Elly De La Cruz hit an inside the park home run that you have to see to believe (or even understand) while Michael Siani went off at the plate and Eduardo Salazar set a new career high with 11 strikeouts in a Lookouts win, Austin Hendrick had another nice day at the plate while Noelvi Marte and Tyler Callihan also picked up two hits each for Dayton, and Ashton Creal homered twice for Daytona in an extra-innings loss.

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The Louisville Bats lost 6-1. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 8-5. Box Score

Game Notes

You’ve just got to see the Elly De La Cruz home run.

The Dayton Dragons lost 6-3 in 10. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 8-7 in 10. Box Score

The ACL Reds had the day off

The Reds games for Friday and Saturday have been cancelled due to a COVID outbreak it would appear. There’s a scheduled day off on Sunday. As of now the team’s game on Monday has not been postponed or cancelled.

The DSL Reds had the day off

They’ll be off until at least August 8th. Multiple games have been outright cancelled, and several more have been postponed since they last played on July 26th. They’ve also had some scheduled off days in there, but there’s a COVID outbreak it would seem as all of the cancelled/postponed games have been marked as such on the scoreboard.

8/6 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 42-61 7:05pm Nicolino Here Here Here
Chattanooga 44-56 7:30pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 50-48 7:05pm Petty Here Here Here
Daytona 39-58 6:10pm Franco Here Here Here
AZL Reds 24-14 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
18-20 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

24 Responses

  1. SteveO

    Hajjar in line to make a start soon for Dayton. Maybe the Sunday matinee game? Hope to see him soon.

  2. AMDG

    I was curious if McLain would “up his game” when the hot prospect, who is 3 years younger, came to Chattanooga and took his SS position.

    So far McLain has responded with a 0.222 average and a 29% K rate.
    (although he does have a 0.378 OBP during that span)

    • Stock

      I would like to think that these players don’t need others to push them to be the best they can be. They all dream of playing in the majors. That should be enough.

      • Redsvol

        Very last athlete on earth needs someone to push them Stock. Until they become elite and understand how to maintain it (ala jeter, Gwynn, votto). These are 18 to 22 year olds. They have no idea yet what it takes to make and stay in the major leagues. Everyone wants your job every day of the week.

      • PTBNL

        I tend to agree with Stock on this one. EVERYONE in the minor leagues has loads of talent or they wouldn’t be there. Some have more than others but what puts others in the elite level is drive and competitiveness. The ultra-athletes just have that inner drive to be the best they can be at everything they do (think Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tom Brady,etc.). You match talent with drive, you have an uber-athlete. They don’t need others pushing them. They push themselves. I’ve seen that in any age, high school, college and the pros. Some are just on that kind of level.

  3. James K

    I agree that was no error. Maybe it was a triple and a stolen base.

    • Kindell

      The announcer said during the broadcast that the official scorer told him that it couldn’t be ruled an error because it was just a slow transfer.

  4. MBS

    AA is just so stacked right now. Hoping for a big finish to the year, and some early promotions to AAA next year for many of these young studs.

  5. Kindell

    I was really impressed with Christian Encarnacion-Strand last night. He seemed to have a very good approach for someone who only has a 6.7% walk rate on the year. I know I will be tuning in every night to see how this lineup does the rest of the year.

  6. JaxDan

    Once Marte is called up to Chattanooga this lineup is going to be loaded. Right now I can only see Rivas and Hurtubise not being with the Reds within the next 2-3 years. Doug/anyone else know of a better lineup of prospects the Reds might have has let’s say within the last 10 years?

    • Bdh

      Let’s keep an eye on the Arizona/Daytona group that will be playing together 2 years from now and they might challenge it!

      C – Tanner/Hunter
      1B – Stewart
      2B – Jorge/Ascanio
      SS – Arroyo/Balcazar/Acosta
      3B – Collier/Callahan
      LF – Rodriguez/Antonia
      CF – Allen/Valdez
      RF – Almonte
      DH – Confidan

      • JaxDan

        Looking at Chattanooga’s lineup and the position players you listed the Reds will be able to field a really great lineup in 2026, possibly 2025 mid season. @ bdh, I live about 90 minutes from Daytona you should come down and we can meet at the ballpark next year. I hope they have great pitching to go with the lineup.

    • MBS

      Right, I thought the lineup was ridiculous before the trades, but now wow

      Siani CF Hurtubise
      Marte 3B Quintana
      EDLC SS Johnson
      McLain 2B Johnson
      McGarry 1B
      Strand DH
      Cerda RF Hurtubise
      Hopkins LF Hurtubise
      Vellojin C Free

      The 1 – 6 could all be 23 or 24 Reds, and either catcher could make it by then. That’s nuts. Even a couple of the backups have an outside chance like Johnson, or Quintana.

      And as @BDH says some of those younger guys are just 2 to 3 years behind them. Collier, Confidan, Allen, Cabrera, Jorge, Pineda, Balcazar etc…

      • JaxDan

        I was thinking 1-7 even if Cerda could get up to .250. Crazy that his ops is about .800 with him batting about .210

  7. Bdh

    McGarry is having a really rough stretch right now. With how loaded that roster is currently he should probably get a couple games off at this point.

  8. MK

    Doug I know you typically do not list defensive highlights in your post, but last night Mat Nelson threw out three runners attempting to steal (two at second, one at third).

  9. kevinzs

    Very Curious see if Prospects devlp and can match the Cards.
    Meaning the young core of, Carlson Gorman Walker Wynn.
    Understand two now in the Bigs.
    But heck of a young core.
    Already have good to great vets as well.

  10. MBS

    It’s funny how the power has shifted to the position prospects, sure we graduated 3 of our top 4 pitching prospects, but this influx of bats with the draft and trades has made a real difference. This is a much more balanced farm system.

    • kevinzs

      Main Focus for me is Devlp and health of young Pitchers at mlb level.
      Position focus more on Prospect side.
      Gives much more Flexibility.
      Along with more chances to hit.

  11. kevinzs

    Doubt it but wonder if any interest in Reyes?
    High K guy but has Power team lacks.
    Rough season.
    Like said doubt it but just an idea.