off the 26 long enough to not make it to 6 years service time) and Minor on expiring deals.

    That’s 9 out of 17 spots. The other 8 could be the 4 non-Stephenson catchers (they’d have to sign a back up). Then 4 of Solomon, Kuhnel, Lopez, Almora, Fairchild, Aquino, Schrock.

    • Tom

      Senzel is a non-tender candidate at this point too. Same OPS as Billy Hamilton without the other benefits. Hate to say it but it’s where we are.

      • BK

        His hitting is on the uptick; marked improvement in June and July was excellent. I think he’ll be tendered a contract for 2023, but positive trends need to continue, or the Reds will need to move on.

  16. Matt

    From Dayton’s twitter, Dennis Boatman is being promoted to high A. Decent stats for the year in Daytona.

  17. DaveCT

    Open question. Is it assumed TeJay Antone will return as a reliever? He was a top starting prospect who was stuck in the pen given his elite stuff being too good to ignore. I’d prefer to see him back in the mix as a starter, personally. Number 5 guy in 23?

    • Redsvol

      Good question. I wonder the same. I’m not sure the twice-operated elbow could handle 100 pitches in an outing. I think there are some cases where starting pitchers operated on as older athletes went to the pen after rehab – Smoltz, Eckersley, Jason Isinghausen (sp?), Johnny Venters (as a minor leaguer).

      Mike Clevinger and Nathan Eovaldi are 2 recent double-TJS examples that are still starting. I think age and whether its your first or second tommy john has a lot to do with it – but I’m no expert.

    • SteveO

      I believe Reds brass feel he is more effective as a back of the bullpen guy.

      • DaveCT

        Probably so. But his original assignment to the pen was based on the club’s need more than anything. And, yeah, we have to see how the elbow holds up, as well as his really high spin rates. I always wondered if the crackdown on sticky stuff contributed to his (and others’) injuries. If he can recover his elite spin rates, and is healthy, I’d say at let him challenge for a starter’s job. Competition is our friend

  18. SteveO

    Minor league roster limits are 28 for AAA and AA and 30 for A+ and A for active players. I count 33 for Louisville ((30)active and (3)taxi squad), 29 for Chattanooga, 26 for Dayton and 28 for Daytona. My first question is do Louisville and Chattanooga have to designate 28 every game, even though they have more on their active roster? Second question is why don’t Dayton and Daytona add more players to get to 30 active players each? I believe that injured, restricted or suspended players are all considered on the “reserve list” for each team. If my knowledge on this subject is correct, Dayton and Daytona should add more players to their rosters to get to 30. I’m thinking that these spots are purposely left open and will be filled by 2022 draftees soon through placement or promotions of current players in Daytona or ACL Reds.
    If anyone has some insight on the situations in Louisville and Chattanooga, please inform me.

  19. SteveO

    Arroyo leading off at SS for Daytona. Game just about to get underway.